Why Air Fryer Not Heating Up and Stop Working: The 16 Reasons and Solutions

The air fryer not heating up is a commonly asked question that needs to be addressed urgently. You need to preheat the air fryer for a better cooking experience, so it can be frustrating and sometimes feel like throwing your air fryer away. But patience is all you need since every problem is solvable.

You did not make a mistake searching for this big question, and I promise that after reading this article, you will solve the problem swiftly. As air fryer enthusiasts, we conducted 18 hours of research to know why the air fryer was not heating up. And we did not forget to find their corresponding solution as well.

That said, let’s dive in right away.

1. Faulty Outlet or Lose Wires

It is good to check whether your air fryer is properly plugged into an outlet. And this could be one of the reasons why the air fryer is not heating up.

First, the outlet problem is possible since somebody may knock it while cleaning and getting it unplugged. Secondly, the outlet may be a problem because the fuse has blown though not usually to air fryers. Perhaps, it’s good to check the problem from the outside before checking on the inside.

And how can you tell that the fuse has blown? Try plugging another home appliance that works; if the appliance does not work, the fuse has blown. So, as unnecessary as it may sound, it is good to check it and replace it if necessary.

2. The Power Cord is Damaged

The issue is not in the outlet; then it could be that the power cord is damaged. Power cord damage is a major problem that many people encounter with their household appliances.

The power cord connects your air fryer to the wall outlet, so you should keenly look at any breakage sign. It is not surprising that the air fryer has a cheap power cord, and the chances are that it can break due to extra movement and overuse. However, the power cord breaks easily when not handled properly.

So, it is good to be careful with the power cord as it can risk causing an electrical fire. And in case it is not destroyed, then it is disconnected, so ensure that the power cord is connected and well secured. Above all, ensure that everything is in place.

However, if the problem was a damaged power cord, you will need to take it for repair if it’s not removable. And if it is detachable, then replacing it is the best option.

3. It’s Not Plugged in Properly

It sounds silly that it is not properly plugged, but it could be why the air fryer is not heating up. And checking will save money, time, and energy in requesting repair.

So, to disqualify this as a problem, check whether your power cable is well plugged into the air fryer and socket. Some air fryers feature a detachable power cord and will not need to overlook the steps.

Your socket could be handling nominal voltage at some instances or more. Also, your socket could overload if the voltage does not match your socket. Above all, check the manufacturer’s instructions to see the watts the air fryer can consume.

4. Air Fryer’s Tray is Open

Air fryers are advanced kitchen appliances with inbuilt safety features. Some of them come with detachable parts for easy cleaning after every use. If you have recently detached its parts for cleaning, the air fryer is not heating because the tray is open.

Man is to error; you could have left the tray partially open, thus not heating up properly. That should not bother you much since you can easily fix it by ensuring everything sits well and tightly in the air fryer. Always ensure that you push the air fryer twice to be sure.

5. Temperature Switch is Broken

Temperature is essential when cooking, so it is important to check the temperature setting of your air fryer. The temperature switch is usually structured as dial knobs and put in the middle of the appliance. If the temperature switch is broken, the air fryer will not heat up as expected.

To solve the problem, you will need to replace the temperature switch. First, unplug your machine to let it cool; depending on the model of your air fryer; you will need to find screws at its top or bottom. Using a screwdriver, take out the screws to expose the guts of your appliance.

You will need to locate the switch at the back of the outside dial knob to access it. You can test its continuity by connecting it with the multimeter if you are confident enough. In this case, no continuity will mean a toast component that requires replacement.

6. The Air Fryer Fan is Broken and Doesn’t Rotate

An air fryer has a powerful fan that rotates to heat your food. So, if the fan is broken or does not rotate, the air fryer will not heat up as expected. Due to that, your food will not get crispy to satisfy your craving.

To fix the problem, you need to check with your manuals to know what to do if the fan is not rotating. And if the problem is a broken fan, you need to replace it with a new one. 


7. Anything Gets Stuck Under the Fan

An air fryer features a powerful fan that circulates hot air around your food, making it crunchy and crispy. And you will not achieve the best result if anything sticks under the fan since the food will not heat up.

If this is the issue, you should clean your air fryer thoroughly after cooking to ensure no food is stuck.

8. Blown Thermal Fuse

Too much heat can make the air fryer not heat up since it features a thermal fuse that detects excessive temperature when it operates. The thermal fuse helps prevent more destruction as the appliance operates in cycles by killing the electrical continuity and cooling it down.

A blown thermal fuse shows that the appliance is safe from overheating damage. But how do you tell that the thermal fuse is blown? There will be a darkening or broken filament in the glass body of your fuse.

To solve the problem, you will need to get a replacement for the hardware and then locate the blown thermal fuse.

9. Faulty Heating Element

The heating element is an important part of the air fryer, located at the top chamber of the air fryer. This heating element creates high heat, which cooks your food.

So without it functioning, then your air fryer will not heat up nor cook your food. And having known it is the most important accessory of the air fryer, do not just begin prodding in the air fryer if you have no idea of what you are doing since it is a serious problem,

All you need to do is reach out to your brand’s customer service, and they will let you know what to do or how to fix it. It will work even better if your warranty is valid. If the warranty is outdated, it is better to seek help from the electronic technician rather than give up.

10. Air Fryer’s Timer is Broken

A timer is an essential feature in the air fryer, and most models come with timer functionality. A broken timer could be why your air fryer is not heating up, so you must immediately check for adjustment.

The last thing you expect is to ruin your favorite meal, so not adjusting your timer will lead to that. Do not rush to blame your air fryer’s manufacturer without making adjustments first; the manual will help you sort it out best.

And since air fryers are different, the timer setting will also vary. So it is good to go with your brand-required timer setting.

11. The Lid of Fryer is Closed

The lid of your air fryer can cause the air fryer not to heat up, especially if it is not properly closed. Besides, it is crucial to check the air fryer manual since different fryers meet their operational requirements.

Due to advanced technology, most air fryers include safety features, and you will find air fryers switching on automatically when the lid is properly closed. And in some instances, you will need to close the lid for the air fryer to heat up successfully.

So you must be patient and ensure that your air fryer’s lid is properly secured and well closed. After all, an air fryer is a cheaper option for frying food and gives extra frying safety.

12. Blockage in the Air Tubes

Air tubes are essential in the air fryer since they allow air to flow freely around your food. If there is a blockage in the air tubes, your air fryer will not heat up since the airflow will be efficient.

So, it is important to ensure that the air fryer contains at least 5” of space behind it, next to it, and above it to ensure that nothing is blocking the outlet of the air.

13. Excess Food in the Basket

An air fryer uses hot air to heat your food to crispy and crunchy with no oil or fat like deep fryers making it suitable for people who want to get fit. As far as it is best, it can be tricky if you do not know how to use it properly. If you put excess food into your air fryer basket, the heat will not distribute properly.

The best way of using the air fryer is to ensure that there is room for air to circulate properly for the best results. So, excess food in the air fryer basket can cause your air fryer not to heat up as expected.

Whenever you notice that the air fryer is not heating up well and there is no other issue, consider checking the amount of food in your air fryer basket. Also, check your air fryer package instructions to know the amount of food to put into it. 

It is better to cook in multiple batches than cramming it at once, ruining your food and increasing the heating problems.

air fryer cook chicken wings

14. Usage for a Long Time

If you own an unsuitable air fryer for commercial use, it will not withstand long hours of usage since it does not have the commercial feature. And if the appliance withstands long hours of use, there will be risks of it not surpassing your expectations, which is not heating up properly.

Using it for over an hour could put the heating element of your air fryer at risk. So, in this case, air fryers for home use should not be under use for over an hour since the appliances are not structured to work for a long time. So, better use it moderately than overwork it.

15. Basket with Oil/Other Liquids

Filling the air fryer basket with liquids or oil is one of the common mistakes that people make. An air fryer uses little to no oil; you need to sprinkle the oil on the food and not put it separately. 

Putting the oil can make the air fryer catch fire or overheat. To avoid this, use the amount that is enough for your food, then mix it well before putting it in the basket. And don’t add liquids to the air fryer since it is not recommended.

16. Placing Items on Top of the Air Fryer

Although not common, placing an item on top of the air fryer to hold it down can make it not heat up, making the air fryer unit overheat. Doing so can block the air inlet, impeding the air fryer’s airflow and making it overheat. So, avoiding placing items on top of your air fryer is good for enough air circulation.

Brand-Specific Problems and the Solutions

Ninja Air Fryer not Heating Up

To achieve the cooking temperature, you must preheat your Ninja air fryer for about three to five minutes. And sometimes, it may fail to heat up due to some issues that you can handle easily.

One of the possible reasons could be the broken timer. The timer will not function if it has broken, and the time setting is essential for you to achieve the best of the best. To fix this problem, you can let the power off the air and reconnect it since it is likely to function well.

If that does not work out, you can try pressing your arrow button and holding it for some time. The process will restart the timer allowing you to check if it is functioning properly. Besides, remember to push your start button to help start the time settings.     

Philips Air Fryer not Heating Up.

Your Philips air fryer is not heating up because its temperature is low, the time is not set, or the device is broken. When the temperature of the Philips air fryer is at 40 degrees, it means that it is not functioning as expected; hence the air fryer is not heating up. So, it is important to look at the temperature set and raise it if necessary.      

Power XL Air Fryer not Heating Up.

If your power XL air fryer is not heating up, do not worry; every problem is solvable. The first reason your air fryer isn’t heating is a wall outlet. If the wall outlet is an issue, you will experience electrical problems such as short circuits, tripped breakers, or other distractions.

Sometimes, your power XL could blow cold air because the heating element has a problem. It signifies that the heating element has burned out or lost connectivity. Consider calling the manufacturer to request a replacement if this is the case.       

Tower Air Fryer not Heating Up.

The chances of your tower air fryer not heating up could be that the air fryer basket is not well positioned, making it not work as expected. The issues seem rare, but such a small issue can make the air not heat up. So, before operating your air fryer, it is important to check if you have assembled everything properly; double-check the air fryer basket to ensure it sits properly.·        

Nuwave Air Fryers not Heating Up.

Nuwave air fryers not heating up is a common issue that usually happens after a while. If the start button of your Nuwave air fryer is not functioning, it will not heat up because, at times, the machine has a technical problem. Still, the good news is that you can fix the problem easily.

So you can try pushing the white spring down using a paperclip or pen to temporarily sort out the issue as you wait to solve it permanently. However, checking the most obvious things like the power socket before panicking is good.        

Chefman Air Fryers not Heating Up.

Chefman air fryer is one the most trusted brands that are easy to clean, maintain and operate, and it perfectly delivers the best result that will surpass your expectations. When it fails to heat up, you can feel like throwing it into the toilet due to frustration. But do not be too quick to act before checking what the issue could be.

First, it could be because of a faulty power adapter. So you will need to check if it is correctly plugged into the outlet; if it is well done, the adapter needs a replacement. Also, if the adapter outlet has two sources, it can’t fit it, so you will consider getting a different one for use instead of the current one.·        

Instant Air Fryer not Heating Up.

It can be frustrating to find your instant air fryer not heating up, and you are late. An air fryer is a safe, easy-to-use kitchen appliance that saves time and money. One of the common reasons why your instant air fryer is not heating is maybe the switch temperature is broken.

When the switch temperature is broken, switching the dial knob to the highest setting will not work. And temperature setting is essential to help heat your food to the desired results. So, as discussed earlier in this article, you will need to locate the switch to test its continuity.·        

Blackstone Air Fryer not Heating Up.

If a propane tank of your Blackstone air fryer is empty, the Blackstone grill will not heat up. To tell whether the propane tank is the issue, and needs replacement or refill, weigh it. If the tank weighs 16 to 17 pounds, it is empty since a full tank weighs 37 pounds, and you can gauge your propane tank to ensure it doesn’t get empty. 

Another reason could be that the assembly is not properly done. At this point, the manual instruction will help you solve the problem. Moreover, you can reach out to customer service, ask them questions, and, above all, tell them what you have already checked.       

Emeril Lagasse Air Fryer not Heating Up.

The Emeril Lagasse air fryer always heats up instantly, so it can be surprising when it cannot heat up like it normally does. Sometimes the issue is not that big to worry about since it can be because of the temperature setting or timer.

If the temperature and timer are correctly set, check whether the unit is well plugged because turning on and off any vague technology can make the appliance work again. But always check all the possible causes as discussed above before worrying much.·        

Farberware Air Fryer not Heating Up.

If your Farbewarwe air fryer is not heating up, consider checking whether the machine is plugged correctly into your socket. I know it sounds silly, but it happens. Sometimes it can be because of a faulty socket and can work best in another if you change it.

Also, check your power cord since it may have some damage due to wear and tear. If your power cable is detachable, you replace it with another one.

How to Check the Heating Element in the Air Fryer

You have all the above, and the air fryer is not heating up yet; it must be serious. Now it is time to check the heating element, but how do you check? 

First, check the sensor switch in the interior as you press the starting button. The fan is spinning, the sensor switch is functioning well, and the heating element is not working. You can conclude that the element has a problem and the best thing is to call the manufacturer if the warranty is up to date.

Air Fryer Heating Element Replacement 

Before replacing the heating element, you must know the element type you require. The air fryer manual features a  list of parts and their numbers to know what you need to purchase.

The heating element is situated in the higher chamber of your air fryer, after ensuring that it is not functioning fully, you will unplug the air fryer. And please ensure that the power is off to avoid unnecessary accidents.

Remove the top cover, screws, and cone wire and mark them for easy identification. After that, remove the original relay pin, replace it with the new one ( you can purchase it at online shops), and insert it into the PCB. Then solder the pins and insert back the cone wire.

Now put the PCB to the top cover and screw it, then close it, and you will be good to go.

Wrap Up

Having read this article, you know that every problem is solvable. It is time to check what makes your air fryer not heat up properly before panicking and thinking otherwise.

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