Best 10 Bella Pro Series air fryer Models Reviews You won’t miss

The Bella brand is owned by Sensio, which is a globally reputable kitchen appliance manufacturer. The brand is famous for its affordable but still high-quality air fryers. Their models are built to take up less counter space. But they still offer a decent capacity. Also, they make different size air fryers for both individual users and families.

This article is for you if you are considering getting a Bella air fryer. Bella air fryer has 2 universal models and over 10 pro series models, today we will talk about the pro series mainly. We will show the essential things you need to know about Bella air fryers before buying one. And we also review the best 10 pro series models. We aim to make shopping for one of these air fryers hassle-free.

We have tried over 53 air fryers in the past 5 years. Besides our opinions, we also invited views from a dozen Bella air fryer users on our Facebook group, which is full of air fryer lovers. So you can be sure of getting 100% genuine and unbiased reviews. Also, we provide some pro tips on how to make the best use of your Bella air fryer. Make sure you stick with us to the end!

First, let’s check 2 great Bella air fryers that have the highest sales volume, then we will introduce the best 10 pro series models one by one.

Best Bella Air Fryers Reviews

1. Bella 2.9QT Manual Air Fryer

BELLA 29QT Manual Air Fryer

The Bella 2.9QT Manual Air Fryer is a small kitchen appliance that packs a punch. It has the power and capacity to match the performance of larger appliances. If you also factor in the simple knob controls, you have a fantastic all-around cooking machine.


  • Simple knob controls
  • Hardly requires any preheating
  • Supports multiple cooking modes
  • Easy-to-clean 


  • The strong plastic smell when new
  • Temperature dial markings are quite small

Key Features

Bella 2.9QT Manual Air Fryer is a fantastic small air fryer. It scores highly in all aspects. And it is hard to find a model that beats it in features and performance without spending a fortune.

One of its main highlights is the ease of use. Overall, Bella makes it with simplicity at the heart of the design. This ensures that even an absolute newbie can still figure it out. 

For starters, it has a simple control system that only includes a couple of knobs. The knobs allow you to adjust the time and temperature to suit any food easily. And there are also 8 presets to make cooking even easier for you.

The air fryer is also built to save cooking time by not requiring preheating. It achieves this with a 1400-watt heating element and Circular Heat Technology. The two combine to shave off several minutes of your cooking time. Things like fries and onion rings will take less than 18 minutes. They would take up to 30 minutes on many other air fryers.

You will also love that the air fryer makes cleanup hassle-free. The nonstick surfaces and dishwasher basket ensure you do very little during cleanup.

Actual Cooking Performance and Experience

It is hard to overstate how easy this Bella air fryer is to use. Even for absolute air fryer beginners. There is nothing much to do, whether you want to cook French fries or chicken. 

Besides ease of use, the air fryer also makes the crispiest chicken and fries. Just remember to drizzle some olive oil and give it a good seasoning. The highly efficient cooking technology ensures food cooks to crispy perfection.

What’s more, it cooks super fast. A portion of onion rings will take just 15 minutes. Most other air fryers require at least 20 minutes. Cooking the same in a traditional oven would take over 30 minutes.

Who Should Buy this Air Fryer?

Buy this air fryer if you prefer the simplicity and ease of use of a manual air fryer. It is also a good choice if you want something that can cook large volumes of food. It cooks more food without taking up too much counter space.

2. Bella 2.9QT Touchscreen Air Fryer

BELLA 2.9QT Touchscreen Air Fryer

The Bella 2.9QT Touchscreen Air Fryer is for you if you prefer a more modern digital interface. But besides the touchscreen, it still has all the features that make Bella air fryers stand out. From no-preheat to 5-in-1 cooking functions, this air fryer has it all.


  • Compact, space-saving
  • Hassle-free touchscreen controls
  • Versatile multicooker
  • PFOA-free basket material
  • No preheating needed


  • Strong plastic smell

Key Features and Benefits

At just 15 inches at its widest section, the Bella 2.9QT Touchscreen Air Fryer is still compact. Even for a small 2.9-quart air fryer. It will be the perfect appliance for your small kitchen or a dorm.

Moreover, it can still hold quite a decent amount of food. There is enough room to cook at least 2.5 pounds of veggies or french fries.

Also, this is a versatile 5-in-1 air fryer. It can do much more than air fry or reheat food. You can bake all your favorite desserts and roast all your meat cuts. Plus, it gets hot enough to broil food.

Like our previous Bella air fryer model, this one uses Circular Heat Technology. It is also fitted with a 1400-watt heating element. So you will not need to preheat it before use. The appliance gets to optimal cooking temperature instantly. This ensures you spend less time cooking. You can make most dishes, including chicken, in under 20 minutes.

Actual Cooking Performance and Experience

The first thing that will impress you when you get to use this air fryer is the level of convenience. The digital touchscreen guarantees operation is straightforward. And it is also mounted at the top to make it even easier to reach.

When you get to cook something on it, you can be sure it will always end up tastier and crispier. Chicken legs take just 15 minutes to cook. And they always have that extra crunch you love. Also, you hardly ever need to use a lot of oil. Just a few drizzles of olive oil is enough.

The baking function also works well. If you love muffins and chocolate chip cookies, you will never have to use your oven again. This air fryer makes small batches of pastry quickly. And without all the tedious cleanup afterward.

Who Should Buy this Air Fryer?

Buy this air fryer if you prefer something sleek and more modern looking. Also, it is a good choice if you want a small air fryer. You can use it in the office or dorm.

Best 10 Bella Pro Series Air Fryer 

The Bella Pro Series is another fantastic option if you want a reliable air fryer from the brand. You will have a variety of air fryers to choose from. It all depends on the capacity and features you want. 

Here is a quick overview of the best air fryer models in the series:

1. Bella Pro Series 8-qt. Digital Air Fryer with Dual Baskets

Bella Pro Series 8-qt. Digital Air Fryer with Dual Baskets

Bella Pro Series 8-qt. Digital Air Fryer with Dual Baskets is all about making it easy to cook for large families. For starters, it has an 8-quart capacity. The capacity makes it one of the largest air fryers from the brand. Also, it has a dual-basket design. 

You can control the two baskets independently. This allows you to cook two different dishes at the same time. And so your entire meal can be ready in just one batch. You can set them to finish at the same time.

The 1800-watt air fryer also has the power to ensure you always get faster heat-up times. The powerful heating element keeps a consistent temperature. It ensures more even cooking.

If you want a larger cooking capacity and more cooking power, this is one of your best Bella air fryers.

2. Bella 6.3qt Air Fryer Touchscreen 

6.3qt Air Fryer Touchscreen Stainless Steel

If you prefer a stainless steel air fryer, Bella 6.3qt Air Fryer Touchscreen is a good buy. The stainless steel finish also gives it a sleeker look. And it ensures it will look fantastic in any kitchen.

When it comes to cooking performance, it also delivers. The air fryer uses a 1700-watt heating element and Bella’s Circular Heat Technology. They ensure you always get better cooking outcomes. The two combine to give you crispier and evenly cooked meals.

The air fryer is also equipped with digital touchscreen control. The operation should hence be hassle-free.

3. Bella Pro Series 4.3-qt Analog Air Fryer Stainless Steel   60d 4.3qt

Bella Pro Series 4.3-qt Analog Air Fryer Stainless Steel

The Bella Pro Series Analog Air fryer is built for users who prefer something basic. But, the only thing basic about this air fryer is the simple knob controls. Otherwise, everything else is the same as what you get with the best air fryer.

The 4.3-quart air fryer uses a 1400-watt, which is quite good for its size. The powerful heating element guarantees it heats up fast. Also, it allows it to maintain a consistent temperature. Your food will hence cook quicker and more evenly.

The air fryer also has an adjustable thermostat and timer. Both can be adjusted more precisely compared to most other air fryers in their class. They will ensure you have more control over how your food cooks.

Despite this being a highly affordable air fryer, it still has a nice stainless steel finish. The finish makes cleanup easier.

4. Bella Pro Series 9-in-1 Indoor Grill with 5.8-qt Air Fryer  

Bella Pro Series - 9-in-1 Indoor Grill with 5.8-qt Air Fryer

The Bella Pro Series 9-in-1 Indoor Grill has you covered when you are in the mood for some nice, grilled meat. It is a useful appliance when the weather does not allow you to start your grill.

Besides grilling and air frying, it has 7 other functions. This makes it one of the most versatile models in this review. You can use it for everything from making pizza to dehydrating fruits/veggies to make chips.

The appliance also has one of the most intuitive interfaces. Everything on the touch panel is clearly marked. It makes the operation hassle-free. Better yet, there is a preset for all the functions. You will never struggle to figure out the perfect cooking time or temperature.

Bella provides all the accessories you need to utilize all the cooking functions. You will get everything from the air fry basket to the grill plate. 

5. Bella 90121 6.3qt Touchscreen Air Fryer  

6.3qt Air Fryer Touchscreen Black Stainless Steel

If you cook for larger groups, the Bella 90121 6.3qt Touchscreen Air Fryer is a fantastic option. The air fryer can easily cook up to 5.3 pounds of food in one batch.

Besides the larger capacity, it is also built for speed. Most of the foods will take under 20 minutes to cook. And they always end up super crispy without using lots of oil. Also, like most other Bella air fryers, this one does not need preheating.

And you will love the highly intuitive touchscreen panel. The interface location and button markings ensure you can figure things out quickly.

6. Bella Pro Series 8qt Touchscreen Digital Air Fryer   

Bella Pro Series 8qt Touchscreen Digital Air Fryer

An air fryer meant for cooking for groups should have both the capacity and power. The Bella Pro Series 8qt Touchscreen Digital Air Fryer has both and more. You will be happy to have it around if you often need to cook for guests.

The air fryer’s large basket can easily fit a 6-pound or larger chicken. There is also room for over 4 pounds of french fries. Also, it uses a powerful 1700-watt heating element and Circular Heat Technology. You can hence be guaranteed that food will cook to perfection.

Also, the air fryer is built for hassle-free use. You will love how intuitive all the controls.  And there are presets for all the common foods. There is one for chicken, french fries, and much more.

Despite this being a large appliance, cleanup is still hassle-free. The pan and tray are dishwasher-safe. Plus, the sleek surfaces are easy to wipe as they do not stain.

7. Bella Pro Series 4-Slice Convection Toaster Oven + Air Fryer

Bella Pro Series 4-Slice Convection Toaster Oven + Air Fryer

The Bella Pro Series 4-Slice Convection Toaster Oven + Air Fryer is our most versatile model. It will easily replace most of the appliances in your kitchen. This model will serve you well if you always try new recipes and cooking styles.

But it has more to offer besides versatility. It also has a massive 12.6-quart capacity, one of the largest you can get from Bella. The large capacity and multiple rack positions make it possible to cook different dishes at a go.

This appliance is also built to be more durable. Bella uses primarily metal construction. Most of the parts and surfaces are aluminum and stainless steel. They ensure it will give you years of excellent service. Also, the materials are safer. They will not leak any harmful compounds into the food.

8. Bella Pro Series 4-qt. Touchscreen Air Fryer  

Bella Pro Series 4-qt. Touchscreen Air Fryer Black Matte

This Bella Pro Series 4-qt. Touchscreen Air Fryer will allow you to cook over 3 pounds of food in one go. Despite being a 4-quart model, it will work perfectly for a family of 3 to 5 people.

The fryer also scores high when it comes to actual cooking performance. It always gives the food extra crispiness and a unique golden brown finish. Frozen onion rings always seem tastier when you make them on this appliance.

This model still requires some preheating. But you can be sure it will take much less time to get to the optimal cooking temperature than your regular oven.

Also, both the use and cleanup are straightforward. It has some simple digital controls and comes with dishwasher-safe parts.

9. Bella 90109 6qt Touchscreen Air Fryer  

6qt Air Fryer Touchscreen Black

The Bella 90109 6qt Touchscreen Air Fryer will be a handy appliance whether you like air-fried foods. This multifunctional model has other useful functions. They include functions like “keep warm” and “reheat.” 

You will probably use it every other day, as it also makes some fantastic pizzas. The 6-quart model can fit medium size pizzas. You should be ready to be amazed at how perfect the crusts turn out. They always get extra crunchy without burning. And all your toppings also cook perfectly.

This air fryer is also quite powerful. It runs on an 1800-watt-rated heating element. The heating element will significantly reduce your cooking time. It also improves how foods cook and taste. It does this by ensuring consistent heat throughout the cooking.

10. Bella Pro Series 2-qt. Analog Air Fryer  

Bella Pro Series - 2-qt. Analog Air Fryer - Black Matte

The Bella Pro Series also has a model for those looking for something compact. The 2-quart capacity Bella Pro Series 2-qt. Analog Air Fryer hardly takes up any space. You can also easily pack and use it on the go. And it will be perfect for use in RVs and dorms.

Operation is also more straightforward, thanks to analog controls. There are only two knobs for adjusting time and temperature. Also, the dials have clear markings. So there is hardly anything complicated you may need to master.

Despite this being a small model, it still packs some decent power. For its size, the 1200-watt heating element is more than enough. You can be sure it will still heat up fast and keep the heat consistent.

Bella Air Fryer Substitute: Cosori Pro Air Fryer Oven Combo


Bella is a fantastic brand with high-performing and affordable air fryers. But it might still not work for some people. If that is the case for you, Cosori is a good alternative. With the highest sales volume in the market, you can also try Cosori if you have been using the brand for a while but want to try something different.

Cosori also has several air fryers, but the Pro Air Fryer Oven Combo is one of their most popular models. Many air fryer enthusiasts love this air fryer as it ticks all the essential boxes.

For starters, the air fryer has a larger 5.8-quart capacity. It can fit a 5-pound chicken or several pounds of fries in there. Still, the most impressive part is that it is quite compact. It is still under 15 inches wide. The size ensures it takes up little counter space.

The air fryer is more effective at ensuring even cooking than Bella air fryers. It uses sensors to minimize temperature fluctuations to under 5°F. This ensures your foods always cook evenly. You can always be sure of getting consistent cooking outcomes.

There are 13 functions conveniently preset in the Cosori air fryer. This is at least double what you get on most Bella air fryers we have looked at in this review. So if you are looking for more convenient even cooking, Cosori has more to offer.

What Can You Cook in Your Bella Air Fryer? Bella Air Fryer Recipes

Like any other top brand, Bella makes its air fryers to be multifunctional. So you can cook almost anything you want with Bella air fryers. Some of the models we have reviewed even have a grill function. Others also allow you to dehydrate meat to make jerky or fruits to make some tasty chips.

But, most of their air fryers will excel in making air-fried foods like chicken wings and fries. The powerful heating element on these air fryers allows them to make foods extra crispy. Also, you never have to preheat most of the air fryers. This makes them perfect when you want to fix quick air-fried snacks.

Other foods like baked potatoes and steak also turn out well. And if you get a model with a dehydrator function, you can make some of the tastiest kale chips and beef jerky. 

The manufacturer will give you some recipes to get you started. The recipes should inspire you on what to cook. There are also some air frying charts in each manual. The charts will also guide you when cooking common foods.

air fryer chicken wings

Bella Air Fryer Manual

Bella air fryers come with highly detailed user manuals. They cover everything from set up to storage directions. You only need to locate what you want in the table of contents and find it in the manual. 

You can also find a PDF manual version in the online listing for most of their air fryers. For instance, you can find the soft copy user manual of the Bella 2.9QT Touchscreen Air Fryer HERE.

Bella Air Fryer instructions: How to use it and pro tips

Here are some simple steps to follow when using the Bella air fryer. Also, watch out for our pro tips for the best cooking outcomes:

  • Step 1: Unpack and Clean the Air Fryer

The first step should always be to remove all the packaging materials and labels. You should then clean the accessories and wipe the surfaces.

  • Step 2: Choose a Suitable Location for the Appliance

Next, you need to choose a suitable location to place the appliance. Make sure it is a flat surface. It should be close to an outlet. Like most other air fryer cords is not very long, and it is not a good idea to use extensions.

  • Step 3: Preheat the Air Fryer

Select a cook time of 3 to 5 minutes long at the intended cooking temperature. You can skip this step and add the extra time to your total cooking time.

  • Step 4: Add Food and Place it On the Air Fryer

Next, you should add the food to the basket and place it in the air fryer. Make sure you do not overfill the basket or tray. Spread the food as evenly as possible. Also, only have a single layer of food to ensure everything cooks well.

  • Step 5: Remember to Toss and Keep Checking the Food

You should remember to toss the food at the halfway mark. Also, keep checking it even if you are sure about the timing.

air fryer chicken legs

Pros Tips

  • Most Bella air fryers don’t need preheating, but it is still a good idea to do it for better cooking outcomes.
  • Clean your air fryer after every use, even if whatever you are cooking is not messy.
  • Give your Bella air fryer a deep clean before first use and preheat it for 10-20 minutes. 
  • Never move the air fryer when hot or when it contains hot food.
  • Always add an extra shake just to be sure everything cooks evenly.
  • Cooking times are not always exact. Keep a close eye on the food as it cooks.

Should You Buy a Bella Air Fryer?

Bella air fryers are a good buy if you want something powerful and feature-rich. They are also highly affordable and come in a compact, space-saving design. This makes them perfect for a modern kitchen with space constraints.

These air fryers are fantastic a buy no matter what you want. Go ahead and choose the model that works best for you in our reviews above and buy it today.

Please remember to share your experience using these and other Bella air fryers. Also, keep sharing this article. This will help other air fryer enthusiasts on the hunt for the perfect Bella air fryer.

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