[Tested]Best 10 Air Fryer Under $200 Reviews: For Small and Large Family

Air fryers have become the talk of the town in recent years, and you are wondering whether you can get the best air fryer under $200. As air fryer lovers, we did 38 hours of research and tested different air fryers to check how well the machines can fry food and achieve a crypt result.

You will have too many choices from the air fryers under $200, these types suit both small family sizes and large family sizes, no matter if you want a cheaper one with high cost performance or a luxurious type with multiple functions, we can show you the answer, and you may share your first recipe with air fryer on social media tomorrow.

In this article, We focused on many key features which may affect your final buying decision, such as how easy they are to clean, control, and versatile. Our article will explain more and take you through the best air fryer review to choose from. Do not miss it.

Before checking the best air fryer list, you should know what to consider before buying an air fryer. But you can scroll down to the bottom to see the list directly if you are already familiar with these features.

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10 Best air fryers under $200

1. Best for Cooking Technology: COSORI Air Fryer Oven Combo 5.8QT



  • Single touch cooking
  • Healthy and efficient cooking
  • Automatically adjustable temperatures


  • It does not recall its previous temperatures and time.

Gift your family the Cosori air fryer combo. The 5.8 quarts appliance makes healthy fried flavors right from your kitchen countertop. With the automatically adjustable temperatures, you will receive a perfect result and evenly cooked meals to end your cravings.

The modern kitchen appliance features a single-touch cooking technology that you can select from the thirteen cooking functions. Besides, you can select your preferred time and temperature for your favorite recipe.

If you are looking for an air that is big enough for a family of three to five, then the Cosori is a good fit. Its large capacity can fit an entire chicken, and its corner spaces offer extra cooking flexibility and capacity than the round designs, another thing about this air fryer is every cook’s minder since it includes 100 recipes for inspiration.

Compared to the traditional oven, this air fryer cooks 50% faster and reduces 85% of oil content in your food than deep frying. Cleaning the air fryer is as easy as a snack since its baskets are removable and dishwasher safe with a non-stick coating.

In case of issues, the product is satisfaction guaranteed. Moreover, it has an effective rate of 120V/170W with a temperature of 170-400 degrees Fahrenheit. And the voltage applies in Canada and the United States only.

2. Best for Temperature Range: Ninja AF101 Air Fryer, 4 Qt


  • Programmable functions
  • Dishwasher-safe accessories
  • Dehydration


  • The fan can be noisy

Enjoy guilt-free fried meals as the air fryer allows you to air fry healthier meals than the traditional frying. Its temperatures range, giving you a chance to dehydrate food and quickly cook it to crispy using the convection heat.

The four quarts ceramic basket has a non-stick coating plus a crisper plate for two pounds of French fries. You will love how this product combines reduced temperature and fan speed for thorough dehydration. Luckily, the product takes three minutes to preheat the unit before putting ingredients together for the best results.

With the single-touch control panel, you can select four programmable functions and manual control of cooking temperatures and time. No more throwing leftovers since you can reheat and receive the previous crispy texture and taste.

The best thing about the product is that it features dishwasher-safe accessories like the multi-layer rack, and crisper plate, making it easy to wash.

3. Best for Capacity: Big Boss Glass Air Fryer


  • Powerful inbuilt fan
  • Large-sized frying bowl
  • Inbuilt technology control


  • Not suitable for small families and limited counter space

The Big Boss air fryer allows you to enjoy fried food with a crispy texture. The all-in-one machine allows you to try fifty famous recipes right out of the box. It features a frying pan and bowl combo which separates meals in the basket from oil drips.

The 1300W powerful inbuilt fan with 360 degrees convection system that circulates hot air around the food for fast and even cooking has kept many customers talking. Thanks to the inbuilt technology control that allows you to adjust the temperatures and time for delicious food results.

The product has a 16-quart (large-sized) frying bowl which can easily fit an entire chicken for three to six people. It’s a perfect deal for parties as the container has enough room between heating tubes and food, thus no overheating. Cleaning the basket is easy; effortlessly detach it to rinse and wipe the water off.

4. Best for Hassle-Free Operation: Ultrean Air Fryer, 4.2 Quart  30000



  • Hassle-free operation
  • Innovative heating mechanism
  • Easy to use


  • Not suitable for a large family

This air fryer allows you to enjoy crispy fried meals with less oil and grease. The multifunction cooker saves money and time as you can bake, roast, and grill your most loved foods other than air frying. The best thing about this air fryer is an innovative heating mechanism that evenly cooks food without the thermometer hassle.

You will love the hassle-free operation as it features an auto switch timer between zero to thirty minutes and adjustable temperatures of 180-400 degrees F. The set has a heat-resistant handle and detachable air fryer basket that will leave you cooking daily. 

The 4.2-quart air fryer is big enough for three to five people. It features a bonus cookbook and LCD to help you bake and grill foods. Besides, it is good for air fryer beginners and perfect for gifting with a year warranty.

5. Best for Cleaning: Ninja AF161 Max XL Air Fryer


  • Preset programs
  • Guilt-free food
  • Faster cooking


  • It has no warranty cover

Compared to traditional frying methods, the product uses 75 percent less oil than traditional frying methods and is tested against the hand-cut and deep-fried French fries. It offers 450 degrees super-hot air hence cooking foods 35 percent fast for crispier and hotter results without guilt.

The 5.5 qt (XL capacity) ceramic-coated non-stick basket and the crisper plate can fit three pounds of chicken wings and French fries. Besides, With the seven versatile programs: dehydrate, reheat, bake, air broil, air roast, and max crisp, you can prepare different meals for three to five people comfortably.

The ceramic-coated basket is nonstick and dishwasher safe, making cleaning a breeze. The set includes a max extra-large air fryer, a 5.5 quarts anti-stick basket, and 20 recipe inspiration books. Moreover, it features the preset program and optimized speed fan, giving you a perfect result.

6. Best for Healthy Meals: CHEFMAN Small, Compact Air Fryer


  • BPA-free basket
  • One year warranty
  • Manual temperature control


  • The product only comes in one black color

The Chefman air fryer has a wide range of temperatures allowing you to prepare your foods at your preferred temperature. Plus, it achieves a perfectly crispy fried result, thus a healthier option than the deep fryers.

Do not worry about your kitchen space since the product is of perfect size that can fit in a small kitchen, office, dorm, RV trips, etc. It features manual temperature control with an hour-integrated timer letting you air fry your frozen chicken and veggies and even reheat your leftovers.

Its detachable BPA-free basket, auto shut-off, and cool-touch outside ensure extra security and safety. The two-quart air fryer is perfect for one or two people, and its basket is removable and dishwasher safe hence easy cleanup for delicious and healthy meals.

No need for cooking spray since the basket is nonstick and dishwasher safe. Compared to other air fryer models, it is approved by modern safety technology for durability and has a one-year warranty for worry-free buying.

7. Best For Inbuilt Shutoff Function: COSORI Air Fryer Oven Combo 5.8QT


  • Perfect for three to five people
  • Personalized shake reminder
  • Evenly heating technology


  • Not suitable for one or two people

The product has customizable functions; hence you can save the temperatures and time of any preset, making it ready for the next usage.  The rapid 360 degrees of air movement gives a crispy and even texture, making foods everybody will like.

Compared to traditional fryers that need much oil, this air fryer needs no oil to provide a crispy outcome hence a  healthy option to have on your kitchen countertop. It features twelve single-touch cooking functions: keep warm, preheat, bake, toast, vegetables, French fries, frozen food, bacon, shrimp, seafood, chicken, and steak.

The Cosori air fryer includes a cookbook with over 100 recipes. Its 5.8 qt basket is suitable for three to five people cooking a chicken. Besides, the basket is removable, dishwasher safe, and has warranty coverage if anything goes wrong.

8. Best for Multi-Function: Chefman 6.3 Quart Digital Air Fryer


  • Easy to clean
  • Versatile
  • Convenient accessory


  • Unfortunately, it is not suitable for small kitchen countertops since it is huge.

The Chefman digital fryer is all you need on your countertop as it functions as an air fryer, dehydrator, and rotisserie oven. It is perfect for all cooking tasks giving you a crispy exterior you love.

This multi-function fryer is faster than the oven and does not need preheating but will achieve a crispy and healthy result with less oil or no oil than traditional fryers. It has a capacitive touch display that is simple to use with temperatures ranging from 90 to 400 degrees. Moreover, the eight preset choices make the kitchen work easy.

Inside lighting allows you to watch the food as it cooks. Also, it comes with two airflow racks, a drip tray, a rotating basket or retrieval tool, rotisserie forks and spits. The removable tray and other dishwasher-safe areas make cleaning a snack.

This extra-large air fryer is perfect for large families or extra guests. The 6.3 qt allows you to prepare enough food for the entire family without heating the oven. It is approved with the modern safety mechanism for durability and a year of warranty coverage for worry-less buying.

9. Best for DualZone Technology: Ninja Foodi 8 Quart 6-in-1


  • Two independent baskets
  • Different heating zones
  • Extra-large capacity


  • Takes more time when using both sides to cook

The product features two independent air fryer baskets letting you cook two meals, two ways at once, doing away with back-to-back cooking. Its DualZone technology allows you to select between a smart finish feature that unlocks two foods, two ways at the end, and the match cook button for copy settings across zones.

The six-in-one functionality features six versatile programs allowing you to try all your desired recipes from a single appliance. The two independent four quarts contain separate baskets, instantaneous heaters, and cyclonic fans. Its capacity has been the talk of the town as it allows you to fit sides and mains for fast cooking.

This product has a simple-to-clean basket and crisper plates that are dishwasher safe. It also uses 75 percent less oil than traditional frying methods. Besides, it is tested against deep-fried and hand-cut French fries.

Its temperatures range from 105 degrees F to 450 degrees F, allowing you to gently dehydrate food, thus faster, crispy cooking with the convection heat. The set comes with two nonstick crisper plates, 2 (four qt) baskets, and 15 recipes.

10. Best for Gifting: GoWISE USA GW22956 7-Quart 


  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • PFOA-free nonstick material
  • Inbuilt dehydrate function


  • Sadly, it is not dishwasher safe

Compared to the five quarts basket, the GoWise includes XL capacity making it perfect for a whole family or party. You can easily cook an entire chicken or four to five burgers with the touch button without heating the house. Besides, it’s perfect for gifting family members and makes healthy and crispy foods.

The set is equipped with eight functions saving money and time. It allows you to air fry, bake, roast, grill, reheat, keep warm, broil and dehydrate. Its large control panel has a complete touchscreen menu making it easy to choose a function, set temperature and time and cook with a touch button.

The possibility for cooking is countless, with 60 minutes more temperature control settings making it a standout model in the market. Its inbuilt dehydrate function is structured with a temperature range of up to 170 degrees and a full-day timer.

You can try all meals right from your kitchen as it includes a recipe book with 100 recipes. Additionally, it includes three stackable racks for dried fruits, beef jerky, and veggies serving. The removable crisper tray and pan are easy to clean and have a nonstick coating material.

The Gowise USA got you covered as it features a thirty-day money-back guarantee and a one-year warranty if anything goes wrong.

Best Air Fryer in 2022

Best Overall: COSORI Air Fryer Oven Combo 5.8QT  


It’s the No.1 on the air fryer market! The single-touch cooking technology allows you to choose from the thirteen cooking functions, making the Cosori air fryer a stand-out kitchen appliance. Plus, you can select your food’s cooking time and temperature.

It has a large enough capacity to cook for three to five people. You can cook any kind of meal right from your kitchen and get a perfect result as it includes 100 recipes and adjustable temperatures.

The set is healthy and more efficient than deep fryers since it cooks 50% faster and lowers 85% of the oil contents in your meal. It features a removable and dishwasher-safe air fryer basket with a non-stick coating making cleaning a breeze.

If you wanna a big one which suits a big family size of 10 people, here is the answer!

Best Air Fryer Toaster Oven Combo

Best for Beginner-Friendly: COSORI Air Fryer Toaster oven XL 26.4QT 

This air fryer has twelve functions making it beginner-friendly. Its temperatures range from 80-450 degrees Fahrenheit, making you enjoy many cooking functions like dehydrating, air frying, fermenting, defrosting, baking, etc.

Its extra-large capacity can fit a whole chicken. Moreover, it is versatile and fast with just a smartphone VeSync app button touch. 

The toaster oven allows you to air fry with 85 percent less oil than deep frying and receives a crispy texture. It includes a cookbook, wire rack, fry basket, and a food tray. Besides, you can adjust the temperature and time to cook your favorite meals to your desire.

What to Consider Before Buying An Air Fryer


First, get to know your counter space and the number of people you will be preparing food for. Air fryers range from small to large models, so it is important to consider your family size when getting one. For instance, if you have a small family, you will opt for a small model and a large model for a large family.


Price should be a priority when getting an air fryer. With many models and brands available, you will never miss an air fryer that fits your price. So, ensure you set the budget before purchasing to avoid unnecessary expenses.


Air fryers have different features; some models are equipped with extra features such as automatic shut-off, settings for adjustable temperature, and a timer. Depending on your requirements, the additional features can be helpful. So, before purchasing one, read the air fryer’s description to choose a product with the desired features easily.

Cooking Technology

Nowadays, many air fryer manufacturers are moving with technology. So the manufacturers have worked on temperature probes, precise temperatures, and time control for easy and fast cooking. Before buying the air fryer, ensure that it mentions the cooking technology specification to meet your favorite dishes comfortably.


Sometimes an air fryer can be hard to clean, you don’t want to waste lots of time after enjoying your food. So when purchasing one, ensure that three-quarters of its components are detachable, dishwasher safe, and anti-stick for easy cleanup. Please check the product specification before purchasing, most air fryers can be easy to clean with tools.


Another thing to consider is the air fryer’s capacity, please noted that the big size of the air fryer doesn’t must have a big capacity. Some air fryers can only cook small meals while others for more food. However, it will depend on the size of your family. 

For example, if you have a large family, you will need a larger capacity air fryer, but if you are only preparing food for yourself, a small-capacity model will be enough.

Presets and Modes

Another thing that you should keep in mind is the preset and mode, as they make using an air fryer easier. The preset technology allows you to set temperatures and time; you will not need to remember it for your next cooking.


Material is another essential thing you should consider when purchasing an air fryer. Always go for a premium quality material that can withstand regular use. Besides, you should go for a BPA-free anti-stick basket, some air fryers which made of bad material may smell toxic when heating.


Typically most air fryers have 800-1500 watts, and the more watts the air fryer contains, the higher the temperature it reaches. However, many air fryers have wattage levels of over 1800 watts, so ensure that the kitchen outlet withstands the air fryer’s wattage consumption. 

Cooking Speed

Normally air fryers are healthy appliances. The heating ability of an air fryer determines its cooking time, meaning models with 1200-1800 wattage are suitable for faster results. Use a top wattage air fryer to get meals free from oil within 15 minutes.

How to Use

Are you an air fryer beginner and do not know how to use an air fryer? Do not worry; ensure you buy an ease-of-use model when getting one. Besides, some air fryers are straightforward, and others have more complicated features that may make it hard to use them.


Many air fryer models come with cookbooks and various recipes to try. And you would like to try different recipes from air frying fried food and french fries to chicken wings. So, when getting an air fryer, ensure it has a recipe book.


With the advanced technology, you want the best air fryer with advanced functions like digital display, mobile connectivity, and pre-programmed settings. If you want an air fryer with all advanced functions, ensure that you look for the latest air fryer models. 


Check whether it features other accessories in the package besides your air fryer basket. You should check whether it has accessories like a cookbook, cake pan, drip pan, grill pan, double tier rack, removable baskets for storage, and an anti-stick coated drawer.


When buying an air fryer, ensure that it features a warrant for security purposes. The warranty assures you that your new kitchen appliance is covered if anything goes amiss. Besides, many low-cost air fryers come with a year warranty, depending on the brand.

Ergonomic Shape Handle

The air fryer handle is a vital component that you should consider. It does not matter whether the unit is complete; make sure it is more comfortable to handle. Besides, the handle should hold temperatures of 350 degrees F.

Now you have a clear mind on these features, just check our best air fryer list which has been researched for 38 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Air Fryer on the Market at a Reasonable Price?

Gowise digital air fryer is the high-rated and affordable air fryer for under 200 dollars that you can get on the market. The air fryer has a 3.7 qt capacity for a family of 2 to 4. It also features temperatures between 180 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Is a 2 Qt Air Fryer Big Enough?

If you are a family of one or two, a two qt air fryer is big enough for you. You can air fry chicken wings, French fries, and fried food in less time. Besides, it is relatively a cheaper option that you can get in the market to offer you crispy results.

Are Air Fryers Worth It?

The answer is yes; air fryers are worth kitchen appliances that everybody deserves. The machine uses less oil and cooks food in less time, saving time. Besides, they are versatile, allowing you to cook any food type giving you a crispy exterior that you will love.

What Size Air Fryer Do I Need?

The size of an air fryer you need will depend on the number of people you will cook for regularly. You will find that a family of 2 people or one will need a small size (2 qt), and a family of 4 people will need a medium-sized air fryer (5-6 qt).

How Does an Air Fryer Work?

The air fryer has been the talk of the town, and you must be wondering how the appliance works. The air fryer contains a powerful fan that circulates hot air around your meal, making it crispy and crunchy from the outside in less time and with no or less oil.

Wrapping Up

Now you have seen the best 10 air fryers under $200, no matter what functions and price you need, you can always find the one suit for you. Do not hesitate! Let’s start our first recipe tomorrow!

I hope you find the article helpful, and in case of any questions concerning an air fryer under 200 dollars, feel free to comment below.

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