Best 3 Ultrean Air Fryer Reviews with Various Quarts. What are Their Benefits and Substitutes?

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In this article, we will dive into Ultrean air fryers’ technical specification and the advantages apart from their competitors. Then you will get the best 3 Ultrean air fryers on the current market now. If you still wanna another choice, we will recommend the best Ultrean fryers alternatives to you.

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Ultrean Air Fryer Review, In a general Introduction

ultrean air fryer chicken legs

Ultrean air fryer is a kitchen-based appliance that has taken the lead in food production and has recently replaced traditional oil fryers. It uses an innovative heating system for air-frying foods. It also cuts off oil from crispy foods, making them even more healthy.

Is Ultrean a good air fryer?

Ultrean is a good air fryer you can choose with no doubt. Most users consider it the preferred alternative cooking method compared to deep fryers. When you buy one, you’ll experience inexpensive maintenance, and repairs are economical. Besides having healthier benefits, they also require less attention and make cooking effortless.

Even though deep and air fryers make foods of the same tastes, Ultrean air fryers produce the best quality foods. If you love pork chops, french fries, and chicken nuggets, Ultrean fryers will care for your needs.

Ultrean air fryers Technical details and benefits

The most expected details that any cooker should review when looking for an air fryer include:

Fast cooking speed and preset functions

Ultrean air fryers are highly rated with the top performance over traditional fryers with oil. For instance, a 4.2-Quart Ultrean air fryer has heating system-rapid air technology. Cookers, therefore, can quickly air-fry their favorite foods to temperature and even with lesser or no oil.

On the other hand, the 6-Quartz air fryer works well when cooking foods for 6-8 people. It has a 360 degrees rapid air frying technology, and seven temperature presets, ideal for cooking time. Again, temperature settings are adjustable; you can change to the ranger you prefer while cooking.

An 8-Quart Ultrean fryer is your best option if you want to prepare foods and serve more hungry stomachs. The fryer basket and cooking rack give options of what to cook.  Additionally, the auto switch feature ensures no overheating of the food. Cookers use a 60-minuter timer giving it the best performance while preparing meals.

In summary, the cooking performance of the Ultrean air fryers is entirely superb. Grab one of your choices on Amazon. Indeed, you’ll have the best cooking experience!

Control Friendly, easy to use

Ultrean air fryers are very simple to control. The LCD on the 4-Quart Ultrean fryer makes cooking a sinecure with an easy-to-read layout. Even someone using it for the first time cannot have problems operating it.

The 6-Quart Ultrean air fryer has seven precook settings. The temperature control presets and adjustable settings make it more friendly when cooking. Besides, the LCD is clear to read, and the soft buttons are easy to operate.

The 8-Quart Ultrean air fryer has an auto-switch feature. It helps to prevent overheating. The eight preset options allow cookers to load food, choose the presets, and wait for food to be ready. Simple! Lastly, you can use a 60-minute timer when cooking so that you do not need to be around checking when food is prepared. After 60 minutes, the air fryer automatically shuts off. Isn’t that interesting?

Easy to clean

ultrean air fryer  one chicken leg

Air fryers are easy to clean. Components are well compacted, and removing them is a walk in the park. For example, a 4-Quart air fryer has a deductible dishwasher-safe basket; any time you want to clean the cooking basket, you put it into the dishwasher, giving you easy time cleaning.

Suit for Various Recipes

You’re also given a recipe book to buy an Ultrean air fryer. 

The book helps you with healthy food options. The Ultrean cookbooks provide amazing recipes for different tasty foods to try cooking at home and serving your family. All you need to do is follow the steps of the instructions, some Ultrean air fryers have presetting buttons.

Now you have been familiar with them, let's check the best 3 Ultrean air fryers on the market, and you can see another substitute that may be more suitable for your family!

Best 3 Ultrean Air Fryer with various Quarts

We have three types of Ultrean air fryers: the 4.2 Quart, the 6-Quart, and the 8-Quart Ultrean air fryers.

Ultrean air fryer – 4.2 Quart | Nonstick | LCD Digital Screen



  • Washing the 4.2 Quart fryer is easy. Removing the components is easy; you can put the cooking basket inside the deductible dishwasher-safe basket and clean it quickly.
  • The 4.2 Quart fryer is budget-friendly, and that’s a plus for many buyers. 
  • The fryer is easy to use since the LCD layout is easy-to-read. 
  • The customer support is so great. The support team is always at the users’ service; therefore, most customers’ queries and issues about the fryers are promptly resolved.


  • Some customers have complained about the non-stick coating. After using it a few times, the layer starts peeling off. 
  • Ultrean air fryer – 4.2 Quart also leaves an unpleasant smell after cooking.

The 4.2 Quart air fryer is one of the highly-rated fryers—the rating of 4.7 with over 5000 reviews is because it is easily accessible and hassle-free to use. This fryer is the best option for smaller families of about 3-4 people and comes with a recipe book.

Innovative heating system-rapid air technology allows you to air fry, grill, bake, and roast foods. It evenly cooks food to temperature, with less or no oil thoroughly. 

Note that the 4.2 Quart Ultrean air fryer comes in four colors, blue, black, white, or red. Always pick the color that matches your kitchen decor.

Ultrean Air Fryer – 6 Quart | 7 Presets | Detachable Basket

Ultrean Air Fryer 6 Quart


  • Extra cooking space. You can prepare food for about 6-8 people. 
  • Ultrean Air Fryer – 6 Quart has seven temperature control settings. The precook settings are perfect for cooking time. You can also adjust the temperature to the range best for the food you’re preparing.
  • The auto-switch feature enables you to have lesser attention when cooking because the fryer automatically turns off when cooking time elapses. The feature also helps to prevent overheating.
  • Not only does the fryer has LCD that is clear and easy to read, but it also has soft buttons that are easy to operate.


  • Complaints about the non-stick baskets are still common. It might peel off after using it for some time; it might peel off. 

It’s a mid-sized fryer and can cook more food simultaneously. It’s also the best option for the cookers who need neither a smaller nor a large-sized air fryer. You can buy the fryer if you have a  family of more than four people since it’s price friendly.

It is available in various colors; blue, black, white, and red. Cookers, therefore, have options to select a color that matches the kitchen.

The 6 Quart Ultrean air fryer uses a 360 degrees rapid air frying technology and cooks food with up to 80% less fat giving users a much healthier benefit.

When you buy this fryer, you also get a cookbook. The book has great recipes that can help you prepare finger-licking food and serve it to the family at home.

Ultrean 8-Quart Air Fryer | Oilless Cooker with 8 Presets


  • Because of its size, it can accommodate a whole chicken. Apart from having stainless steel, it also has a fryer basket and a cooking rack, giving the users options of what to cook and how to cook it.
  • The fryer also has an auto switch feature and a 60-minute timer that prevents overheating. It automatically switches offs when the preset cooking time ends. 
  • It cooks up to 400 degrees. 
  • It has eight preset settings which allow users to load food, choose a preset, and wait for food to get ready.
  • The 8 Quart air fryer is affordable to buy and user-friendly.


  • Ultrean 8-Quart Air Fryer is large. You’ll therefore require more space to store it.
  • The fryer has only one color, limiting your ability to match your kitchen decor.
  • It is not economical for small families. Not also ideal for small kitchens.

The 8 Quart air fryer is the largest and best for larger families. Yes, you need to choose an air fryer according to your family size, a large air fryer can even fit in a whole chicken.

This type has 8 preset recipes that most people would love to cook in daily life, such as French Fries, Roast, Chicken, Steak, and Bacon, all you need to do is just put the food in the air fryer and then press the button, after 15-30 minutes, your mouth will full of the delicious flavor.

At the same time, as it is a big air fryer so it’s easier to clean than some small air fryers, you can’t clean some narrow places for small air fryers, and the flavor of leftovers will mix with the food you are currently cooking. Oh, that’s a weird smell!

Alternatives to Ultrean Air Fryer you deserve to have a look

Different people have different preferences and their own advantage, there are so many air fryer types on the market, you won’t miss them before making the final buying decision.

COSORI Smart WiFi Air Fryer


COSORI Smart WiFi Air Fryer is a fryer that you can control using a phone. The phone’s Alexia or Google Assistant allows you to look at what you are cooking on your phone. The programs on the telephone also keep tabs on the food.


If you’re still asking yourself if Ultrean air fryer is the best or not, the answer is simple, yes. First, it is very cheap to buy a fryer. Maintaining and repairing are all cheap too. It is the best and healthier cooking method. We recommend the Ultrean air fryer over the traditional oil fryer.

Second, Ultrean air fryers are a set-it-and-forget-it model, demanding lesser attention. With preset settings, auto switches off, and a 60-timer, users can only load food, select a preset, and be done! 

Lastly, the fryers produce the best quality of food. The food may taste more crispy than a deep fryer, and it has about 70% less fat than a deeper fryer, which is healthy for you if you like crisp food and also want to keep fit!

Therefore we recommend that for a medium or large-sized family, you can buy a fryer that meets your need and enjoy preparing food at your home.

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