Best air fryer pan reviews: a baking accessory that can be used for oven

Life feels better with an air fryer pan. The air fryer pans are durable with a non-stick surface for cooking, making cleaning as easy as a breeze. Nothing should stop you from baking cakes and making pizzas and cookies right from your kitchen with the right air fryer accessories. A suitable air fryer pan can also be used for ovens, check the ultimate guide: Best air fryer pans reviews!

Imagine how versatile, easy to use, and safe air fryers are, you cannot afford to miss one. But to ensure that you bring out perfect cakes to satisfy your cravings, you need the right accessory. Our article will take you through the air fryer pan and the best pan reviews to decide on before you purchase one.

With that said, let’s get to business.

What Is An Air Fryer? How does An Air Fryer Work?

An air fryer is a small-sized countertop oven that cooks your food with no oil or less oil. It has a fan that circulates hot air around the food to make it crispy.

WHY Do You Need Pans for An Air Fryer?

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Air fryer baskets may have slots or holes at the bottom, and you may use pans depending on what you are preparing. For instance, you will need to cook in a pan for recipes and foods with batter or liquids, unlike other foods where you can use parchment paper or foil.

The air fryer’s versatility amazes me since you can prepare anything. You can put French fries in the basket, but you need a pan for cupcakes. Besides, they are safe and easy-to-use kitchen appliances that you should consider having on your countertop.

First, let's introduce the best 3 pans for air fryers, and then you will see another 3 universal types that can also be used for the Oven

Best Air Fryer Pan Reviews

Best For Non-Stick:  Cosori Air fryer pans Accessories suit

Cosori Air fryer pans Accessories suit


  • Heat-resisting material
  • Perfect for several recipes
  • Bonus accessories


  • Sometimes you have to cook in batches if you have a lot of food.

The accessories are BPA-free and designed for safe and healthy food grades. This set comes with six pieces and everything you require to cook; hence no need to purchase each piece separately. It is perfect for many 5.8 quarts of Cosori fryers and big oven cakes. 

It includes bonus accessories like a pizza pan, rack and skewers, cake pan, silicone mats, and egg bite molds for you to enjoy making every recipe. Besides, these accessories are great for making onion rings, biscuits, chicken strips, French fries, etc. Please make sure that you read the description size to fit the model of your air fryer before selecting it.

Best Universal: Gowise Accessory Kit

Gowise Accessory Kit


  • Made of aluminum
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Non-stick


  • It is not suitable for 1.7 quarts fryers

The accessory kit is perfect for standard 3.7 quarts air fryers and even bigger ones like power, Gowise USA, Philips, etc. These 6-set accessories come with a 6”  baking pan, pizza/pie pan, rack with three skewers, silicone mat, and warming/toasting rack.

You should not be worried about cleaning: the non-stick coating makes cleanup easy, and also the accessories are dishwasher safe. Make great use of your lovely air-frying brand, and you can bake cakes, air-fry crispy pizzas, grill kebabs, etc.

Best Compatible Set: Esjay Baking  Pan

Esjay Baking  Pan


  • Multiple-use
  • Recyclable silicone cups
  • Premium quality


  • The silicone hot pads may not protect your fingers from the heat.

This multiple-use set is compatible with Ninja food, instant pot six quarts, and eight quarts. Besides, it can make a great gift for friends and family. Cleaning the set is easy as it is dishwasher safe, thanks to the non-stick coating. 

With this premium quality set, you can prepare your cake evenly without dry edges and get the perfect color and texture with less oil. It also features recyclable silicone cups designed with food-grade silicone, and the non-stick function makes the cupcakes easily pop out in good shape.

Best 3 Air Fryer Pan for the Oven

Best Baking Tray: Nordic Ware Oven

Nordic Ware Oven


  • Easy to clean
  • Healthy option
  • High quality


  • The racks may rust if not dried well.

The set is perfect for making dried fruits, jerky, crisp fry, bacon, veggies, etc. It’s a healthy option as it catches drips and has no need to turn it since hot air circulates under it. Besides, it is designed with aluminum and nonsticking steel rack coats, hence easy cleaning using your hands.

Best Durable Design: Checkered Chef Baking Sheet

Checkered Chef Baking Sheet


  • Machine washable
  • Great design
  • Strong pan


  • Some customers complain of the product scratching with time

This complete set is perfect for drip-free and healthier meals. These strong aluminum ½ sheet pans permit higher heat conductivity, and their rolled edges give more strength to protect against warping. The stainless steel rack is structured for each situation, and it does not matter if you are putting on the oven or even cooling some cookies.

The big baking sheet pan and rack have a great design to work together perfectly and are exceptionably apart. No more worries about cleaning since the product are machine washable; thus, less time washing and much time is spent cooking.

Best  3 Times Coated Pan: Gotham Steel Oven Crisper Tray

Gotham Steel Oven Crisper Tray


  • Even distribution of heat
  • Effortless cleanup
  • Non-toxic


  • Some customers complain of the coat peeling with time.

The set includes a non-stick coating, exterior finish, durability, and cool handles with diamond-like infusing particles to their surface to ensure the pan does not scratch. The brand consists of a raised basket that allows the convection heat to extend to every meal angle, giving you the best crisp with no calories. Its mesh basket makes sure that the convection heat extends to all sides of your meal, thus a  great result.

You will love how the pans are coated 3 times and reinforced with diamonds delivering an ultimate food release. There is no oil or butter, making healthy eating, plus the hassle-free clean-up like one-two-three. It is compatible with ovens, and it can withstand 400 degrees.

Can You Use any Pan in An Air Fryer?

air fryer pans for chicken wings

You must be wondering whether it is okay to use any pan for your air-frying recipe. Cut the confusion, provided it is ovenproof and fits well in the basket, nothing should stop you from using it. 

Suitable pans are designed with silicone, glass, or metal. Like an oven where you can cook anything, the air fryers also allow you to cook anything. You can also use several pans like those you could use in the oven. 

Generally, the temperatures of the fryers range from 350 degrees to 400 degrees F, equal to the temperatures of the ovens for cooking most foods. If the pan can hold the oven’s heat, it can work best in the fryer.

Can You Use an Aluminum Pan in An Air Fryer?

Aluminum foils and pans are convenient for cooking meals since they hold drips, and you can recycle or dispose of them easily. The aluminum pans are ovenproof and can hold high heat. When using them, make sure that you do not completely cover the vents in your air fryer basket for proper airflow in the chamber for cooking.

If you block the vents, it completely interferes with the cooking process and airflow since the air fryer works by circulating hot air to the sides of your meal. So, consider getting pans that are a bit small compared to the bottom of your air fryer basket.

Also, most aluminum pans are equipped with plastic lids. I recommend you not use the lids in your air fryer since the lids aren’t ovenproof. You can use the lids to cover your meal after cooking for transportation or storage.

Additionally, you will love how the aluminum pans transfer warmth, making your fried chicken crispy and holding any sauce and juice hence easy cleanup.

Best Air Fryer Accessories Recommendation

air fryer rack

Other than the air fryer pan, from silicone loaf pans to baking pans, there are many other best air fryer accessories that you should not miss in your countertop appliance. Many air fryer models may require little oil to aid in making your food more crispy, so you will need an oil sprayer to spray your food with oil. The spray bottle allows you to spray oil around the food evenly.

Another essential air fryer accessory that you need is a rack. Racks help in maximizing your cooking surface and are dishwasher safe, thus easy to clean. It does not matter the air fryer model you have; the appliance becomes hot. 

Due to the heat, you need heat-resistant tongs to move your food in and out of your basket. The stainless steel with silicone head tongs makes holding food easy and protects you from unnecessary injuries.

Before you air fry, you will require to prepare, and a mandolin slicer is a great air fryer accessory you should have. With the mandolin slicer, you can choose from the julienne style to the thicker slicer, depending on the requirement of your recipe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use a Stainless Pan in An Air Fryer?

Yes. If your stainless steel pan doesn’t contain attachments that can melt, it is suitable for an air fryer. Also, it’s great to apply stainless steel pans or pots with no handle loops because of your air fryer’s spaces.

Can I Use Aluminum Foil in the Air Fryer?

Yes, you can use aluminum foil in the air fryer, although it should go into the basket. Aluminum foil reacts with acidic foods, so using a plain basket or parchment paper is good to avoid interfering with your food.

Can You Use Pyrex in An Air Fryer?

You can use pyrex in your air fryer, provided it is ovenproof. However, the air fryer temperatures change faster than the oven, and the glass cookware may fracture.

Do You Need a Rack for the Air Fryer?

You need a rack for an air fryer when cooking large meals like drumsticks and chicken to help maximize the surface for cooking.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning the air fryer pans is a problem, but you still want pizza, cookies, and cakes without getting out of your house to end your cravings. The air fryer pan is nonstick, dishwasher safe and durable, and cooks food in less time.

Perhaps, we all need to be safe in the kitchen as we make the food, and air fryers are the safest appliances we can own. With the article above, I believe that you already know what an air fryer pan is, other accessories, and the best reviews to help you find one.  Feel free to comment below in case of any questions.

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