Best 8 Air Fryer for Steak According to 6 Points

Air-fried steak is one of the most interesting things you can make at home. The steak has a rich taste and a slightly charred exterior. But the inside remains tender and juicy.

If you want to enjoy the extra flavor of air-fried steak, you first need to get the right air fry. An air fryer for cooking steak should get hot enough. Also, it should come with the right accessories to grill or broil your steak.

The good news is that we have already done the hard work for you. Besides our 5 years experience of using air fryers. We also asked 47 air fryer users of our Facebook group to share their recommendations. We have used all the data gathered to bring you a list of the best air fryers for steak.

Plus, we also tell you what to look for when choosing an air fryer for steak. Ensure you read to the end so you do not miss anything! We will also show you some pro tips when cooking steak in the air fryer, let’s dive in!

Best 8 Air Fryer for Steak Reviews

Air FryerRatingBuy Button
COSORI Air Fryer, 5 QT, 9-in-1 Airfryer Compact Oilless Small Oven4.5 StarCheck The Price
Nuwave Brio 6-Quart Healthy Digital Smart Air Fryer4.5 StarCheck The Price
COSORI Electric Smokeless Indoor Grill & Smart XL Air Fryer Combo4.8 StarCheck The Price
Instant-Vortex-Plus-Air-Fryer-Oven4.6 StarCheck The Price
Ninja-AG301-Foodi-5-in-1-Indoor-Grill-with-Air-Fry4.8 StarCheck The Price
PowerXL_Air_Fryer_Grill_8_in_1_combo4.7 StarCheck The Price
Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro, Brushed Stainless Steel4.6 StarCheck The Price
CHEFMAN Multifunctional Digital Air Fryer+Dehydrator Combo4.7 StarCheck The Price

1. Cosori Air Fryer Pro LE 5-Quart 

COSORI Air Fryer, 5 QT, 9-in-1 Airfryer Compact Oilless Small Oven

The Cosori Air Fryer Pro LE is a modern and stylish air fryer. It will look fantastic in any kitchen. Besides the looks, it also takes up little counter space. And it generates enough heat to cook all kinds of steaks fast.


  • Perfect for use in small spaces
  • Cleaning it up is a breeze
  • Alerts you when it is time to flip food
  • Includes an on/off button
  • You can pause the unit to check the food as it cooks


  • Has a strong plastic smell when new

Key Features and Benefits

One of the first elements that draw you to this air fryer is how quiet it is when cooking. Cosori uses its AirWhister Technology. The tech keeps the noise level below 55 dB. You will hence hardly even notice it running.

The air fryer is also built for versatility. It supports 9 different cooking functions. And so besides cooking some fantastic steaks, you can also use it for other things. You can bake cookies, make french fries or even cook seafood.

This model also gets hotter than most others. It can easily reach 450°F. This allows you to cook food up to 20% faster than many other brands.

Cooking should also be more intuitive, thanks to the user-friendly control panel. Also, you can be sure of consistent cooking thanks to the shake reminder. The shake reminder alerts you when it is time to flip the steaks. This ensures everything cooks more evenly.

Actual Cooking Performance and Experience

This air fryer will make some of the best New York strip steaks. If you are still skeptical about air fryer steaks, this should be one of the first recipes to try out.

For starters, there is a presets for cooking steak. The preset works like a charm. Both the temperature and time are spot on. You never have to adjust anything besides the timing to ensure you get the desired doneness.

The steaks always get juicy and tender on the inside. And if you do not adjust the timer, you will get the perfect medium well. There is also a slight char outside, making the steaks even more enjoyable.

Who Should Buy this Air Fryer?

Buy this air fryer if you want something that will look fantastic in your kitchen. It s also perfect if you have limited counter space. The air fryer takes up little counter space.

2. NuWave Brio 6-Quart Healthy Digital Smart Air Fryer 

Nuwave Brio 6-Quart Healthy Digital Smart Air Fryer

NuWave Brio Digital Smart Air Fryer is a perfect basket air fryer for indoor grilling. It comes with a heavy-duty grill pan and several other accessories. It will allow you to cook all your favorite steaks just how you like them, check the best 10 Nuwave air fryers.


  • Detailed manual with lots of recipes
  • Better and more consistent temperature monitoring
  • Crisps food even without oil
  • Easy to use with pretty simple instructions


  • No shake reminder
  • Larger than expected

Key Features and Benefits

This 6-quart NuWave air fryer has enough space to cook 2 or 3 steaks in one batch. Plus, it comes with all the accessories, including a heavy-duty grill pan.

The air fryer also has a unique chamber design, ensuring more even heat distribution. The chamber ensures the food will get even heat from all directions. Your food will hence cook at the same rate for better outcomes.

You also get more cooking power from this air fryer. Its 1800-watt heating element is one of the most powerful in this review. The extra power reduces your cooking time by at least 5 minutes.

Cleanup will also be hassle-free. Most of the accessories are dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup. Plus, both the internal and external surfaces wipe easily.

Actual Cooking Performance and Experience

The nonstick grill pan is the highlight of this air fryer for me. It ensures you get the same results as when cooking your steaks on a charcoal grill.

The grill pan gets hot enough to sear the steaks and give them some nice grill marks. Also, it retains the heat well and distributes it evenly. This ensures your steaks always cook to perfection.

You will also love just how easy cooking steak and other foods is with this air fryer. The controls and presets are highly intuitive. Plus, you get some of the easiest-to-follow instructions. Even an absolute newbie can make tasty medium-well ribeye or sirloin steaks.

You will also be in more control of the doneness. The temperature probe lets you track the steak’s internal temperature. You can hence take out the steak when they reach the doneness you prefer.

Who Should Buy this Air Fryer?

Buy this air fryer if you air fry most of your foods. It has a complete set of accessories to cook almost anything.

3. Cosori Electric Smokeless Indoor Grill & Smart XL Air Fryer Combo 

COSORI Electric Smokeless Indoor Grill & Smart XL Air Fryer Combo

This Cosori Air Fryer Combo has a dedicated grill function. It will be the perfect choice if you want an appliance that can grill indoors without smoking. This air fryer is also one of the most versatile appliances on this list.


  • No flipping required
  • Easy to program
  • Takes just a few minutes to clean
  • Cooks super fast


  • The exhaust fan can be a little noisy
  • The Crisper tray feels a little flimsy

Key Features and Benefits

This Cosori indoor grill air fryer combo is a multifunctional appliance. It can easily handle all your cooking needs. Besides grilling and air frying, the 8-in-1 model can broil, dehydrate and much more.

The appliance uses 360° rapid air circulation technology. The technology ensures the food is heated from all directions. This eliminates the need to keep flipping. You can cook everything, including steaks, without having to flip.

Also, this model is designed to get hotter. It will reach up to 510°F. The high temperature lets you quickly sear steaks and lock in all the juices. You can be sure of always getting nice char and grill marks on your steaks.

The air fryer is also built for smart grilling. It supports over 100 grilling programs. Plus, it has a highly effective smoke and odor management system. You can hence cook indoors without worrying about filling the kitchen with smoke.

Actual Cooking Performance and Experience

I love that this air fryer gives you more control over your steak’s doneness. You only need to choose the doneness you want. And the appliance will do the rest. You never have to struggle to keep track of the internal temperature.

There is also hardly any flipping required. The grill cooks both sides of your steak at the same rate. You will hardly need to flip most steak cuts. Just one flip should be enough to keep the steak uniform.

This air fryer is one of the few that do not produce any smoke when grilling. It is completely smokeless, and the exterior hardly gets hot. You will not even notice it is on when grilling.

Who Should Buy this Air Fryer?

Buy this air fryer if you are looking for a smokeless indoor grill. It is also a perfect choice if you want a multifunctional appliance for all your cooking.

4. Instant Vortex Plus Air Fryer Oven 


The Instant Vortex Plus reaches optimal cooking temperature almost instantly. The air fryer will speed up your cooking. You never have to wait several minutes as it heats. Also, it allows you to cook foods from frozen to the table in minutes.


  • Easy to operate
  • The square basket holds more food
  • Excellent airflow
  • Does not have a lot of hot spots
  • The basket is easy to remove and reinsert when cooking


  • Preheat beeps are not loud enough
  • Burning plastic odor

Key Features and Benefits

Like all the other models in this list, this Instant Vortex air fryer is built for versatility. Besides air frying, it can also bake, roast and more. You can use it for cooking your steak, chicken, and seafood. It can even bake all your favorite pastries.

You can also be sure of getting consistently perfect cooking outcomes. The air fryer uses EvenCrisp Technology to give food a perfect golden brown fish. The technology also ensures the inside remains moist and tender.

The air fryer requires very little preheating. It can be ready to cook in as little as 60 seconds. This reduces the total cooking time greatly. Medium well steaks take just 11 minutes with the preheat time included.

And this will also be an easy-to-clean appliance. The basket and interior surfaces are nonstick. Also, the basket is dishwasher-safe for hassle-free cleanup.

Actual Cooking Performance and Experience

This Instant Vortex model cooks some amazing steaks for a basket-style air fryer. What I love most is that it gets hot enough to sear the steaks. It even leaves them with a slight char.

Also, you can even give the steaks a smokey flavor. Simply add a little liquid smoke when cooking them. It will be hard to tell you did not cook them on a charcoal grill.

This air fryer also makes some fantastic chicken breasts and fish. But we noticed that the french fries get too crispy when you use the preset. You can adjust the time and temperature to make them just right.

Who Should Buy this Air Fryer?

This air fryer is a good buy if you want the best value for your money. It is quite affordable for a 6-quart model that can grill, air fry, and much more.

5. Ninja Foodi Pro 5-in-1 Indoor 4-Quart Air Fryer 


The Ninja Foodi Pro gets super hot. It will allow you to cook your steaks perfectly with a tender inside and nice char on the outside. The air fryer also gives you more control over the steak’s doneness, check the best 10 Ninja air fryers.


  • Simple to clean after use
  • Does not dry out foods
  • Feels and looks very sturdy
  • Makes great-tasting steaks


  • Heavy and hard to move around
  • Smaller capacity

Key Features and Benefits

The Ninja Foodi Pro is another fantastic option for grilling indoors. The appliance has an effective smoke and odor control system to make it more comfortable to use. But the best part is that it will give you the same results you get with an outdoor grill.

Despite this being a smaller 4-quart model, it can still hold up to 4 steaks. It should hence be the perfect size for a small family. And besides grilling, it can also bake and dehydrate. It will hence be pretty handy in the kitchen.

You will also get everything you need to grill your steaks. The accessories include a grill grate, a crisper basket and a temperature probe.

That said, the high temperature is what makes this air fryer perfect for cooking steaks. It can easily get to 500°F. The high temperature allows you to quickly sear and char your steaks.

Actual Cooking Performance and Experience

Nothing truly beats a good old charcoal grill. But this indoor air fryer grill combo comes close. The air fryer gets hotter than most other models. It will allow you to cook your steak with all charcoal-grilled characteristics. And if you add some liquid smoke, the steak will be just perfect.

The steaks will also not dry out. Provided you give them enough time to rest, they will retain all the delicious juices you love. Plus, you can easily control the doneness using the handy built-in temperature probe. 

One caveat is that you can easily ruin your steak if you keep opening the grill. Allow the steaks to cook to the desired internal temperature, and they will be perfect.

Who Should Buy this Air Fryer?

Buy this air fryer if you want a reliable smokeless indoor grill. It is also your best bet if you want maximum control over your steak’s doneness. 

6. PowerXL Air Fryer Grill 


The PowerXL Air Fryer Grill is a large-capacity air fryer oven. It can hold several steaks or a 10-pound chicken. Plus, it has multiple rack levels. The racks allow you to cook your steak and side dishes in one batch. Check the best 10 Power XL air fryers.


  • Cooks almost anything you can think of
  • Can withstand abuse from daily use
  • Heats up well and fast
  • It runs quietly


  • The timer knob can be slippery
  • Drip tray stains easily

Key Features and Benefits

The large PowerXL grill can cook enough steak for 4 to 8 people. There is also enough space for a 10-pound chicken. Also, the multiple rack levels will allow you to cook steak, potatoes and veggies in just one batch.

The air fryer comes with more accessories than many other models. You will get a grill plate, a griddle plate, a baking pan and much more. You will not have to buy anything extra, whether you want to grill steaks or bake cookies.

Most of the provided accessories are also nonstick and dishwasher-safe. You will hence have an easier time when cleaning up afterward.

Actual Cooking Performance and Experience

This PowerXL grill will probably become the most used appliance in your kitchen. It cooks almost everything to perfection. You can quickly crisp french fries, toast bread, or grill ribeye steaks.

The best part is that it gets hot fast and maintains heat well. Your steaks will cook nicely and remain juicy inside. The only shortcoming is that it does not seem to get hot enough to char the steaks. It also does not give them grill marks.

Cooking should also be easy as there are some dedicated presets for common dishes. For instance, the grill function will automatically set the time/temperature. And so you will always get a perfectly cooked steak every time.

Who Should Buy this Air Fryer?

This air fryer oven is a good pick if you cook for a large family. You should also choose it if you prefer to cook your meals in just one batch.

7. Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro  

Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro, Brushed Stainless Steel

The Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro is a powerful and versatile appliance. It can easily elevate your cooking. It has multiple cooking functions and a decent capacity. This appliance should hence be quite useful in the kitchen.


  • Easy to adjust cooking modes
  • Quite a versatile model
  • Foods come out moist and juicy
  • Looks well-built and durable


  • Relatively pricier for its size
  • Long wait time for customer service

Key Features and Benefits

The stainless steel finish is the first thing you notice about this air fryer. The finish makes it sleek, ensuring it looks amazing in the kitchen. Also, stainless steel is easy to clean and a safer material.

Breville uses an Element iQ System on this air fryer. The tech helps improve cooking outcomes. The smart system creates the perfect cooking environment for more even cooking. There will be no cold or hot spots on this air fryer.

The air fryer also has a large capacity. You can easily fit at least 4 steaks or a large chicken. Plus, the air fryer can cook on two levels. You can cook steaks on one level and veggies on the other.

There is also an interior oven light. You can turn it on at any time to see the cooking process. The light eliminates the need to keep opening the oven as it cooks. Plus, you can easily access all the cooking functions on the LCD display.

Actual Cooking Performance and Experience

This Breville air fryer oven can cook amazing steaks. But, its versatility is what gives it an edge over other models in this review. Its supports almost any cooking mode you can think of. The food always comes out perfectly. And this is regardless of what you are cooking.

The controls are straightforward to use and quite intuitive. And so cooking should be almost effortless once you get used to the appliance. Also, the presets are spot-on, and you hardly ever need to adjust anything. This will speed up the cooking significantly.

The only issue you might have is that it takes more effort to control the doneness. There is some learning curve. Determining the time and temperature for different steak doneness takes trial and error.

Who Should Buy this Air Fryer?

Buy this model if you want a well-built and safer stainless steel air fryer oven. It is also another good choice if you are looking for a multifunctional model.

8. Chefman Multifunctional Digital Air Fryer 

CHEFMAN Multifunctional Digital Air Fryer+Dehydrator Combo

The Chefman Digital Air Fryer is built to make cooking large quantities easy. Besides its large capacity, it also has multiple rack levels. It hence allows you to cook several dishes at a go. This air fryer will be a great time-saver in the kitchen.


  • Surprisingly does not have a large footprint
  • Super easy to use and clean
  • It Heats up almost instantly
  • Clear glass window makes it easy to monitor cooking
  • The interior light switches off automatically


  • A little noisier than expected

Key Features and Benefits

The Chefman digital air fryer is all about making air frying hassle-free. It ensures this with a combination of features such as 17 preset options. The presets cover most of the foods you often cook, including steaks.

This air fryer is also one of the few models that require little to no preheating. You never have to waste time waiting for the appliance to get to the right temperature. Plus, it uses one-touch capacitative controls to simplify operation.

The air fryer also includes a large glass view window. You can hence easily keep track of the cooking without opening the appliance. And this is an all-inclusive model that comes with everything you need. You will get a crisper tray, baking pan and rotisserie kit.

One more thing you will like is that it is easy to clean. The drip tray and most of the removable accessories are dishwasher-safe.

Actual Cooking Performance and Experience

A significant portion of the cooking time when air frying goes to preheating. I have owned some models that required up to 10 minutes to reach optimal temperature. And so, I was eager to see whether this model could cook without preheating. 

The good news is that it works as advertised. You only need to power it up, and by the time you grab or prep your steak, it will be ready to cook. This makes it a huge time-saver. It takes just a few seconds to heat up.

Plus, it cooks food in all three layers perfectly. We have tried cooking steaks, potatoes and some asparagus on different levels. Surprisingly they cook at almost the same rate. We had to add a couple of minutes for the potatoes. But this is mostly because we were cooking them whole.

Who Should Buy this Air Fryer?

This Chefman air fryer is a good buy if you cook for a family. It is also one of the best options on this list if you often have to cook for guests.

Buying Guide: 6 Things to Consider When Choosing an Air Fryer for Steak

Ideally, you can cook steak on almost any air fryer. But you must choose a good model to make amazing steaks. This should, however, be easy if you keep the points below in mind when shopping:

1. Air Fryer Size

For starters, the air fryer should have enough space to hold your steaks. Remember, you will often need to cook for more than one person. You may need to cook 2 or more steaks. An air fryer with a high capacity will allow you to cook them in just one batch.

A model with at least 4 quarts should be good enough if you buy a basket-style air fryer. A 4-quart air fryer can hold at least 2 medium-size sirloin steaks. Air fryer ovens will have a much larger capacity than this.

Remember that the larger the capacity, the more space the air fryer will take up. You need to match the air fryer capacity to the space you have.

2. Power

Next, ensure your air fryer is powerful enough. The air fryer must be powerful enough to generate adequate heat to cook steaks.

Go for an air fryer rated between 1400 and 1800 watts. Such a model will provide enough power to cook thick steak cuts. 

It can easily heat the appliance to at least 400°F. This should be good enough for cooking steak. In the next section, we will look at the ideal cooking temperature for steak in more detail.

3. Cooking Temperature

It only takes a few minutes to cook steak. But the temperature has to be right to ensure you get the right doneness. A high temperature also helps lock in the juices to preserve maximum flavor.

The best air fryers for steak are those that heat to 500°F. Such an air fryer can sear a steak and leave it with a nice char. Plus, it will still cook the inside to your desired doneness.

Models that can get to 400°F or 450°F can also cook steak. But you will not get char or grill marks at that lower temperature.

4. Cooking Functions

The cooking functions also matter. The best air fryer is always one you can use to cook various foods. This will only be possible if the air fryer has several cooking functions.

Besides having a grill function, the best air fryer for steak should have the following:

  • Air fry
  • Roast
  • Bake
  • Broil
  • Toast

A model with at least these functions can handle most of your cooking needs. You can use it to air fry french fries, bake pastries, toast bread, etc.

air fryer steak

5. Accessories 

While you can still cook steak straight on your air fryer basket, the outcome will not be the best. You need a model with accessories for cooking steak.

The best accessory for cooking steak is a grill pan or plate. A heavy-duty cast iron grill pan will give you the best steak. The material retains heat well and will sear steaks perfectly. It will be better if it has some grill grates. The grates will give the steak nice grill marks.

Some grill plates are also reversible with both a grill and a griddle. Such an accessory is quite handy. You can also use it for cooking your burger patties.

6. Ease of Cleaning

It would be best if you dealt with a lot of greases when cooking fatty steaks. Make sure the air fryer you choose is easy to clean. This ensures you spend less time on the cleanup.

Look for something with dishwasher-safe accessories. Models with nonstick surfaces and accessories are also easier to clean.

A drip or crumb tray can also be quite handy. The tray will hold all the grease from the steaks making cleanup easier for you. A drip tray ensures there is less mess to clean up.

How to Make the Best Steak recipe on Air Fryer 

There are different ways of cooking steak in an air fryer. The exact steps will depend on the specific recipe. But here are some general steps you have to follow:

Step 1: Prep Your Steak

Take out the steak from the fridge and allow it to come to room temperature. You should then pat it dry with paper towels. Next, rub some oil on both sides of the steak before seasoning. You can season it with your favorite steak seasoning. Salt and black pepper should be enough if you prefer to keep things simple.

Step 2: Prep the Air Fryer

The next step is preparing your air fryer. Make sure the grill plate and the air fryer interior are clean. You can then preheat the air fryer to at least 400°F.

Step 3: Add the Steak and Set the Timer

You can then add the steak and set your timer to 12 minutes. The exact time depends on the doneness you need. We will explain cooking times for different doneness levels later in this article. Also, remember to flip the steak at the halfway mark.

Pro Tip: Allow the steak to rest for at least 5 minutes before cutting. This will make it juicier as it allows the juices in the steak to settle.

How Long Should You Cook Steak in an Air Fryer?

The total cooking time depends on the thickness of the steak and the doneness you prefer. Here is a breakdown of the average cooking time for different doneness for a 1-inch thick steak:

1. Medium rare

It will take just 10 minutes to cook your steaks to medium rare. If you prefer the steak rare, cook it for 8 minutes. The steak’s internal temperature should be 135°F for a medium rare and 125°F for a rare.

2. Medium

Add an extra minute for each side if you prefer a medium steak. Cook each side for 6 minutes. The total cook time should be around 12 minutes. Aim for an internal temperature of 145°F.

3. Medium well

A medium well will take 14 to 15 minutes to cook in an air fryer. Keep the steaks for a minute longer if cooking below 450°F. They are ready when the internal temperature is 155°F.

4. Well 

Aim for an internal temperature of 160°F if you want your steaks well done. It will take most air fryers around 15 or 16 minutes to cook the steaks well.

Pro Tips for Cooking Steak in an Air Fryer

  • Avoid flipping the steaks too often. Overflipping the steaks often causes them to dry out. If you time the flip correctly, you only need to flip once.
  • Remove the steaks 5°F before the desired doneness or internal temperature. The internal temperature will increase as the steaks rest.
  • Always allow the steaks to thaw and come to room temperature. Do this at least 30 minutes before cooking. This ensures faster and more even cooking.
  • Drizzle your steaks with olive oil before cooking. The oil ensures the steaks brown nicely without burning.
  • Use a dry rub when air-frying leaner steaks. The dry rub helps improve the steak’s overall color. It also enhances the overall flavor.
  • Never overcrowd the air fryer basket or tray. Remember that the air fryer uses hot air to cook. Overcrowding can hinder the airflow, which affects how the steaks cook.
  • Always cut the steaks against the grain when prepping them. Cutting against the grain ensures you have a more tender steak.

Air Fryer Steak Recipes You Should Try

1. Air Fried Ribeye Steaks with Garlic Butter Herb

Nothing beats a flavorful ribeye steak topped with garlic butter herb. The steak is perfectly seared outside while the inside remains tender and juicy. The butter adds some richness to the steak. And the herbs enhance the overall flavor.


  • 2 1-inch thick ribeye steaks
  • Pepper
  • Salt
  • Italian seasoning
  • Butter herb

Nutrition: 506 calories and 23g of protein


  • Pat dry the steaks using paper towels
  • Run olive oil on both sides
  • Season with Italian seasoning, salt and black pepper
  • Preheat the air fryer to 400°F-450°F
  • Add the steaks and cook for 12 minutes total, flipping after 6 minutes
  • Allow the steak to rest for 10 minutes
  • Add the butter herb before serving

2. Air Fryer Sirloin Steaks

A lean sirloin steak cooks nicely in an air fryer. The steak will brown nicely and remains juicy inside. You can have quite a delightful meal if you pair it with roasted green beans and mashed potatoes.


  • 2 1-inch thick sirloin steaks
  • Kosher salt
  • Black pepper
  • Garlic powder
  • Olive oil spray
  • Sweet paprika

Nutrition: 221 calories and 39.5g of protein


  • Mix the spices and seasonings in a bowl
  • Pat dry the steak and coat it with the olive oil
  • Rub the spice mix on both sides of the steak
  • Preheat the air fryer to 400°F
  • Cook the steak for 10 minutes if you want a medium rare 
  • Flip at the halfway mark
  • Finish with a drizzle of salt and black pepper 
  • Allow the steak to rest for 5 minutes before serving

3. Filet Mignon Steaks with Garlic Butter Sauce

The air fryer will be your new way of cooking filet mignon steaks. The steaks are just delightful if you cook them well. And you can experiment with different seasonings.


  • 2 filet mignon steaks (6 oz steaks)
  • Steak seasoning  
  • Garlic butter sauce
  • Olive oil

Nutrition: 393 calories


  • Pat dry the steaks and season generously with the steak seasoning
  • Refrigerate the steaks for 2 hours or overnight to allow them to marinate
  • Take the steaks out and preheat your air fryer to 390°F
  • Spray some olive oil on both sides of the steaks and place them on the air fryer rack
  • Cook them for a total of 8 minutes, flipping after 4 minutes
  • Take out the steaks and add a tablespoon of garlic butter sauce to each
  • Allow them to rest for 5 to 10 minutes before cutting and serving

Wrap Up: Which is The Best Air Fryer for Steak?

The best air fryer for steak is one that can get hot enough to sear the meat quickly. It should also have a large capacity to hold at least 2 steaks. Plus, it should come with the necessary accessories, like a grill plate.

All the models in our list meet these conditions. They should hence be perfect for cooking steak. But the right one for you depends on your specific situation.

For instance, the Cosori Air Fryer Pro LE is perfect if you want something that looks great in your kitchen. It is also ideal if you have a small kitchen as it takes up little space. And the Instant Vortex Plus will give you the best value for money.

Simply choose what suits your specific situation and make your purchase today!

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