Best Air Fryer with Rack(Tray) Reviews: How to use the accessory?

An air fryer has become an indispensable tool in all kitchens. It’s a simple item that uses electricity to cook food, just like an oven. The air fryer has a strong fan that ensures heat is distributed uniformly throughout the device. Another important part of an air fryer is the rack.

An air fryer rack is one of the air fryer accessories where you place the food you want to cook. The food will cook well if you place it only in a single layer. For best results, you must choose a rack that suits the design and size of your air fryer. The racks have stands that keep them elevated to allow airflow above and below the food. Choosing an air fryer with multiple racks can allow you to cook a large amount of food without having to separate it into batches. 

If you want to learn more about the best air fryer racks reviews, and how to use them, read on.

What is an air fryer rack? functions and benefits  

An air fryer rack is a removable part of an air fryer where food is placed for cooking. Apart from holding the food, the air fryer rack ensures hot air circulates all around the food. This is because it has a stand that raises it above the base of the basket.

Air fryer racks are made of different materials and they come in different shapes and sizes. For each air fryer, you’ll find a fitting rack for perfect cooking. The rack ensures the food doesn’t get into contact with the bottom of the air fryer, which can lead to a mess. 

No matter how moist the food is, a rack makes it possible for an air fryer to get perfectly cooked meats, French fries, veggie kabobs, and crunchy potato chips. The rack is quite versatile, you can even use it in an oven to get air-fried dishes. The uses of the rack range from dehydrating chicken strips, meats, onion rings, vegetables, and more.

First, let's check the best 3 racks reviews, and you can also find the best 3 air fryers already have the rack later

Best 3 air fryer racks in 2022  

MFTEK XL Air Fryer Accessories-Air Fryer Rack Set of 2

MFTEK XL Air Fryer Accessories-Air Fryer Rack Set of 2

If you want it crunchy and crisp, the MFTEK air fryer accessories rack is your number one option this year. This rack allows air to flow freely around your food, making it cook properly and evenly. The rack is made of high-quality stainless steel, approved by the FDA, meaning it’s healthy and doesn’t leave any metal particles in your food. 

You’ll love this rack because it’s heat resistant to 500F, scratch-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and durable; a great investment for your kitchen. Additionally, this rack is easy to clean and is dishwasher safe. You’ll just need to slip it into your dishwasher and it will come out sparkling clean. The MFTEK air fryer accessories rack is compatible with many air fryer brands, including Cozyna, Farberware, GoWISE USA, Philips, and XL Power air fryers. If you like it, take the action!

Air Fryer Three Stackable Dehydrator Racks

Air Fryer Three Stackable Dehydrator Racks

This three-stackable dehydrator rack is great if you want to cook for a large family. It has three removable trays that provide enough room to accommodate all that you want to cook, from meats like fish to fruits and vegetables. It has a dehydration stand that makes it easy to dehydrate foods while locking in the nutrients, creating delicious and healthy food. This rack offers exceptional convenience because it saves your air fryer space and is easy to use. 

You can cook various foods with your pressure cooker or air fryer simultaneously with this rack. It’s made of food-grade stainless steel, so you need not worry about harmful chemicals. It fits a wide range of air fryers and is dishwasher safe. Ensure that you purchase from safe sites like Amazon.  

Air Fryer Double Layer Rack

Air Fryer Double Layer Rack

This air fryer double-layer rack has a friendly design, with polished edges and a smooth surface devoid of rough spots. It’s made of food-grade 304 stainless steel and has enough space to cook a variety of foods at the same time. It’s suitable for air fryers of 4.2 qt and above and has a diameter of 7.9 inches. You need not worry about keeping it clean because it is dishwasher-friendly. These racks will help you cook crunchy and delicious foods that you can not get from an oven or through deep frying. The silver color makes it very attractive.

Best 3 air fryers with racks in 2022

WowChef Air Fryer Oven, Large 20 Quart, 10-in-1 Digital Rotisserie Dehydrator Fryers Combo

The WowChef Air Fryer Oven is the tool you can’t afford to miss in your kitchen in 2022. With a capacity of 20 qt and an 1800 watt rating, this air fryer cooks faster than many of its competitors on the market. It also accommodates more food, meaning you won’t have to cook in batches unless you have a big family or many guests. This air fryer can accommodate enough food for between seven and nine servings.

This air fryer is a super-versatile, all-in-one toaster oven that comes with a set of attachments for various functions, including dehydrating, baking, rotisserie, and frying. You can use it to cook nearly all kinds of foods—dried fruit, kebabs, frozen pizza, steaks, fries, and even a whole chicken. This air fryer produces crispy bites that are juicy on the inside.

Surprisingly, you won’t even need to wait for it to heat up. Just pack your food inside, put it on, and the food will be ready in minutes. And because it’s made of stainless steel, this tool is durable and dishwasher-safe. Ensure to look out for the logo when shopping. 

Instant Vortex Plus 10 Quart Air Frye


The Instant Vortex Plus 10 Quart Air Fryer is a must-have tool for every kitchen. Offering a 7-in-1 functionality, this appliance will take care of all your kitchen needs. This product can warm, toast, rotisserie, reheat, dehydrate, roast, broil, and air fry food. The air fryer relies on EvenCrisp technology which helps it achieve the tenderness and crunch associated with deep-frying using little or no oil. 

You can expect this product to cook quickly because it is rated between 1400 and 1600 watts and operates at temperatures ranging from 95° to 400° F. If you use it to prepare potato crisps, for example, your bites will be ready in less than 10 minutes. 

Another important feature of this appliance is that it is big enough to hold enough food for a big family, and you can use it to prepare rotisserie chicken, appetizers, and side dishes. It comes with accessories such as cooking pans, a drip pan, a rotisserie basket, a rotisserie fetch tool, and rotisserie forks and splits. Make sure to check for the product while in stock.

COSORI Air Fryer Toaster Oven XL 26.4QT, 12-in-1 

The COSORI Air Fryer Toaster Oven is a convenient, versatile, and sleek air fryer that’s a great addition to your kitchen. You can use it to cook all your finger foods healthily with little or no oil. The final product will be crispy and have a perfect golden finish. 

The food will be ready and on your table faster than when you use the deep frying method. This device cooks twice as fast as conventional ovens. The greatest advantage of this tool is that you can use it to cook almost anything, and it requires only 15% of the oil you would require for deep frying, while still producing the same crispy texture.

The COSORI Air Fryer Toaster Oven, available on Amazon, has 12 cooking functions, allowing you to use it even if you have no cooking experience. is adjustable from 80F to 450F, which allows it to have various cooking functions, including fermenting, defrosting, baking, dehydrating, and air frying.

 How to use an air fryer rack 

The air fryer is a very simple piece of equipment to use. All you have to do is pull out the basket, add your food, and push it back inside. You can then choose the right temperature depending on the food you are cooking. You can then switch the fryer on and wait for your food to cook.

To promote even cooking and get a crispy result, never overcrowd the basket. It’s advisable to have food only in one layer. It’s okay to check the food when it’s still cooking. 

You can flip or shake the food while it is cooking to make sure it cooks evenly. Some air fryers have present programs you can use for various foods. When you are still new to using an air fryer, you can experiment with these settings to find out which ones work best for which foods.

Generally, the right temperature for cooking in an air fryer is 25 degrees lower than that used in ovens. Also, remember that some foods may require you to preheat the air fryer. 

How to clean air fryer racks

how to clean air fryer

Air fryers have nonstick coatings, which make them easy to wash. Most air fryers have inner and outer baskets that can be removed and washed separately. You only need warm, soapy water to wash them. Never use an abrasive sponge or cloth to wipe the baskets because this can damage the coating. You can always find cleaning products on Amazon.  

Some baskets are dishwasher safe (check the manufacturer’s manual before using a dishwasher to clean the baskets). It’s advisable to immediately clear the baskets after cooking to make things easier. All the removable parts of an air fryer can be cleaned in a similar manner.

After cleaning all the removable parts, use a clean, soft, damp cloth to wipe the surface of the air fryer base unit. To make your cleaning easier, we recommend putting some aluminum foil in the air fryer when using it.

What foods are best for an air fryer rack?

The foods you can cook in an air fryer include:

  • Patties and burgers: Burgers and other fast foods cook fast and crispy in an air fryer in a shorter time while retaining their color and flavor. You’ll need less than 15 minutes on high heat to get the food ready. Whether it’s beef, fish, chicken, or ham bugger, rest assured a rack will sort you. 
  • French fries: Preparing French fries with this gadget will make them taste delicious and crispy.
  • Reheated leftovers: Rather than throwing your leftovers away, you can reheat them in an air fryer to restore their original freshness and taste. You can use it to reheat pizza, fried chicken, french fries, etc.
  • Frozen chicken goujons: When time is not on your side and you need to enjoy some great chicken goujons, the air fryer will come in handy. It will take only about 20 minutes at 400F to cook the frozen chicken goujons.
  • Crispy bacon: Bacon is one of the best candidates for air frying. An air fryer can brown bacon to a beautiful crisp in only 8 minutes or less.

How to DIY an Air fry rack

Do you know that you can add a second shelf to your air fryer? Doing so is a good way of ensuring you can cook a large amount of food at once without having to separate it into batches. To add the second shelf, all you need are two bamboo sticks, a drill with a small drill bit, and the shelf, preferably a corrugated one with holes that can allow air circulation.

Next, take your air fryer basket and drill four small holes in it, two on opposite sides. The holes should have the diameter of the bamboo sticks. Drive one end of a bamboo stick into one hole and the other end into the hole on the opposite side. Do the same with the other bamboo stick. The two bamboo sticks will form a support for your second shelf. Put your food in the basket, place the shelf on the bamboo sticks, then put the remaining food on it, close the air fryer and cook.

Frequently asked questions about air fryer racks

Can you use an air fryer without a rack?

Though the air fryer basket is a convenient way of loading food into an air fryer, it’s not a must to have it. However, cooking without a basket will not give the best results. This is because the basket allows hot air to flow uniformly all around the food. 

When using an air fryer without a basket, put some aluminum foil at the base of the air fryer to prevent messing it up. You can also use alternative items such as grill pans, aluminum pans, springform pans, instant pots for air fryers, baking pans for air fryers, baking tins, or cooking/grill racks.

How many racks can I fit into an air fryer?

The number of racks that can fit into an air fryer depends on its size and design and the design of the racks. Some air fryers can have up to five racks, while others can only accommodate one rack.


There you have the review. You now know what an air fryer is and how to use it. An air fryer is an excellent addition to your kitchen. It makes cooking easier and faster. When you’ve just bought a new one, it may take you a bit of learning to determine what settings work best for your favorite meal.

Though an air fryer is made of high-quality materials, you have to take good care of it so it can serve you for many years. Make sure you clean and store it well after use. If you don’t have an air fryer already, consider buying the ones discussed in this guide.

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