What are the differences between butcher Paper and Parchment Paper? Are there any substitutes?

As a backyard enthusiast, I have friends around that typically get bothered almost all the time about the issue of butcher paper vs. parchment paper. It can be pretty confusing and frustrating! Like most people, it is not easy to differentiate the two. Also, it can be tricky to make an informed decision with various available papers, like freezer paper or foil paper, on the market and their extensive uses.

But not anymore!

In this guide, you will know how and when each paper has the best use for cooking food. While you can use these papers for various things, there’s a limit to what you can use them for (more on that later!). If you’ve thought about which one is better parchment paper or butcher paper, don’t worry because you’ll see that this guide is worth your while in the end.

Without further ado, let’s get right into the meat of the matter.

Butcher Paper vs Parchment Paper

What is a Butcher Paper?

Butcher paper is a coated, white paper used to wrap raw meat and fish. It is a kraft paper used for freezing meat or fish to protect them from flavor contamination or airborne contaminants. A by-product of Kraft pulp, the butcher is unlike freezer paper and doesn’t leak since the white butcher paper is treated with sizing agents, sulfide, and caustic soda. 

The FDA approves this moisture-resistant paper to be suitable for heavy-duty cooking projects. It is also used for wrapping meat and has a nonstick surface.


  • Butcher paper is durable
  • It is affordable compared to others
  • It has different choices of sheets and rolls
  • It is used to wrap meat
  • Butcher paper has a high density for heat resistance
  • It is non-toxic


  • It is not grease-proven
  • It may not prevent stickiness
  • It is not suitable for wet foods

What is a Parchment Paper?

Parchment paper, or baking paper, boasts a silicone coating that gives it a nonstick surface. The paper is ideal and suitable to use in the microwave and oven. As grease-proof paper, people use it for baking, storing, or cooking food. It is made from paper pulp and is also used for various applications. 

The paper is used for many types of cooking and can tolerate a temperature of about 4500C as it is highly heat-resistant. The white parchment paper has been chemically treated to remove its natural color, while the brown parchment looks unbleached.


  • You can cut it to your preferred size
  • Parchment paper is easy to clean up
  • It is heat-resistant
  • It is non-sticky


  • It is not suitable for transportation
  • It has a recurring cost factor
  • You cannot reuse it

Now, we’re getting to one of the main points of this guide about parchment paper vs butcher paper; how to understand similar features and differences between parchment paper and butcher paper?

Butcher Paper vs Parchment Paper: A Quick Comparison, Differences, and Similarities

Since the two papers are quite similar, it tends to be more challenging to choose parchment paper vs butcher paper. Knowing the differences and qualities between butcher paper and parchment paper is critical to choosing the right fit according to your purpose and needs.


Parchment paper has bleached and unbleached types, while white butcher paper comes in steak, gardenia, freezer, white, or peach paper.


Another difference between butcher paper and parchment paper is that parchment paper is costly, and butcher paper is cheaper.

Production Process

Parchment paper was treated with silicone, while butcher paper was treated with sizing.


People use parchment paper for baking and cooking, while you can use butcher paper for wrapping sandwiches and meats.

Heat Retention

Parchment paper can take higher heat, but butcher paper’s heat retention is lower.


Parchment paper’s permeability tends to be lower while the butcher’s is higher.


Parchment paper is thinner, while butcher paper is thicker, which shows the difference between butcher paper and parchment paper. It also shows that butcher paper is used for wrapping meat.

One of the main features of both papers is that they are made of pulp and are not bleached or blended with chlorine.

Let’s dive into a deep comparison!

After you know all the differences, we will recommend the best 3 butcher paper and parchment paper to you

Heat Press

Parchment paper is suitable to use for heat-pressing transfers. With that, you can have a smooth result through heat resistance. If, after using your parchment paper, it doesn’t fade and is clean without discoloration, you can reuse it. A silicone-coated parchment paper is also good to repress JPSS and other transfers.

Put a parchment paper sheet under the Teflon sheet and on the dark color transfer paper to have a great result. You can also use uncoated butcher paper to protect the heat press and sublimation.


Butcher paper may preserve your meat’s juices, even though it can freeze well. The coating makes it suited for freezing meats as it can keep the meat’s moisture intact and lockout air. With that, you can store your item for about 12 months.

However, the coat will also prevent it from heating because of the risk of contaminating the food or melting the plastic. Parchment paper is not suited for freezing your food since it doesn’t have a coating, making it improper for locking in the required moisture to keep your item fresh.


Butcher paper is perfect for sublimation printing. However, you need to have an unwaxed or white one when using butcher paper for the job. Options unsuitable for sublimation are Teflon sheets, parchment paper, coated butcher paper, or wax paper. A suitable sublimation protective paper must be uncoated, will not hold or release moisture, and must be white.

Unlike foil paper, parchment paper is unsuitable for sublimation crafting since it holds in moisture and is coated. The paper is the perfect protection for your layering HTV or HTV crafts.

Butcher Paper vs. Parchment Paper: Which is More Versatile, Effective, and Affordable?


Butcher paper, like freezer paper, is more versatile for different projects, whether in or out of the kitchen. Smoking is its primary use in cooking. However, more direct heat or high temperatures can cause butcher paper to catch fire.

Parchment paper tops the list when it comes to effectiveness. It is suitable for the cooking and baking process. Many people tend to use parchment paper as baking sheets since it is non-stick. As for the price and cost, both butcher paper and parchment paper are affordable. However, butcher paper is more cost-effective than parchment paper.

Now, can you answer this question; have you heard about a trending paper called peach paper? If you’re not, allow me to talk briefly about it.

Which is Better Between Butcher Paper and Parchment Paper?

While both papers tend to be tear-resistant, butcher paper can withstand heavy-duty cooking more than parchment paper. People can use butcher paper for food or cooking projects since it is non-stick. Butcher paper is also denser and the paper is used for baking, making it ideal to to wrap meat.

However, parchment paper takes a slight edge when wrapping meat for the smoker. It is also a better option to crutch your meat in the smoker.

Parchment paper is made from cellulose fiber, while butcher paper is mainly made from FDA-approved wood pulp for a better food grade during the cooking process. Overall, your needs will determine the type of papers you will need to make the best out of it.

To help with your food cooking convenience, we have rounded up different types of these papers so you can choose from them.

Different Types of Butcher Paper and Parchment Paper

Can Parchment Paper Go In The Oven

When it comes to the difference between butcher paper and parchment paper, butcher paper has many different types than parchment paper. Butcher paper is not necessarily the same; many vendors provide brown kraft paper. However, the paper comes in various colors, even pink or black with caustic soda and sulfide treatment, and sulfuric acid bath.

Some of the types of butcher papers are:

  • Freezer paper
  • Steak paper
  • Gardenia paper
  • Peach-treated paper
  • Peach/pink paper
  • White paper

Parchment paper comes in circular or rectangular sheets or rolls like butcher paper. Parchment paper has two styles: bleached parchment paper, a translucent white color, or unbleached parchment paper, which comes as translucent tan. Parchment paper may be used to roast meat. It is also different from foil paper.

Overall, you don’t want to miss going through the following sections focused on detailing the best butcher paper and parchment paper products you want to start using in your food cooking. Also, it details the best ways each paper can be used, including wrapping meat.

If you’re ready, let’s dig in!

The Best 3 Butcher Paper

  1. YRYM HT Brown Kraft Butcher Paper Roll


  • Great price for the quality
  • Perfect for fire starting and burns well
  • Expert looking results from wrapping through its neutral brown color
  • It has a handy length of hemp rope
  • perfect for storing your meat


  • Not as perfect for smoking as the peach paper

YRYM HT offers the best choice for environmental protection and overall health with this uncoated, unwaxed, unbleached, and 100 percent natural pure virgin pulps called Brown Kraft Butcher Paper Roll. The versatile product can wrap your meat nicely and tight. With its sturdy construction and brown coloring, you can use the hemp rope that comes with it to tie your bundles with minimal hassle.

  1. Pink Butcher Paper Roll by Tenderlicious


  • Great price
  • Strong and durable paper
  • Beautiful pink color
  • Perfect for smoking


  • Not so suitable for general crafts

Are you looking for the highest standards with your choice of butcher paper? Then, Pink Butcher Paper Roll is your choice! While this paper is an excellent healthy choice regarding safety, it is also perfect for you and your family. It is durable and strong without falling apart quickly. 

If you ask many BBQ enthusiasts around, they will tell you that this paper is their choice for creating the Texas-style brisket smoking. This butcher paper makes cooking seamless!

  1. DIY Crew’s Peach Butcher Paper


  • Made of the highest grade of red butcher paper fibers
  • Retains the meat’s juices
  • 200 feet long
  • Heat-resistant


  • Some may want to have a shorter roll

Uncoated and unwaxed, Peach Butcher Paper offers you natural paper perfect for smoking and getting all the flavors from your smoking. It is durable, making it a favorite choice for some of the best BBQ fans. The paper is made from the highest grade of red butcher paper fibers, making it ideal for BBQ. 

It provides a humidity holdout that makes your food delicious. With 200 feet long, you can get more value for your money.

The Best 3 Parchment Paper

  1. Katbite Heavy Duty Parchment Paper Roll


  • Heavy-duty paper
  • Great price
  • Compact roll
  • no stick
  • It has no wax coating
  • Heat safe to about 450 degrees Fahrenheit


  • It lacks the handy grid of the Reynolds paper

The fact that you can use Katbite Parchment Paper Roll in multiple ways and is oven-safe makes it the choice of many people. It is excellent for air frying, grilling, oven baking, microwaving, freezer, cake pan liners, and heat presses. The paper is also nonstick and makes cleaning possible. This case makes using parchment paper so easy. 

It is also natural, healthy, and made from 100 percent wood pulp. It is also fluorescent-free. This parchment paper may be treated with chlorine to make it gleam. It is not like wax paper with a wax coating.

  1. Reynolds Parchment Paper Roll
Reynolds Kitchens Parchment Paper Roll with SmartGrid


  • It saves about 425 degrees of heat
  • Easy spacing and cutting with a handy grid
  • You can buy it in bulk
  • Great quality paper
  • Easy to find and inexpensive


  • It can occupy a lot of space as it comes in three rolls

With Reynolds Parchment Paper Roll, you have the compostable baking paper that you can compost in home and commercial composting facilities. It is also dependable, nonstick, and reusable. It saves any cookie sheets from stuck-on food, and you can reuse them up to three times, unlike plastic wrap.

The paper has SmartGrid lines, and you wouldn’t have to worry about where to cut or space your dough. The SmartGrid lines are about 15 inches wide and 36 feet long.

  1. If You Care Parchment Paper Roll
If You Care Parchment Baking Paper


  • Compostable
  • It is chlorine-free
  • It is unbleached
  • It is eco-friendly with less impact on the environment


  • Poor packaging
  • It doesn’t cut well

Now’s the time to get the perfect paper crafted to have the least environmental impact possible while getting the best from it. You can only get these and more from a product like If You Care Parchment Paper Roll. You can use it for various kitchen uses, including wrapping leftovers, reheating, roasting, or baking. Overall, it is FSC-approved, and it is nonstick, greaseproof, and heavy-duty paper.

Now you have got the best papers, so how to use them perfectly? Go on!

How to use Butcher Paper perfectly, Best Use Cases

As a backyard enthusiast and expert chef, I know that butcher paper can work for specific purposes, especially in BBQ. Also, butcher paper serves as an alternative option to aluminum foil. Using pink butcher paper, you will allow your meat to breathe. In addition, it can hold moisture, which contributes to the smokey flavor of your meat.

Any backyard pitmaster will tell you that wrapping your meat or brisket with butcher paper will keep it juicier and tender, leading to deliciousness. Butcher paper is also durable and solid due to its high density. There’s no need to fret about tearing it when you put your food items on it.

Butcher paper can even wrap your meat, no matter how large you cut it. It is also available everywhere, and you can even order them from Amazon.

How To Use Parchment Paper Perfectly, Best Use Cases

The cooking and baking niche favors parchment paper more than any others. The paper can withstand more heat since it was made with cellulose properties. Besides, it is non-sticky due to the silicone used for coating it. Parchment paper is also reusable due to cellulose fibers, even though it is not as durable as butcher paper.

Parchment paper is not like foil paper, which makes it perfect for a grill or oven. Using it for grilling requires caution by keeping the paper from fire. Parchment paper is also suitable for grilling potatoes, fish, or meat. You can also make cakes and cookies evenly in the oven with parchment paper.

While you can do all these, here are some simple ways to use butcher paper and parchment paper.

Peach Paper – The Trending Paper

Pink Butcher Paper Roll

Things might get a bit tricky here. But don’t worry, we will get to the bottom of things.

Many barbecue pitmasters know peach paper as an unbleached paper style with applications before, during, and after the grilling process. Peach paper, also known as pink butcher paper, is an FDA-approved food style made of 100 percent virgin wood pulp.

Peach paper is not like freezer paper and can be a great help to store raw meat during dry brining before hitting the grill. This type of paper also provides a bit of authentic BBQ flair to your feast when using it to serve fries.

You can use peach paper to slow down or stop the bark from getting charred, like a Texas crutch. It is the type of paper that can retain some moisture without ruining the bark’s crispiness as a porous paper.


Can I Use Parchment Paper Instead of Butcher Paper?

Parchment paper is suitable for wrapping your brisket to control the temperature and preserve moisture, there are many liners you can use if you have an air fryer.

What is a Good Substitute for Butcher Paper?

Parchment paper is a good substitute. However, you can also use kitchen towels, wax paper, and aluminum fold.

Can You Wrap the Brisket in Parchment Paper?

You can use parchment paper to wrap brisket when or after the smoking or the cooking process.

Substitute for Parchment Paper

Some of the substitutes for parchment paper are nonstick sheet pans, aluminum foil with oil, greased baking sheets, wax paper, and Silpat.

Wax Paper vs. Parchment Paper

Wax paper is treated with paraffin or soybean wax, while parchment paper is coated with silicone. Wax paper is not suitable for use in air fryers, while parchment paper can withstand heat surfaces.

Can Parchment Paper Go in the Oven?

Parchment paper can go in the oven. However, ensure to set the temperature don’t over 450 degrees.

Final Thought

It can be tricky to define the winner between butcher paper and parchment paper. However, you must have got all the required information to choose the right paper for your meals. You can use these affordable papers for multiple cooking projects. Share this guide with your family and friends so they can make informed decisions.

So do you have a clear mind of the differences between butcher paper and parchment paper now? Leave a comment here to tell us what are you thinking now! Or you can share the article on social media, you may get some wonderful opinions from your friends!

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