Is it safe to put soap and water in an air fryer for cleaning? Or boil water to steam?

Without any doubt, the air fryer is one of the kitchen’s most modern and valuable products. It helps to cook a variety of food in versatile ways. But it is a bit tricky to use, and most of the new users inquire about whether can you put water in the air fryer. Yes! You can put water in the air fryer.

For cooking, you can put one to two tablespoons of water in your air fryer for better cooking. This small amount of water moistens and rehydrates the food and gives food a new life. For cleaning, use a minute quantity of water. It is preferable to use a damp, moist cloth for cleaning. Never submerge your air fryer in water. Otherwise, you might kill it.

We will see a lot more about the cooking, cleaning, and maintenance of the air fryer here. So, if you want to ensure the effective use of your air fryer, then make sure to read this article till its full length.

How does an air fryer work?

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An air fryer is a specialized piece of equipment that cooks food with the help of hot air. It does not fry the food. It is like cooking it on dry steam. The upper part of the fryer contains the heating unit and a fan. When you turn the fryer on, the temperature of the heating unit increases, and it heats the air produced by the fan.

This hot air goes into the bottom of the fryer and surrounds the food from all sides. And this continuous circulation of the hot air cooks the food. The temperature of the air fryer is around 320 F. This higher temperature helps to tender and cook the food.

Why do you need to put water in the air fryer?

A minute quantity of the water in the air fryer helps make the delicious moist food. It also helps to reduce the steam formation in the air fryer. But make sure not to fill the air dryer with water, because it will disturb the machinery of the fryer. And you might damage your fryer. Also, adding too much water will produce a lot of steam, which can be dangerous.

What benefits of adding water to the fryer while cooking?

There are several benefits of putting water in the fryer. For instance, when you cook fatty food in the fryer, it produces a lot of smoke. And this smoke leaks out and affects the taste of the food. Adding a few drops or a tablespoon of water to the dryer can considerably reduce the formation of smoke. And it helps to retain the best taste.

It also helps to rehydrate the food. For instance, cooking the chicken breast might dry in the air fryer because of the continuous dry and hot air. You can avoid drying food by adding a few drops of water. These few drops will rehydrate the food, make the food more tender, and give a new life to the food. And of course, the taste would be excellent.

But make sure not to put the water in the air fryer for the crispy food, because this will destroy the crispiness of the food. For instance, if you are making the fries in the air fryer, then make sure to keep water away from it. Otherwise, it will soften your fries.

Is it safe to use water at the bottom of the air fryer? Do’s and don’ts.

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Yes, you can Add a minute quantity of water, which can help rehydrate and moisten the food. And it also reduces the smoke production in the fryer. But if you add more water, there would be excessive smoke production. You can also use an air fryer to warm up the bowl of soup, but make sure to put the soup bowl in the fryer. Don’t pour the soup into the air fryer.

The air fryer is an eclectic device, and like all electric devices, it will get damaged if not cared for. But adding a small amount of water to the fryer will not damage the air fryer. You need to add the correct proportion of the water in the appropriate place.

The most crucial thing is the amount of water. For instance, if you flood the air fryer with water, the high air pressure in the fryer will disturb the droplets in the upper part of the fryer. The upper part contains the electric machinery. These droplets can burn the electric machinery and will cause permanent damage to the air fryer.

How much water should I add to my fryer?

It is crucial to keep the quantity of the water checked; otherwise, you might end up damaging your fryer. The safe amount of water for the fryer is variable and depends on the type of air fryer. For instance, a few drops of water are enough to destroy the efficacy of a small-sized plastic air fryer. But it is safe to add a few drops or 1-2 tablespoons of water to the metal-air fryer. Ideally, you should never pour more than two tablespoons of water into the air fryer.

When is the best time to add water to the air fryer?

It is best to add the water before starting the air fryer. Most people put the food and a few drops of water together in the air fryer. It is the best time to add water to the air fryer.

Make sure not to add water while cooking. Because it might not get absorbed by the fryer, it will destroy the tenderness of the food. Also, when you add water to the preheated fryer, it causes the production of excessive smoke. That is why it is not recommended or safe.

Can you put water in the air dryer to steam?

You cannot use the air fryer for steam cooking because steam requires a lot of water. An air fryer sounds like cooking food in steam, but it is not valid. And it is not safe to flood the air fryer with water because it can cause damage to the air fryer and the handler.

So, it is not safe to put water in the air dryer to steam. However, you can put a few drops of water in the air fryer while cooking the fatty food. It will reduce smoke production.

Can you boil water in an air fryer?

It is not safe to boil the water in the air fryer, and you should never do that. Pouring the water into the bottom of the fryer will cause the production of an excessive amount of steam and hot water droplets. This steam is not safe for the machine. It can cause a short circuit of the air fryer, damaging the machine and injuring the handler. Boiling the water in the air fryer can also cause a burn wound, so make sure never to do that.

 There are a lot of misconceptions regarding the cleaning of the air fryer. But in reality, there is no rocket science behind the cleaning and Maintenance of the air fryer. There are only a few things that you need to keep in mind while cleaning the air fryer. So, let’s see what to consider while cleaning the air fryer with water.

 Can you put soap and water in the air fryer for cleaning?

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Ideally, it would help clean the bottom of the air dryer to avoid grease buildup after every use. For this purpose, you can use a damp cloth. But for detailed cleaning, you need to use dishwashing soap.

 You can put water in the bottom position of the fryer while cleaning, but there is no need for it. A damp cloth with or without the soap is enough to clean the interior of the air dryer. After cleaning, let the fryer dry.

 How to clean the air fryer with water?

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Remember that there is no need to clean the heating unit of the fryer with water. A damp cloth is enough to clean this part. You can use water to clean the bottom portion of the air dryer.

Cleaning the air fryers is super easy. But it can worsen if you don’t clean the fryer after every use because the heat will cause the sticking of the leftover food particles to the base of the fryer. In this case, you need a deep cleaning of the air fryer. Let’s see a simple and easy method for cleaning the air fryer:

First of all, put two cups of water in the air fryer and turn it on for 3 minutes; make sure not to overheat it. It will help loosen all the sticky particles. For making the cleaning solution, mix two tablespoons of baking soda, two tablespoons of dishwashing liquid, and one cup of water in a spray bottle.

With the help of this spray bottle, spray the prepared liquid on the interior side of the air fryer and leave it for 30 minutes. Finally, clean the interior of the fryer with the help of a damp towel. It will take away all the grease and food particles.

Make sure to be gentle while cleaning the interior part of the air fryer. Otherwise, you might cause irreversible damage.

Can using water damage my air fryer?

It depends on the type of air dryer. For instance, if the company has mentioned not to put water in any circumstance in the fryer, make sure not to do it. But most air fryer doesn’t get damaged if we use a small amount of water and correct handling techniques. But of course, flooding the air fryer for cleaning or cooking will kill its efficacy.


How to preheat the air fryer?

For preheating, plug in the air fryer and turn it on. Set the temperature and time, turn the on button, and start preheating. Once your set time is over, your air fryer is preheated and ready to use.

What can you cook in an air fryer?

An air fryer is a versatile kitchen gadget. You can use it for cooking delicious fries, tender chicken pieces, crispy patties, tasty and juicy frozen chicken goujons, crispy bacon, crunchy roast potatoes, and steaks.

Does an air fryer use oil?

It depends, most air fryer does not need oil, but it will make food more delicious for some recipes. An air fryer is a miraculous gadget that cooks delicious food without oil. It cooks the food with the help of heat and hot air. However, you don’t need to put oil in the air fryer for cooking. But you can put a small quantity of cooking oil (not more than a tablespoon) in the air fryer to moisten the food.

Bottom line

It is safe to put the water in the air fryer for cooking and cleaning. But at the same time, it is crucial to keep the quantity of water checked. Otherwise, you will end up killing your fryer. we make sure to provide the most authentic information to our readers, visit our page to get more valuable pieces of information.

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  1. Good grief! I truly needed help with this and NOW I’m MORE confused! In the beginning, you say NEVER put more than 2, tablespoons of water AND later you say 2 cups of water is okay…. Which is it? And, if I can clean it using 2 cups of water heated for 3 minutes, WHAT temperature?

    • Thanks for your question! “No more than 2 tablespoons” means both 1 or 2 tablespoons are ok, and it also depends on the size of your air fryer. To clean the air fryer, the temperature of the water depends on what kind of food you have cooked, 350 degrees will be effective in most cases, and if the food is too sticky, you can adjust the temperature up to 400 degrees. Hope my experience can help you!


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