how to choose from cosori and ninja air fryer: the 5 deep comparisons

The Cosori vs Ninja air fryer, which is better? To be precise, it’s hard to tell which brand is better since they both perform great. But when comes to choosing an air fryer for your family, you should concern about your family size, that’s what we will show you today, you can compare Cosori and Ninja air fryers according to different family sizes.

The Ninja air fryer brand can be a downfall if you want an air fryer with many accessories. But it is best for dehydration and performs great. On the other side, the Cosori air fryer performs well with many functions, with rotisserie being part of it.

After 48 hours of research, we found precise information about the appliance. Toward the end of this article, I will give some extra tips to consider when buying one. Read with me to find more amazing, and exciting information about the two brands.

Cosori XL Vs Ninja Air Fryer for 2-4 People

cosori air fryer cook a whole chicken

When serving 2-4 people if you want to cook faster, the Cosori is better. And if you usually dehydrate, the Ninja is better. Check below.

FeaturesCosori Pro Air FryerNinja AF161 Air Fryer
Pricecheapermore expensive
Capacity5.8 quarts5.5 quarts
MultifunctionBake, reheat, broil, roast, air fry, keep warm and defrost.Air fry, roast, broil, reheat, bake, max crisp, and dehydrate.
TemperatureUp to 400 degrees FUp to 450 degrees F
Preset11 cooking presets7 cooking presets
ControlDigital touchDigital touch
AccessoriesIt does not include a cookbookRecipe book
Safety featuresautomatic shut-off timer LED display with an automatic timer.

Cosori Pro 5.8 Quart Air Fryer Review

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  • It works with unnoticeable noise.
  • Its black color will look great on your kitchen countertop
  • It has a squire basket providing you with more cooking space.


  • It has a hole at its base with a rubber plug that breaks faster.

This air fryer model has an NTC sensor that sends accurate information. And the sensor adjusts the temperature for the perfect result.

Another thing is single-touch cooking, whereby you can choose from the 13 functions.

We found that the large capacity of 5.8 quarts can fit five-pound chicken for your entire family. Moreover, its corner spaces give you more flexibility and cooking capacity.

More cooking with the 100 recipe guide takes your creativity to the next level. No more getting late with the appliance on your countertop. It cooks faster and more efficient meals without oil, unlike an oven and deep fryer.

cosori air fryer cook chicken cutlets

I love how cleaning the appliance is easy, thanks to the nonstick coating. Besides, you can adjust the temperature and time to match your food, like one, two, or three. Another thing that left us talking is the digital control panel which is easy to maneuver around.

The appliance takes less time to preheat to 400 degrees cooking your food to crispiness. Its dual baskets allow the separation of the grease from the food for the best outcome.

The good news is that the machine has unnoticeable noise giving a humble operation. You will love how a picture accompanies each recipe in the recipe book. Besides, it is affordable, saving you some dollars and serving you all you want.

Ninja AF161 Air Fryer Review

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  • It gives a perfect result on frozen foods
  • It gets super hot in less time and has a solid build-up
  • It features a heating tray for cooking double portions.


  • It is not ideal for things such as sandwiches

This multifunction fryer heats up to 450 degrees F giving a crispy result. I love how it cooks 30 percent faster, unlike other appliances. We found that its capacity can accommodate three pounds of chicken wings.

It took us less time to clean the basket, thanks to the ceramic and non-stick coating. And the air fryer basket is dishwasher safe as well.

Its digital touch screen makes it easy for even a kid to operate. You can choose any function you love from the 7 cooking functions. If you love dehydrating, it’s the right appliance you should have on your countertop.

I found out that you can cook French fries and brats at once with the same and keep an eye on the foods as well. You will love the air roast cooking function that circulates superhot air. And it cooks faster at low temperatures.

The good news is that this appliance does not emit any plastic smell as you cook. It is also efficient as it cooks your food in less time, archiving the best result.  Besides, it cooks most frozen foods in less than ten minutes without preheating.

Cosori XL Vs. Ninja Air Fryer for 3-6 People

When serving 3-6 people if you want to fast-cook, the Cosori is better. And if you want to max crisp, the Ninja is better.  Check this out!

FeaturesCosori Dual Air FryerNinja DZ201 Air Fryer
Capacity6.8 quarts8 quarts
SizeLarge sizeLarge size
MultifunctionBroil, toast, bake, and fast cooking.Roast, broil, bake, reheat, air fry, and dehydrate
TemperatureUp to 400 degrees FUp to 450 degrees F
Preset12 cooking presets6 cooking presets
ControlDigital touchDigital touch
AccessoriesUser manual and a recipe book with 100 recipesDual-zone fryer, 15 recipes, two nonstick crisper plates
Safety featuresLED displayLED display with an auto shut-off timer

Cosori Dual 6.8 Qt Air Fryer review

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  • It has a 2-year warranty cover
  • It has an app and voice control
  • It cooks faster and evenly


  • Unfortunately, the air fryer may emit steam while cooking foods with moisture.

We first noticed that it has double heating elements. And the automatic temperature adjusts while cooking. Besides, you are sure of even cooking without shaking your food.

The taste of the meal from this air fryer is incomparable, thanks to the superior aluminum basket. Aluminum baskets can store three times more heat than traditional ones.

I did all the recipes with the twelve cooking functions, from baking to roasting. Above all, you can adjust temperature and time to match your food.

This appliance’s cooking space is big enough to fit 17 chicken wings without stacking. Also, you can download the free VeSync app to activate voice control and track your cooking.

cosori air fryer cook chicken wings

Another thing I love is it comes with hundreds of recipes to inspire you. So it does not matter whether you want to cook a dessert or an appetizer; you will get your favorite recipe.

After our cooking, we found that the cleaning process was a breeze. Another advantage is that its nonstick crisper plate and basket are dishwasher safe. And the non-stick coating looks like it has a Teflon make.

Its manual control at its top allows you to choose the settings from the display easily. So no need to worry when your kid is using the machine. Moreover, it notifies you once your meal is ready, giving you a peaceful cooking process.

Ninja DZ201 8 Quarts Air Fryer review

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  • Its non-stick coating is legit.
  • Its baskets fit well in the receptacle and stay intact
  • It has accurate temperatures


  • When using both baskets, the cooking time becomes slower.

I love how you cook two foods in two ways in this air fryer model with the two independent baskets. Unlike traditional air fryer baskets, we found no back-to-back cooking.

Talk about the dual-zone technology that allows you to choose between a smart finish and a match cook. Besides, its control panel is easy to maneuver around.

And with the aid of the smart finish, you will cook two food in two ways and end simultaneously. The match cook helps you to copy the cooking setting for an entire fryer.

Unfortunately, it does not have cooking presets to help you in your cooking. So, you have some air frying knowledge when using it.

I will always remember to talk about the six versatile functions. Other than air frying, you can bake, reheat, dehydrate, roast, and broil.

Each independent basket has its heating zone giving more than you expect. Its high temperature, up to 450 degrees, heats meals faster, saving time. If you want more crispy meals in less time, it’s all you need.

I love how it is easy to clean the parts of this air fryer; you can either hand wash or dishwasher. But I prefer hand washing to extend the lifespan of the baskets. Besides being faster and more efficient, it is more accurate than other appliances.

Cosori XL Vs Ninja Air Fryer for 5-10 People

When serving 5-10 people, if you want to toast, the Cosori is better. And if you want to bake, the Ninja is better. Take a look!

FeaturesCosori Toaster Oven Air FryerNinja DT201 Air Fryer
Pricecheapmore expensive
Capacity26.4 quarts21 quarts
SizeExtra large sizeExtra large size
MultifunctionAir fry, pizza, bake, toast, defrost, broil, roast, ferment, and keep warm. And it preheats, slow cooks, and dehydrates.Pizza, bake, toast, broil, air roast, dehydrate, air fry, bagel, whole roast, and reheat
TemperatureUp to 450 degrees FUp to 450 degrees F
PresetNo cooking presets10 cooking presets
ControlDigital touchDigital touch
AccessoriesUser manual, recipe book, wire rack, air fryer basket, and food trayCrumb tray, roast tray, air fryer basket, two wire racks, two sheet pans, 15 recipes, and countertop oven.
Safety features.LED display with an interior light.automatic shut-off timer

Cosori 12-In-1 Toaster Oven Review

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  • It oven brows faster
  • It has many functions
  • It works without noise


  • It does not feature a rotisserie function

The 26 quarts air fryer surpassed my expectations with its versatile cooking functions. From broiling to toasting, there is nothing you cannot do with the 12 functions. Good news to the toasting lovers, it’s the best toaster oven you can ever have on your countertop.

In less time, you will have your meals ready. It has two-speed fans, and six heating elements and its temperature of 450 degrees cooks 30% faster.

Stay comfortable and safe while cooking by downloading the VeSync app. The app allows you to control and track your food from your comfort with a touch button.

There is no backflow of your soup dirtying the base, thanks to the outside crumb tray that is easy to remove. I do not love cleaning, but to be honest, I love doing it now due to the nonstick coating.

cosori air fryer chicken cutlets

Even if the appliance is large, it’s worth having. Also, it comes with a 45-recipe guide to help you try all your favorite recipes.

I love watching my food as it cooks, and this appliance covers me. It has interior lighting with a clear LED display for you to view your food without opening it.

And to avoid oil drips, you can insert the basket and the wire rack simultaneously. Above all, the stainless steel color will not interfere with your countertop appliances. I love how you can cook without even noticing that it is running.

Ninja DT201 10-In-1 Air Fryer Review

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  • It preheats to 450 degrees F in less time.
  • Its fan and rack system makes it flexible for more food types
  • It features a meat thermometer


  • It has many corners that make cleaning tough

Nothing should stop you from elevating your cooking skills with the Ninja DT201. And if you have a large group for dinner soon, it’s the perfect kitchen appliance.

Good news to baking lovers, the appliances bake faster, and the result is amazing. And its display handle that is easy to operate is worth talking about.

I love the crispier results I get when I air fry my French fries. It is guilt-free, making it ideal for people that want to cut weight. Besides, it does not interfere with the taste of your food.

We also found that it preheats to  450 degrees in less time, cooking your food faster than a traditional oven. From toasting to baking, you do not need to rotate the pans or flip your food for the best outcome.

So sad that we took so much time cleaning it due to the many corners and crevasses. It could be a drawback to people that do not love cleaning.

Even if this versatile appliance is quite expensive, its ability and work are worth the cost. Besides, it saves you space and the cost of getting different appliances. Another thing, it doesn’t blow heat, although its top and sides get a bit warm.

Cosori XL Vs Ninja Air Fryer for 5-10 People

When serving 5-10 people if you want more crispy meals, the Cosori is better. And if you want to cook more chicken wings, the ninja is better. Check it out!

FeaturesCosori Smart Air FryerNinja SP101 Air Fryer
Pricemore expensivecheaper
Capacity32 quartsmedium
MultifunctionToast, pizza, bagel, bake, broil, roast, air fry, dehydrate, and rotisserie. It also keeps warm and ferments cookies.Air crisp, dehydrate, air roast, bagel, toast, keep warm, bake, and air broil,
TemperatureUp to 450 degrees FUp to 450 degrees F
Preset12 cooking presets8 cooking preset
ControlDigital touchDigital touch
AccessoriesRecipe book, rotisserie shaft, fryer basket, wire rack, rotisserie handle, and food tray. Also, it has a crumb tray and a user manualWire rack, sheet pan, crumb tray, and fryer basket
Safety featuresautomatic shut-off timerLED display
auto-shut-off timer

Cosori Smart Convection Oven review

COSORI Smart 12-in-1 Air Fryer Toaster Oven Combo
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  • It has many smart features.
  • It has a solid construction with a stainless finish
  • It has a dual-speed convection fan


  • Unfortunately, it outside gets hot

This large-capacity appliance is all you need in your home to cook in your comfort. The smart convection oven has voice control to help you change your cooking setting.  Also, there is no need to worry about your safety and food, as it will notify you instantly.

If you like crispy meals, it’s your ideal convection oven. It has a convection function and a fan that cooks faster and evenly. So feel free to get it if you are into rotisserie chicken.

I have a chance to try all my recipes to elevate my cooking. Just choose a function from the twelve functions and adjust the time and temperature to match it. Also, it has 100 recipes with a step-by-step guide.

The 32-quart capacity can fit 13 inches of pizza, serving your entire family. The smart wifi control is also something to keep praising since even a kid can use it. I love its stainless steel surface, which is durable.

I love the futuristic kitchen design of this appliance with most digital functions. There is no need to worry about your food spoiling. Grab a novel and stay comfortable while waiting for a notification sound.

Ninja SP101 Foodi Digital Fryer Review

Ninja Foodi SP101/FT102CO Digital Fry, Convection Oven
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  • It takes a minute to preheat to the temperature
  • It is ideal for baking
  • It has a unique design


  • It has a small dent that is not great

First, I love how it takes up little space on the countertop, making it ideal for people with little space.  Also, it’s versatile with many cooking functions, giving a powerful result.

We found that its capacity can fit six chicken breasts, and the food comes crispier without oil. Cleaning its removable crumb tray is enjoyable, and you can easily access the back panel.

I love how the appliance preheats to 400 degrees F in a minute, cooking your food 60 percent faster. Also, it has a digital control mechanism for optimal cooking performance. You can bagel, roast, and toast to your desire without a trouble.

It feels odd having the door handle on the left side since it may cause unnecessary burns when using it. Although it may be an advantage to some. Otherwise, the door handle is strong and of good quality.

Although the product is a refurb, its performance will surpass your expectation. And unlike a standard toaster oven, its dimensions are better, but it is quite expensive.

Ninja Air Fryer that Cosori Doesn’t Have

Best for the Indoor Grill: Ninja AG301 Air Fryer

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  • It has a strong air circulation
  • It has precise information.
  • It heats up to 500 degrees F


  • It has louder fans and a longer cooking time

This appliance is not only an air fryer but also an indoor grill. It has a cyclonic air grilling mechanism that gives desirable doneness. I love how it brings the outdoor grilling experience to the countertop.

The air fryers heat up to 500 degrees transforming food from frozen to grill in less time. Besides, it gives the best air-fried crispy result without oil. I found that cleaning its crisper basket and grill grate is something you will never get tired of.

Without beating around the bush, it features precise information. Its digital display panel has four cooking functions, making it beginner-friendly. Also, the grill control allows choosing the heat you want from low to medium to high to largest.

Best for Pressure Cooker: Ninja 12-in-1 Air Fryer

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  • It has many cooking functions
  • It pressure cooks faster
  • It gives the best tender-crisp result.


  • Its crisp plate could be better.

If you love pressure cooking, this ninja air fryer is ideal. The set pressure cooks in less time, locking the moisture. And it gives a crispy end, thanks to the tender-crisp mechanism.

Elevate your cooking skills with the nine versatile cooking functions. Other than air frying and pressure cooking, you can roast, bake, slow cook, and steam.

We found that it can pressure cook frozen meat to defrost in less time. Most importantly, it gives a crispier end without oil.

I cannot stop praising the extra capacity layer for broiling and steaming. The five-quart capacity can hold even 4 lbs of chicken serving your entire family. And it is easy to store the rack in the pot.

Also, it has a led display panel making it easy for you to operate the cooking functions. And it takes less time to preheat, saving time.

Features to Consider in a Cosori Vs Ninja Air Fryer

Cooking Performance.

Cooking performance is a key factor to consider when buying an air fryer. Ensure that the appliance has the ability to produce the best results. And the Cosori and Ninja have done that.


Always consider your family size when getting an air fryer. Get a capacity that will serve your family size at once. The Cosori and Ninja air fryers have different capacities to choose from.


Although the Ninja air fryer does not feature many accessories, it performs great. On the other hand, most Cosori models include a cookbook. But, I do not find it useful because it does not have an accurate guide.

Build quality

I know it is hard to judge the quality of an appliance without holding it. And when purchasing an appliance, it’s good to find one with solid quality. In our case, the Ninja and Cosori have a durable quality that can serve you for years.

air fryer chicken wings

Temperature Range

When getting an air fryer for your family, it is ideal to consider the temperature range. A wide temperature range allows you to remove moisture with convenient heat.  In our case, the Ninja and Cosori have a wide temperature range.


The Cosori and Ninja have safety features making them easy to operate. You do not want to burn yourself or spoil your food. To ensure the appliance has safety features such as an LED display and timer.

Philips air fryer is also a strong competitor against Cosori, let’s make the comparison!

Cosori Vs Philips Air Fryer

When serving 3-6 people, the Ninja is better if you want a medium-sized air fryer. And if you want a large size, the Philips is better. Take a look.

FeaturesNinja Air FryerPhilips Air Fryer
Pricecheapermore expensive
Capacity5.8 quarts7 quarts
SizeMedium sizeLarge size
MultifunctionRoast, bake, broil, reheat, air fry, and defrostRoast, reheat, and bake
TemperatureUp to 400 degrees FUp to 400 degrees F
Preset11 cooking presetsIt has no cooking preset
ControlDigital touchDigital touch
AccessoriesA recipe bookA recipe book
Safety featuresLED display panelLED display with an automatic timer

Cosori Pro Oven Combo Review

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  • It does not emit any plastic smell.
  • It has a solid and attractive design.
  • It allows you to pause the unit to avoid setting the time and temperature again.


  • I don’t like how loud it beeps when you turn it on or press a button.

You will stay comfortable while cooking with the Cosori oven combo. The set has a sensor that adjusts temperature for the perfect outcome. Besides, it has 11 cooking presets to choose from.

Single-touch cooking makes it easy for you to choose from the thirteen functions. Also, its cooking capacity is big enough to serve 3-6 people at a dinner table.

The 100 recipes inspire, and it has a step-by-step guide to help you elevate your cooking skills.

We also found that it is mess-free, making cleaning hassle-free. And it is a healthy option that cooks with no oil yet gives crispy food.

Another thing I love about the presets is that it reminds me when to flip. I love how it allows you to pause the unit to avoid resetting the time and temperature.

The good news is that it does not emit a toxic plastic smell when it cooks. Above all, it has a preheat and timer option making it ideal for even a kid to use.

Philips Premium Air Fryer review

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  • It has a quality design and performs great.
  • It is convenient and efficient.
  • It is guilt-free.


  • It is hard to find its accessories, so sad.

If you are into cutting weight, the Philips premium is your ideal kitchen appliance. It features a fat-removal mechanism to capture and extract excess oil.

Without preheating the appliance, you will still get the crispiest result with no oil. And we found that it cooks up to 4 times faster than the traditional convection oven.

Cleaning its non-stick air fryers is the best part that I love doing. The dirt comes out faster, saving time and energy. And to strengthen your skills, you can download the free kitchen app by Philips.

The set has five presets that allow you to cook without trouble. Its top surface design looks great with other countertop appliances. I do not like how it emits smoke.

Wrapping Up

Cosori vs. Ninja air fryer, which is good? Sometimes, it can be hard to tell which appliance is better for them. To be precise, both machines function well and have the same five-star rating, so it will depend on what kind of features you want, and what family size you have.

Do you have any questions about an air fryer? Do not hesitate to leave a comment, and we will get back to you.

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