Costco Sur La Table 13-quart Multifunctional Air Fryer Reviews

Sur La Table is a retail specialized in kitchenware and has more than a hundred stores in the United States. The retail is covered by the Costco brand offering quality and affordable cookware, tools, appliances, and bakeware.

As the air fryer is a trend today, the Sur La Table air fryers also have a great market share, why they are popular among the hundreds of air fryer brands. After using it for 16 months, I will review the multifunctional Sur La Table 13-quart air fryer today.

You are in the right place and I will show you a real cooking experience. So what you can learn from this article:

  • What is the actual experience of its features, are they really as the merchant said?
  • Pros and Cons apart from its competitors.
  • Is it easy to use and clean?
  • The alternative if you don’t like it.

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Why I love Sur La Table Air Fryer

Sur La Table Air Fryer cook chicken wings

I love the Sur La Table air fryer because it is affordable and has various accessories. Another thing is that it’s the healthiest option that you can consider replacing your countertop. Even if most parts of the Sur La Table are constructed with plastic, you will not feel the plastic smell in your food.

Is Sur La Table a Costco Brand?

Sur La Table is not a Costco brand, but a retail specialization in cooking classes and kitchenware. Besides, it carries products from various brands and not their private label. But you should not be surprised to see some products branded Sur La Table at some places of Costco for an exceptional price.

Sur La Table 13 Quart Multifunctional Air Fryer Reviews

Sur La Table 13 Quart Multifunctional Air Fryer Reviews

Technical Specification

The Sur La Table 13 quart multifunctional air fryer has a large capacity with seven cooking functions. It features 1700 power watts with a 360 airflow mechanism. Moreover, it comes with nine accessories set for you to try all your recipes right from your kitchen.

I love the ten preset functions that allow you to set time and temperature, making it easier for even a child to operate. Another feature I like about it is that you can cook different meal types simultaneously since it has three rack levels that only get hotter at the top than the bottom.

Easy of Use

The appliance consists of easy-to-use controls that anybody can cook. For evenly cooking results, ensure that you preheat the Sur La Table 13 quart air fryer for about three to five minutes. And please keep an eye on your food to avoid sticking.

Appearance and Design

Do you love appliances with good design and appearance? The Sur La Table 13 quart multifunctional air fryer has a quite handy appearance and modern design that will amaze you.

Compared to most kitchen appliances, this air fryer limits the bulkiness and heaviness feeling with a 23-pound weight, thus neither heavy nor light. Besides, it does not limit you with colors; you can choose between chrome and black, depending on your preference.

Quality Material

Sur La Table Air Fryer cook a single chicken wing

Unfortunately, most parts of the Sur La Table 13-quart air fryer are made of plastic, even if they look like stainless steel. Plus, the cavity walls consist of a ceramic coating aluminum. But that should not draw you away from this appliance since it can withstand regular use even if it is not heavy-duty.


The Sur La Table air fryer is a 5 stars appliance with an elegant and compact design that is durable, saves on space, and is easy to check and clean the inside. Moreover, safety is above everything; the set has easy-to-control technology, making it user-friendly. If you are a  family of four to five, it’s the perfect model with a large capacity to serve you.

Various Accessories

Unleash your cooking skills with the Sur La Table air fryer. It includes an air fryer basket with a detachable handle, a drip tray, 1 rotisserie handle, a rotating drum basket, 2 air frying trays,1 rotisserie stand, and 1 rotisserie fork and spits. And a kebab set with eight skewers and the rack plus the accessories is dishwasher safe.

Cooking Performance

This product does a recommendable job regarding cooking performance for the best result. You will be impressed with the tender inside and crispy outside of your frozen chicken wings and French fries results. The product has 1700 watts of power with a 360 airflow mechanism for even cooking. 


If you are on a budget, this fryer is your ideal appliance; its price is readily affordable. Low prices usually raise the alarm regarding quality, but that does not apply to this product as it will surpass your expectation in different ways.

Pros and Cons of Sur La Table Air Fryer

Sur La Table Air Fryer cook double chicken wings


The Sur La Table is a readily affordable and large appliance that features various accessories and a cookbook allowing you to unleash your cooking skills right out of the box. Besides, it is user-friendly and does not emit the toxic plastic smell that can ruin your delicious recipe as most models do.

Costco is one of the most trusted brands in the market, with a policy that should be adhered to feature products. And I am happy to say that the Sur La Table is one of the major brands covered by the Costco warranty.


It does not have extra features such as app controlling and automatic preheating like other products, but it has a high cost-performance, it deserves the price!

Why You Should Invest in Sur La Table Air Fryer

Sur La Table Air Fryer

The fryer is an affordable yet quality kitchen appliance that nobody should miss investing in. It allows you to cook healthy, delicious, and crispy meals without a toxic plastic smell in less time.

Another thing that makes it worth investing in the appliance is that it is beginner and user-friendly and includes various accessories with a cookbook. The cooking capacity is big enough to serve five to six people simultaneously.

Beginner-Friendly Guide on How to Use the Sur La Table Air Fryer 

Read the User Manual

Before using the fryer, read the user manual for the best results. Remember, some recipes may require preheating the fryer before cooking, and some may not. 

After that, you can switch it and do your recipes comfortably. As you cook, you will get to know whether it is easy to cook, but I am sure the outcome will exceed your expectations.

Check the Accessories and Install

Ensure that you have all the accessories that you need for cooking and install them properly. Remember, the machine will not function well if missing a single accessory part. Check if there is any damage to wire connectivity and even the power cord to avoid messing up the cooking process.

Set Time and Temperature

Even if this fryer uses the preset function, you can always adjust the time and temperature to match your food. Some foods may require little temperature or more time to cook. When cooking, ensure you monitor the food to avoid sticking to the air fryer basket. 

Preheat the Air Fryer

Preheating an air fryer helps in cooking the food faster to crispy. Like most air fryers, you will need to preheat it to 400 degrees F for about three to five minutes before you can begin cooking. But always ensure that you follow what your recipe requires you to do.

How to Clean Sur La Table Air Fryer

Sur La Table Air Fryer cookc four chicken legs

Cleaning is boring. I love a hassle-free appliance, and the Sur La Table air fryer is one of them. Don’t immerse its electrical parts in water or hold it under the running water. Wipe it gently with a soft, partially moist cloth, and let the accessories dry before storing.

Safety Precautions

  • Always read the instructions before using them.
  • Use knobs or handles when touching hot surfaces; otherwise, don’t touch
  • Don’t immerse the electrical parts like plugs and cords in water or liquids to prevent electric shock
  • Ensure you closely supervise when a child is operating the appliance to avoid unnecessary injuries
  • In case of any damaged plug, cord, or malfunctions, don’t operate it; instead, return it to the manufacturer.
  • Don’t operate outdoors, do not let the cord hang over the table’s edge or place it near an electric burner or hot gas.
  • Ensure that you disconnect it before unplugging it from the wall outlet, and after unplugging, let it cool down before cleaning.

The Best Air Fryer in the Market You Can Try: Cosori

First of all, it has the highest sales volume on the market!

The large cooking capacity air fryer is ideal for three to five people around the dinner table. I love how it allows you to automatically adjust time and temperature depending on the type of food you are cooking. Besides, the 120V/1700W speeds up the cooking giving you tender inside and crispy outside results with no health drawbacks.

Cleaning the Cosori 5.8 QT air fryer combo is much easier since its accessories are detachable and dishwasher safe. The single-touch technology allows you to choose from the 13  functions conveniently. You can confidently cook with this product as it is user-friendly and includes 100 recipes to try.

Frequently asked questions

Can You Put Foil in the Air Fryer Sur La Table

The answer is yes, you can put foil in the air fryer Sur la table to prevent meals from sticking to the basket, making cleaning easy. Also, it’s safe since air fryers do not emit radiation like a convection oven, but use radiated heat. Please do not use foil with acidic foods like tomatoes since they may react.

Can You Put Parchment Paper in the Air Fryer Sur La Table

Yes, parchment is oven safe and thus ideal to use in the air fryer, especially when baking. The air fryer’s temperatures reach 400 degrees F, and parchment paper can withstand the temperature. Use it when preparing greasy and sticky foods, and the outcome will amaze you.

Does Sur La Table Air Fryer Use Oil?

Normally, air uses little to less oil or no oil to heat your food to crispy. And the Sur La Table has a 1700 watts heating element with a 360 airflow technology that helps cook food fast and evenly. You can prepare French fries, chicken wings, and onion rings and get a crispy exterior that you will love.

Final Thoughts

The Sur La Table air fryer is one of the most affordable and quality appliances you should consider investing in. What amazes me most is that it is covered by the Costco brand, one of the most trusted brands in the world.

I believe the Sur La Table air fryer reviews above surpass your expectations. Feel free to leave a comment about your experience with air fryers.

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