Do Air Fryers Use a Lot Of Electricity? The Ultimate Comparision Of Wattage Consumption

People and companies are already feeling the economic effects of inflation due to skyrocketing gas prices. However, air fryers don’t use too much electricity, as they are energy efficient. My buddy takes 1200 watts, costing me $4 per month after one hour of per day use. On the other hand, my oven, which consumes 2600 watts, costs me up to $9 per month after one hour of daily use. 

Do air fryers use a lot of electricity? I know this is the burning question you will get the answer to this question in this article. Moreover, I will compare the consumption and energy prices of air fryers with different appliances to make it easy for you to decide wisely.

Let’s dive deep into this topic, we will have 8 comparisons later! You can learn how to select an air fryer with lower electricity consumption.

How does an air fryer work?

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The air fryer is similar to an oven that uses convection. After adjusting the temperature, place the food in the cooking drawer and close it. The fan quickly distributes the heated air throughout the food drawer once the heating element has generated it. The food elevates in the basket or grate. Thus the hot air circulates around the food and reaches all sides of it. Because of the high circulation rate, the food becomes crispy and brown, similar to deep-frying but without oil use. 

How many watts do air fryers use?

The answer to this question depends upon many factors, which I will discuss later. But the biggest thing is the energy costs. The energy costs of a unit of electricity vary in different states of America. For example, in Texas, one kWh is 12.8 cents; in New York, it’s 24.1 cents. 

When we talk about the average watt, an air fryer’s use is between 1000 to 1800. But most of them have watts ranging between 1200 to 1600. Let’s discuss this in detail by using a table so that you can get a clear idea of the monthly and yearly costs of running.  

StateElectricity costWattsUsed hours Per hourPer dayPer monthPer year
New York24.110001$0.241$0.241$7.33$87.97
CHEFMAN Small, Compact Air Fryer
StateElectricity costWattsUsed hours Per hourPer dayPer monthPer year
New York24.115001$0.361$0.361$11$131.95
Dreo Air Fryer Pro Max

Are air fryers’ energy inefficient or economical?

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When it comes to discussing the energy efficiency of kitchen gadgets, you will be amazed by the facts. The air fryer is widely acknowledged as the most money- and energy-saving option available when you compare it with overall kitchen appliances. Compared to air fryers, a traditional oven, for example, fryers cook food twice the time to cook and the air fryer consumes double the amount of energy. Moreover, an air conditioner uses approximately 3500 watts in an hour and uses a large cost to run. By using an air fryer you can save a lot of energy. Keep reading as I will discuss it in detail later. 

The hidden facts behind such energy efficiency are as follows.

  • The compact shape never lets the heat freely move; instead confines it around the food and lessens the time it takes to cook the meal. 
  • A small footprint helps in decreasing the amount of energy air fryer consumes.
  • Its built-in fan with a fast rotational speed swiftly distributes heat and the perforations in the basket guarantee that food is cooked evenly on all sides. 
  • It needs only three to six minutes to preheat rather than an average oven’s 20 minutes preheating period. 

Which Factors Affect The Consumption Of Energy Of Air Fryers

Many factors contribute to the power consumption of the air fryers. Check them out.

Air fryer size

In one crucial manner, the size of air fryers influences their power use. The big size needs more time to heat up, and keeping the temperature consistent throughout cooking demands more energy. The hot air gets more room for roaming, thus can’t cook the food evenly. Besides the electricity, you should also care about the family size when choosing the air fryer.

Quantity Of Food

One further consideration is the meal that you are preparing. The cost of operating your fryer will go up if you cook foods that are either more substantial or require a more extended amount of time to prepare. For example, frying chicken pieces need only 10 to 12 minutes but cooking an overall chicken demands 50 to 60 minutes for even cooking. Thus, more quantity means more time and more energy consumption. 

Time of cooking

Cooking time also matters the most, like quantity. The more time your meal will take to cook, the number of using hours per month will increase; thus, the KWh will also shoot up. For example, the cupcakes take only 13-14 minutes in the fryer, while brownies are ready in 40 to 45 minutes at the same temperature. 

Working Model And Construction Of The Air Fryer

A working model and construction also affect energy consumption. The new models in the market are more efficient than the older versions, and compact-size products consume less heat than big and double container air fryers. 


Preheating is a necessary thing. If you preheat the air fryers, not only does it add more crispiness to your meal but also lessens the time of cooking. 


The temperature you set your air fryer to is the primary factor determining the overall energy utilization level. However, other settings on the air fryer can also affect energy usage. When the heat settings are increased, more energy is required to maintain the air fryer at the desired temperature for an extended period. 


Dirt and leftover meal particles clot in the basket’s holes or other air fryer parts. It will cause hindrance in the reaching of hot air to all sides of the food. The air fryer uses more energy if a complex cleaning process is used in it. To avoid such a situation, clean it after every use.

Air fryer power consumption calculator

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Estimating the power utilization is an essential thing before choosing a particular appliance. It shows your wisdom, but it’s not an easy task for everyone. 

I’m not going to lie to you; the formula to conclude the value is not rocket science. 

(electricity consumption in watts/1000) * Number of hours used per day * average electric rate per kWh = price per day

For example

(1200/1000) * 2 * 0.12 = 28.8 cents per day and 14.4 cents in an hour. 

To get the estimate for the whole month or year

Price per day * the number of days = cost per month

28.8 cents * 30 = $8.76

Cost per month * the number of months = cost per year

$8.76 * 12 = $105.12

However, by using the consumption calculator, you can quickly estimate your electricity bill. So, just put the number of hours of using it daily, the power of the appliance in watts, and the cost of one unit of electricity. You will get the answer to the air fryer’s electricity usage. 

How Can I Make My Air Fryer Consume Less Electricity? 

I will now provide you with a few pointers that, if followed, will allow you to make more efficient use of your air fryers while also reducing your overall power utilization: 

  • Determine the size requirements you need, then make your purchases appropriately. A regular size appliance is best for a two-member family. Cooking in batches may take more time and thus consumes much energy. Invest in a large-capacity product if you have a household of five or more people.
  • When you are not using your air fryer, turn the power off. 
  • You may want to look into purchasing air fryers with variable wattage. You will have the ability to modify the wattage in order to meet the needs of the meal. 
  • Consume the dish as soon as it has been prepared. Using the keep warm option will increase the cost of your utility bill. 
  • The appliance will not have to work as hard and use more energy if you remove the buildups and maintain the holes clean. So, could you keep it clean?
  • If you want your air fryer to consume less power, it’s better to use it in the right way. Read the manufacturer’s instructions and follow them; it will help in efficient cooking. 

Air Fryer electricity usage vs other appliances

Before understanding which appliance is best for your kitchen, it is good to check the overall energy utilized by an air fryer. So, for your convenience, I am giving the electricity consumption of two air fryers with minimum or maximum watts. 

Air Fryer ProductsWattsUsed hours Consumption in an hourConsumption per dayConsumption per monthConsumption per year
Galanz Combo 8-in-1 Air Fryer Toaster Oven18001$0.22$0.22$6.6$79.2
ETL APPROVED 700-Watt/120V Air fryer7001$0.084$0.084$2.52$30.24

Air fryer electricity usage Vs oven

Comparing the electricity consumption of the air fryer and oven will depend upon several factors. It is not only to compare it with the oven but further divide the topic by comparing it with other appliances. 

Compared to an oven, an air fryer consumes less electricity and, hence, a lower cost. And this is because food fried in an air fryer does so at a quicker rate. But if you’re preparing a significant amount of meal, an oven could be handier as well as affordable.

Oven ProductsWattsUsed hours Consumption per hourConsumption per dayConsumption per monthConsumption per year
Commercial Pizza Oven Countertop30001$0.36$0.36$10.8$129.6
Hamilton Beach 2-in-1 Countertop Oven14501$0.175$0.175$5.22$62.64

Air Fryer VS Electric stove

The electric stove is an innovation in the traditional stove or gas stove. The electric stoves consume a higher amount of electricity. Though they look simple, they consume a lot. Typically you can see these products with watts between 1500 to 3000 or more. But when you see the other side, air fryers, they don’t take as much electricity. Here I am going to tell the details of the electricity consumption of some two electric stoves and air fryers for your convenience. So, check this out.

Electric Stoves ProductsWattsUsed hours Consumption per hourConsumption per dayConsumption per monthConsumption per year
VBENLEM 22″ Commercial Electric Griddle30001$0.36$0.36$10.8$129.6
Proctor Silex Electric Single Burner Cooktop12001$0.14$0.14$4.32$51.84

Air fryer electricity usage Vs microwave

Some people think that air fryers consume less energy than microwaves. Still, when compared to a microwave, an air fryer uses about the same amount of power to cook food as the latter appliance does. On the other hand, some items in a microwave are far more quickly cooked than in an air fryer. 

Microwave ProductsWattsUsed hours Consumption an hourConsumption per dayConsumption per monthConsumption per year
Toshiba ML-EM45PIT(SS) Microwave Oven12501$0.15$0.15$4.5$54
Farberware Compact Countertop Microwave Oven7001$0.084$0.084$2.52$30.24

Air fryer electricity usage Vs deep fryer

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A deep fryer will finish the cooking process faster than an air fryer would. However, the wattage needs are relatively high, and in addition to that, you will need to get the oil which means extra money and health issues. Moreover, we can’t use a deeper fryer for cooking every type of meal. 

Deeper Fryer ProductsWattsUsed hours Consumption per hourConsumption per dayConsumption per monthConsumption per year
Duxtop Commercial Deep Fryer with Basket30001$0.36$0.36$10.8$129.6
GETZ 2.5L Deep Fat Fryer, 1000W Compact Deep Fryer 10001$0.12$0.12$3.6$43.2

Air fryer electricity usage Vs pressure cooker

The amount of time a pressure cooker and air fryer take to cook also plays a role in determining the associated cost of the power for either option. However, a pressure cooker has lower overall electricity consumption compared to an air fryer. Because of this, it utilizes less power than other comparable options. 

Pressure cooker ProductsWattsUsed hours Consumption per hourConsumption per dayConsumption per monthConsumption per year
Instant Pot Duo7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker12001$0.14$0.14$4.32$51.84
Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker7001$0.084$0.084$2.52$30.24

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the ninja foodi use a lot of electricity?

As the ninja foodi is the most famous brand in the market, it consumes 1690 watts and will cost you 20 cents per day if you use the machine for one hour. A continuous use costs you approximately 6 to 7 dollars per month and 74 to 84 dollars a year. 

Hanabishi air fryer electric consumption?

Hanabishi Air Fryer HAFEO23SS is an air fryer and oven combo. It consumes 1500 watts. It will cost 18 cents per day if you use it daily for one hour, 5 to 6 dollars per month, and 65 to 70 dollars per year. So, you can say it will charge you like an average air fryer. 

Final Words

After the detailed learning, you have better understand that air fryers use less electricity than traditional cooking equipment. They are energy efficient, quick in delivering crispy food, and still consume less electricity. Moreover, their multi-functional property makes them an ideal appliance to be present on your kitchen countertop. So, what else do you want?

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