Emeril Lagasse French Door 360 26 QT Extra Large Air Fryer Reviews

You made a good choice searching for Emeril Lagasse french door 360 air fryer review. The Emeril Lagasse french door 360 is one of the most popular appliances you should consider having. Its versatility, performance, and other unique features make it a stand-out product.

We did 16 hours of research comparing the cooking performance of the Emeril Lagasse french door air fryer. We also checked on how safe and easy it is to clean. In this article, you will learn more about the Emeril Lagasse french door 360 and get to know its pros and cons.

No matter what information you need, you can make the buying decision or not finally. Are they the same as the merchant said? Keep reading!

Pros and Cons of Emeril Lagasse French Door 360 Air Fryer

Emeril Lagasse Air Fryer advantages

Advantages of  Emeril Lagasse French Door 360 Air Fryer

  • Unlike other models that come with up to 12 cooking functions, the Emeril Lagasse french door 360 has 24 cooking functions that make it more versatile.
  • The set has an elegant design and a 26 qt size that is big enough for a large family.
  • It has an extra hot 360 airflow with high temperatures of up to 500 degrees, heating your food faster to crispy, while other standard air fryers that can only reach up to 400 degrees.
  • The set is equipped with detachable parts that are easy to clean, and its exterior remains shiny for years, most of the air fryers are made of plastic.
  • It has a double-speed fan: high and low-speed fans, each with different functionality, unlike most products with only one powerful fan.
  • Compared to the round basket designs, the Emeril Lagasse french door 360 has a rectangular-shaped basket that fits more meals.
  • Unlike other models that come as a single product, the french door 360 comes with various accessories, including a drip tray, baking pan, and rack. And you can use it as a toaster oven or even for slow cooking.
  • The set gives a dry yet crispy result without oil than deep-fried french fries that come out with a lot of oil.

Disadvantages of  Emeril Lagasse French Door 360 Air Fryer

  • The Emeril Lagasse french door fryer’s price is around 200 dollars, which is quite expensive compared to many other budget-friendly models.
  • Its huge size is not suitable for countertops with limited space.
  • Its powerful double-speed fans are super loud.

Emeril Lagasse French Door 360 Air Fryer Reviews

Technical Specification

The 10-in-1 machine is equipped with 24 presets with LED display panels making it versatile and easy to use in everyday meals. Its 26 quarts extra-large capacity is big enough to cook for a large family or gathering. Besides, it can cook a whole chicken, french fries, and rotisserie, and bake a 12 inches pizza, including a recipe book and a baking pan.

Another unique thing about it is that its temperature ranges up to 500 degrees F, unlike other standard fryers that reach 400 degrees F. In addition, it automatically shuts off after cooking and notifies you instantly.

Emeril Lagasse French Door 360 Air Fryer cook chicken wings

The Emeril Lagasse forever pans a super non-stick hybrid coating that cannot stop your food from sliding over as you cook. Its special dual process makes the core harder and firm. You can use the baking pan to roast, bake, simmer, toast, roast, and steam. It also has a double riveted handle that stays cool to the touch, and above all, it’s dishwasher safe.

Double Door 

The Emeril Lagasse French door 360 is a game changer, especially when cooking large dishes. With the two french doors, you either open one or use both to check your food or retrieve it. Also, the doors are transparent, allowing you to view what is happening inside it as it cooks. 

Normally, most models have a single door, and some doors are not transparent. With the five stars transparent double door feature, I can confidently recommend it to you, and you will not regret adding it to your countertop.

Stainless Exterior

Emeril Lagasse French Door 360 Air Fryer cook 10 chicken wings

Do you love kitchen appliances that look new for years? The Emeril Lagasse french door 360 has a stainless steel outside that remains shiny, giving it a new look for years. I know cleaning most fryers’ exteriors is a problem, but this air fryer is ideal since its outside does not easily collect dirt.

And in case its stainless steel outside gets dirt, you will need to wipe it with a piece of damp cloth to restore the air fryer’s original look quickly. Besides, the stainless steel outside will blend perfectly with your other appliances making it classy.


I love how this product was constructed with a family mind: it includes every tool and accessory for a delicious meal. The set comes with a crisper tray, grill plate with a handle, baking pan, drip tray, air fryer rack, rotisserie fetch tool, recipe book, and rotisserie spit set. 

You can use the grill plate handle to take your crisper tray out. Another unique thing about using the accessories is: it has door marking for the recipe’s shelf positioning recommendation.

Display Panel (LED)

Emeril Lagasse French Door 360 Air Fryer cook chicken

The Emeril Lagasse french doors fryer is equipped with an LED interior light. The LED display lights up when switched on, allowing you to read it with high clarity. Compared with other normal models which does not light brighter for a long time, its LED bulbs can last for many years.

Cookbook and Recipes 

An air fryer has become more popular, and everybody wants to own one. These appliances allow you to try every recipe like cooking pizza, chicken, and french fries and take your cooking skills to the next level. Apart from the many accessories that the Emeril Lagasse french doors come with, it includes a recipe book with over a hundred recipes to try right out of the box. 

From baking, making chicken, pizza, french fries, and air frying to rotisserie, you will not miss anything to try in your Emeril Lagasse french doors fryer. The recipe book makes the appliance beginner friendly. Moreover, it considers new users by helping you learn how to use its accessories.

Size and Design 

Emeril Lagasse French Door 360 Air Fryer cook cheese

This Emeril Lagasse french door 360  has an elegant design that is worth adding to your kitchen or replacing with a toaster oven. This large air fryer is similar to the standard microwave, with dimensions of about 15 by 16 by 17 inches. Unfortunately, some reviews show that the size can be a turn-off to a customer with limited kitchen space.

According to the specification, you can prepare six pounds of chicken on the rotisserie rack or even use it when baking a 12 inches diameter pizza. In other words, its 26 qt extra-large size is enough to feed a standard-sized family and has a good design to fit your kitchen, unlike other small-sized models.

Wide Range of Temperature

Generally, most machines are equipped with a wide range of temperatures that range up to 400 degrees F. When it comes to the Emeril Lagasse french door 360, you can cook with a wide temperature range of as low as 75 degrees F or up to 500 degrees high.

The good thing about this air fryer’s extra hot temperature is that it cooks your food 30% faster than other products. Moreover, you can adjust the time and temperature to match your recipe.


Emeril Lagasse French Door 360 Air Fryer cook snacks

The Emeril Lagasse french door 360 costs about 200 dollars which may be expensive to some buyers, most air fryers cost about 100 dollars. But, the french door air fryer is a 10-in-1 kitchen appliance that really deserves the price, you can use it as a toaster oven, food dehydrator, deep fryer, or convection air fryer oven.

These extra and amazing features make the air fryer unique and worthy, especially if you do not have any appliance with its extra functions. Besides, it guarantees you a 90 days money refund giving you room to try it out confidently. Even if the set is expensive, how it works will surpass your expectations, and the price is worth it.


Cleaning is a major problem for many, or maybe you love cleaning after cooking. Unlike many models that can be challenging when cleaning, the french door 360 fryer is far better. To keep the exterior shiny and new for years, use a damp cloth to wipe it, and please don’t submerge it in water.

Honestly, as much as the exterior is easy to clean, it is tricky to wash its inside, thus time-consuming. You can remove the drip pan and crisper tray to wash them using your hands. And please allow the appliance to cool down for about 15 to 20 minutes to avoid unnecessary burns. 


Emeril Lagasse French Door 360 Air Fryer cook 3 chicken wings

Unlike other models, the french door air fryer has 24 cooking presets that provide you with a variety of methods of cooking. You can bake, slow cook, toast, rotisserie, roast, air fry, keep warm, make chicken, french fries and pizza, and many more. Besides that, you can be creative in your cooking skills with this 10-in-1 versatile machine.

As mentioned earlier, the set comes with various accessories, including a recipe book, and its 26 qt capacity can serve people in a gathering. Also, it includes a cooking rack for the whole family dinner with only one hand opening for cooking convenience

Dual Speed Fan 

With a dual-speed fan(high-speed and low-speed) situated at the top of it, this power air fryer has a crisp convection mechanism that produces 360 degrees of airflow at maximum temperatures, which will be 30 percent faster than other traditional ovens. Compared to other air fryer models, they only have a single fan that circulated hot air.

The high-speed fan helps in circulating super-hot air, and it is perfect for cooking different meal types evenly. On the other hand, the low-speed fan is perfect when preparing light meals like baked goods.


Emeril Lagasse French Door 360 Air Fryer cook prawn

This power air fryer has a powerful fan at the top of its heating element, which produces a 360 degrees airflow at maximum temperatures. The hot heat helps in cooking your food faster, saving time. Unfortunately, the powerful fan at the heating element produces a lot of noise, which can be a turn-off to many buyers.

But noise does not mean that the food will not get crispy; honestly, unlike deep-fried french fries, you will love the dry, crispy outside. In other words, its performance is top-notch, and its large 26 qt capacity can serve a large family.

Is the Emeril Lagasse French Door Air Fryer Worth It?

Emeril Lagasse French Door 360 Air Fryer Reviews

Emeril Lagasse French door air fryer is worth buying and surpassing your air frying expectations. It is equipped with 10 functions with the ability to rotisserie, reheater, dehydrator, etc, it’s one of the best choices for big family sizes. With 24 presets and a dual-speed fan, you can enjoy delicacy faster, and more recipes are acceptable because of various accessories. After cooking, you can clean it easily because of its stainless exterior. Wow, both the process of cooking and cleaning are enjoyable!

How to Use  Emeril Lagasse Air Fryer 

Before using the Emeril Lagasse french door air fryer, read the labels, all material, and warning stickers to be familiar with it. After that, ensure you got all the appropriate accessories that you will need to use in the future, then plug it into the electricity.

Emeril Lagasse French Door 360 Air Fryer manual

With the preset cooking functions, you can easily set the temperature and time to match the pizza, chicken, air frying, or rotisserie. For instance, if the food you put in the machine is frozen and you want to select the time manually, add more minutes than usual. Also, with the twenty-four programs, you will have nothing to worry about.

Pros Tips When Using Emeril Lagasse Air Fryer

Can You Use Foil in the Emeril Lagasse Air Fryer?

According to Tristar Products Inc, you do not need to use foil in the french door 360 air fryer to help with cleaning. Generally, the manufacturer does not recommend using anything under the fryer’s heating element to hold the drippings. When baking or cooking, just remove drippings or grease when a drip tray is half full.

Can I Use Parchment Paper in Emeril 360?

Emeril Lagasse French Door 360 Air Fryer cook the whole chicken

No, you don’t need to use parchment paper in the air fryer to make cleaning easier, the french door 360 power air fryer manufacturers do not recommend using it since the product includes a drip tray. Remember, parchment paper can only withstand heat up to 428 degrees F, and the french door 360 fryer gets extra hot.

Does Emeril Lagasse French Door Air Fryer Use Oil?

Most air fryer models require you to use little oil to no oil to get crispy on the outside, but the french door air fryer does need the use of oil to get crispy. However, you can spray your chicken lightly to coat it for extra flavor. And please do not pour the oil straight into the unit as it can cause smoke.

Do You Preheat the Emeril Lagasse French 360 Air Fryer Before Cooking?

Yes, you will need to preheat your french door 360 before cooking. Some contain preheating functions, and once you select the preset, it will display as “PH” in the control panel, and the cooking time will start counting down.

Sometimes the appliance may heat up instantly, and it is good to let the air fryer preheat for some minutes to burn residues that might have been left. And please use the oven mitt to put food into the Emeril air fryer because it will be hot.

Substitute to Emeril Lagasse Air Fryer: The Cosori 5.8QT Air Fryer Combo


Yes, it has the highest sales volume on the market! A 5.8-quart cooking capacity air fryer is an efficient machine that brings healthy fried flavors to the countertop. You can easily adjust your cooking time and temperature to match your meal best. Also, you can conveniently choose from the thirteen functions with just one-touch cooking.

You can use it for baking, roasting, toast, rotisserie, and air frying french fries. The cooking capacity can hold 5 pounds of chicken, and its corner spaces give extra flexibility to other round designs. Its accessories are detachable and dishwasher safe, making cleaning easy and faster.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Emeril Air Fryer Get Hot On the Outside?

The Emeril air fryer’s performance will exceed your expectations. It is versatile enough to bake, grill, rotisserie, roast, toast, slow cook, make a whole chicken, pizza, and more.  However, it uses a super-hot temperature that reaches up to 500 degrees F, making it get super hot on the outside.

Who Makes Emeril Power Fryer 360?

Emeril power air fryer is designed in the United States. This appliance is a perfect replacement for an air fryer convection oven. It can roast, slow cook, and toast for big families and air fry to crispy with no oil, unlike deep frying. Besides, it can dehydrate healthier snacks without added preservatives and sugar. This company also has a substitute you can consider: the Emeril Lagasse power air fryer 360.

Emeril Lagasse French Door 360 Air Fryer cook 12 chicken wings

Final Thoughts

 According to the Emeril Lagasse french door air fryer reviews, it is worth adding the appliance to your kitchen space. The set is healthier, safe, versatile, and faster, making it a stand-out product.

It’s the leading air fryer that has combined most technologies and functions on the current market, and you don’t need to worry about how to learn this appliance, they have a professional chef on youtube who will teach you usage and recipes frequently, and you can enjoy a better cooking time and food since you got it.

I hope you find this article helpful, and in case of any questions, leave a comment below and let us catch up.

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