How Many Watts Does An Air Fryer Use

The energy-hungry appliances in a home make up for the most electricity consumption. It is vital to keep a check on them. Most bills go to powering these appliances and they utilize 66% of living area energy. Yet air fryers save on energy costs especially when you are using low-watt air fryers. They provide a sustainable alternative to traditional frying techniques.

Their power use is minimal. They save up to a quarter of the time normally spent cooking while using less energy. Between 1,000 to 1,700 watts is the typical power requirement for an air fryer. The question is, what will happen if you use it with a different voltage supply? Let’s dig into it a little bit.

Although a higher voltage supply allows for greater current to be drawn by an air fryer. It also increases the risk of burnout. It’s also risky to connect it to a low-powered extension cable without keeping an eye on it. Since this might trip the circuit breaker or possibly blow a fuse which can result in a fire.

Do you also want to know how you can calculate your monthly power consumption with an air fryer? Ranging from how many watts different air fryers need to the most efficient models. All bases are covered in this well-researched article. Have a look!

How many watts do different types of air fryers use?

A large part of our audience wants to learn about the power requirements of air fryers. We thought we’d address that question here. Here, we’ve outlined the power consumption of several model sizes. It might help you better understand which ones may help you save the most energy.

Small Air Fryers/ Mini Air Fryers

These are known to be the most energy-efficient sized models. The power consumption range for compact variants is between 800 and 1000 watts.

Medium Air Fryers

As far as air fryers go, this size is the most popular. In general, their power consumption is estimated to be between 1200 and 1400 watts. The best part is that you can just plug them into a standard wall socket and have instant access to their full power.

Air Fryer Oven

Large air fryer ovens are at the top of the food preparation hierarchy. They hold at least 4 quarts. These larger air fryers use more energy than their smaller rivals, which is to be expected. Specifically, they need anything between 1,600 to 2,000 watts of power.

What are the Performances between different wattage air fryers?

While shopping for an air fryer, one of the most crucial factors to consider is the amperage. Cooking time and final flavor are both significantly affected by wattage. The differences all lie in their ability to cook food early and quality. We have discussed some of the distinct differences below.

  • If you’re using high-quality products, you should use a higher-voltage air fryer. It ensures they receive the temperature they need. Large air fryers can effectively cook a whole entrée. This includes proteins, vegetables, and even tubers.
  • While preparing food for further than two people in a low-wattage air fryer would take too long. You may want to consider upgrading the wattage. A medium sized-air-fryer would cook food early and render flavor. This might be your best bet.
  • Lastly, if you’re on a budget, an air fryer with lower wattage can save you money. It can reduce your monthly electric bills as well as your food preparations.

Do air fryers use a lot of electricity?

In case you’re considering purchasing the air fryer but have doubts about how much electricity they use. Air fryers indeed are energy-efficient. If you often use an air fryer instead of a conventional oven, you may cut down on your utility costs. Energy savings are equivalent to half that of an oven. An average medium-sized air fryer with 1500W baskets used for thirty min every day would cost $3.8 per month.

But in the end, power consumption from an air fryer is proportional to the time the appliance is on. This in turn is determined by the quantity and kind of food being cooked.

Does an air fryer use less electricity than an oven?

To further understand this, let’s look at how air fryers function. These appliances use convection to cook foods by circulating warm air around baskets. Once the food is cooked, air fryers maintain a steady flow of hot air through the cooking chamber. Compared to air fryers, which are not required to be preheated before using them. Ovens require preheating before food is cooked in them.

An air fryer, in contrast to a traditional oven, is rather small. More time is needed for the airflow to attain greater degrees the larger the compartment of an oven. For this reason, the compact design of an air fryer is a plus, so the air fryer will use less electricity than an oven.

The air fryer’s rapid cooking is made possible by its high heating capacity. Its compact design makes it a viable alternative to bulkier conventional ovens. Because of this, the appliance is on for a shorter period during each session. This results in lower energy consumption overall. Air fryers save on energy since they cut down on cooking time.

Best wattage for air fryer

As mentioned earlier Air fryers typically range in power consumption from 800 to 2,000 watts. Wattages between 700 to 1500 are ideally recommended for air fryers. They provide the best balance of efficiency and performance. A lesser wattage could be acceptable if your air fryer is on the smaller side.

Nevertheless, a larger wattage may be required if you use a large air fryer. Greater efficiency allows new variants of air fryers to have lower lifetime operating costs. Stronger air fryers may do the job in a fraction of the time.

Why do you need to choose different wattages of an air fryer?

The answer to this question is rather simple. The higher wattage will deliver more heat to the inner chambers of the air fryer. As a result, the answer is contextual. It is based on the menu items you want to prepare, the time frame you have available, and the amount of energy you need. The use of a high-powered air fryer (about 1500–1700 watts) is recommended for those who are in a rush to prepare meals. For optimal energy saving dial down the wattage of an air fryer for vegetables or portion meals.

Are Air Fryers Economical, Possible electricity cost estimation of using an air fryer

Air fryers have indeed been hailed as indispensable cooking equipment. They help save expenses amid increasing energy prices. The meal will be cooked via convection, a process facilitated by rapid airflow. As a bonus, the heat reduces the preparation temperature. It also maintains the internal moisture and exterior crisp of the meal.

Comparing the costs of using an air fryer with a regular oven. Researchers discovered that the former was 3 times more cost-effective. According to the data these are the estimated operating expenses of a 1,500-watt air fryer, 0.25 USD per 60 min is consumed for this air fryer, and using a 1,800-watt air fryer for an hour will cost you 0.3 USD. You can check the cost of electricity here.

How much energy is required to use an air fryer at home?

If we look at it from a different angle, the average air fryer consumes 1.5 KWH per hour. Typically, manufactured models have an hourly power consumption rate of 1-2 kilowatt-hours.

To using an air fryer at home, the wattage is often shown on the device itself. It is also included in the product details on the manual of the air fryer. It is a rule mandated by law for all electronic items. As for power, you’ll often come across ratings anywhere from 800 to 1800 watts. Power levels between 1500 and 1700 watts are optimal for most air fryers at home.

The food cooks swiftly and evenly with 1500W of electricity. The rapid airflow technology guarantees a crunchy exterior and tender interior. Furthermore, use this handy method below to determine how much an air fryer would cost you.

Calculate your cost per hour using your standard power rate per kWh. Take the number of hours you will need that amount of electricity, and your power rating is divided by 1000. To find out monthly expenses, you can multiply the derived figure by 30.

Air Fryer Wattage compared to other household appliances

Contrary to popular belief, air fryers use less power than conventional home appliances. Because they do not operate continuously, they have little impact on monthly costs. The typical power consumption of an air fryer is 1400 watts. This is much lower than other cooking appliances.

  • Whereas taking a look at other appliances. A traditional oven’s energy consumption ranges from 2,000 to 5,000 watts.
  • Electric ranges with a solitary conventional oven use 1,000 to 5,000 watts of electricity. The average contemporary range uses 2,400 watts.
  • Another useful analogy would be high-power microwave ovens, which may use up to 3,000 watts of power. When compared to an air fryer, they need much longer time to finish cooking a meal.

Does the ease of using an air fryer worth it considering the cost incurred?

As time has gone on, the affordability of air fryers has become common knowledge. Its rivals have nothing on it when it regards performance and flexibility. It offers many key functions which are corresponding to its cost-effectiveness. We have discussed some of them below.

  • When considering buying an air fryer, healthier eating is the primary motivation. It is considered by the vast majority of consumers. It requires a little amount of oil. This makes it a great replacement for less nutritious deep-fried options. This saves up the cost of oil consumption and electricity/gas to run a deep fryer for a long.
  • With the convenience of air fryers, home cooking has never been more appealing. It eliminates the cost of pre-heating ob=vens for 10 minutes. In a nutshell, using an air fryer simplifies the preparation of evening meals. Just seasoning some chicken breasts is all that’s required. Just toss it in the fryer baskets and the cooking will commence.
  • This machine is so versatile that it can be used to prepare anything at all. It can range from fried food to a full spaghetti squash to sweets and even curries. This demonstrates how adaptable it is. Doing so cuts the cost of buying different cooking equipment for various kinds of food.
  • One of the best things about using an air fryer is how fast and thoroughly it heats up. It allows you to cook food without having to constantly check on it. You can also turn it over to ensure equal browning and crispiness. Your cooking time will be reduced as a result of this.
  • Air fryers are multipurpose appliances. They may be used for a wide variety of cooking purposes. It includes reheating already-cooked meals. You don’t have to use your microwave for longer intervals to reheat food. This improves usage. It also cuts costs by almost half.

Ninja air fryer watts

For our readers, we bring some of the most high-efficient Ninja Air Fryers. These are the recommended models because of their safety and high performance. Consider them for your next purchase.

The Ninja Air Fryer AF-101

The appliance uses 1,550 watts of power and can hold 4 quarts. It also contains a multi-layer rack that can cook a bigger quantity of meals at a time.

Ninja MAX XL AF161

The energy consumption is 1,750 watts, and the capacity is 5.5 quarts. Its intuitive and easy-to-read buttons are another selling point of this air dryer.

Ninja AF150AMZ

This is a high-quality air fryer and uses 1750 watts to get fully heated.  It can not only fry but also roast and bake without consuming a lot of power.

Ninja AG301

Another energy-efficient example of a Ninja air fryer is the Ninja AG301. This model consumes 1760 watts. It has a capacity of 5.7 quarts which is high for such a range of an air fryer.

Philips air fryer wattage

We have also mentioned some Phillips options for our readers. These are also great along with Ninja Air Fryers. These provide optimal temperatures along with even cooks

Philips Viva Collection Airfryer XXL

It has Fat Removal Technology and uses 2225 watts of power to prepare a meal. It is high-quality and provides even cooking without rendering the flavors.

Philips Essential Air Fryer

Another great example is this air fryer which runs on only 1400 watts. It has Rapid Air technology and 7 cook presets for various kinds of foods. It also offers a digital display for the users.


The use of an air fryer has been shown to significantly reduce energy consumption. It also reduces associated costs. This is because even though they have a high wattage need, they are only utilized for a brief time. With the aforementioned methods, you may calculate your power use and associated costs.

The key to avoiding an increase in your power cost is to operate an air fryer wisely. You should choose the proper model for your needs. The above-mentioned Ninja air fryers are generally ideal. These are known to consume the least amount of energy. We hope this review helps you in choosing the right option for your purchase.

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