Best 6 Low Wattage Small Air Fryer for Caravan when in outdoors or dorm

Are you looking for a lowest-wattage air fryer to keep enjoying crispy meals? Maybe you need to use it in RV or caravan when camping, or maybe you are a student at school. I want to tell you that there do have many good low-wattage air fryers to choose from.

A low-wattage air fryer does not consume much energy like the higher-wattage fryers. But, it does not mean that low-wattage appliances do not cook meals crispy. The difference is that high-wattage machines heat up faster than low-wattage appliances.

Another thing is that they are lightweight and compatible. Meaning you can carry them around when traveling or even gift a couple. Also, most of them have a small cooking capacity for two.

There are so many choices for low cottage air fryers, but it doesn’t mean the lowest one is what you need. Stay with us and get to know what we found out according to our 5 years experiences of air fryers.

And there do have some differences between high-wattage and low-wattage air fryers, we will show you the detail and pro tips in the end. Keep scrolling!

lowest wattage air fryer

Best 6 Lowest Wattage Air Fryers

1. Elite Gourmet 2.1QT Air Fryer

Elite Gourmet EAF-0201BL Personal 2.1 Qt. Compact Space Saving Electric Hot Air Fryer Oil-Less Healthy Cooker

Are you looking for a small and affordable air fryer? Look no more. The Elite Gourmet air fryer is the best air fryer for 1 or 2 people and can serve about three-quarter pounds of food.


  • It is more compatible.
  • It has a simple design yet is cheap.
  • It has 2.1 quarts capacity.
  • It eliminates splatters hence more safety.


  • Sometimes the timer may get stuck, making it hard to adjust while cooking.
  • With the 2.1 quarts, you can only cook for yourself.

Features and Unique Benefits

air fryer chicken wings

Nothing feels excellent like satisfying your daily craving with a guilt-free meal. And the Elite Gourmet 2.1 quarts air fryer allows you to enjoy it with a great flavor and a crispier end. Also, you are sure of healthy and delicious meals without fat.

With only 1000 watts, you can try all your favorite meals in less time. And we love that it is versatile, so there is no need to worry about what to cook. You will get started right out of the box, from deserts to making homemade pizza.

The 2.1 air fryer is perfect for 1-2 people. How amazing can that be, especially for the students and people out and about or traveling? Plus, you can find it at the cheapest lowest in the market, and it’s worth it.

Praise to the cool touch handle that allows you to take out your food without burning yourself. Also, washing is easy since most parts are dishwasher safe. And you can wipe the outside with a clean damp cloth for a sparkling appearance.

Actual Cooking Performance and Experience

Everything about this product is impressive. The 1000 watts and adjustable 395 degrees allow you to make everything you want in less time. You will love the result of making homemade pizza and cookies for one.

The only thing that raises the alarm is the old-school timer. Honestly, it does not look good on it, and it takes a bit more time to adjust. Turning it anticlockwise is a big struggle as it turns to higher time faster, which is annoying.

Besides the timer’s downfall, its performance will exceed your expectation. Also, it is more friendly since it does not heat your kitchen. With its compatible design and reasonable price, you will choose it over and over again.

Key Decision-Making Factor

This product is a good buy if you are looking for an RV-fit air fryer. It has a low capacity of 2.1 quarts and saves on space.

2. Chefman Small Compact 2 QT Air Fryer

Chefman Small Compact Air Fryer Healthy Cooking

Safety is crucial when getting an air fryer and Chefman air fryer covers that. The appliance has an ergonomic rubber handle that slides the fryer basket in and out.


  • It has heat indicator lights.
  • It has a narrow design that takes less space.
  • It promises healthy cooking.
  • It has a safety mechanism for long-lasting durability.


  • It needs manual operation since it has no presets.
  • It produces some noise when operating it.

Features and Unique Benefits

Having the Chefman 2qt air fryer appliance on your counter is the best thing you can ever do for yourself. It’s budget-friendly and extra versatile, allowing you to cook anything you desire. Also, its 2 quarts capacity is excellent for a busy person or a couple.

The Chefman fryer will give you peace while cooking. Set your time and temperature manually, slide your air fryer basket in, and you’re good to go. Thanks to the heat indicator lights that are ideal for preparing meals with kids.

I know you are wondering about the plastic smell. It should not bother you because doing away with it is simple.

During your first use, run the appliance many times till the scent goes. Otherwise, the machine is PFOA, BPA, and PTF-free, you should know the air fryer is healthy but you also need to know the non-toxic air fryer.

Its sleek and compatible design is a good fit for any countertop space. And it will complement your kitchen space well without interfering with other appliances.

This appliance is a lifesaver, especially during hot sessions where you do not need ovens. It does not heat the kitchen, making it environment-friendly.

Actual Cooking Performance and Experience

when cook chicken breasts, you can set the temperature and time as 370 degrees for 10 minutes. But before that, we had to preheat for three minutes for the best outcome.

The result will exceed your expectations. It is juicy, tender, and moist. However, the booklet is a letdown, you can get the recipes online.

As it cooks fast, we also realized that you must keep an eye on your food when using it for the first time. But as time passes, you will operate it like a pro.

Key Decision-Making Factor

It is a good buy if you are on a budget and looking for an appliance to do all your recipes in less time. It has a compatible design and is a decent value.

3. Instant Vortex 4-in-1 2-QT Mini Air Fryer Oven Combo

Instant Vortex 4-in-1 2-QT Mini Air Fryer Oven Combo

Do you want an air fryer oven combo with multiple functions?? The Instant Vortex air fryer is all you need. It has a cooking capacity of 2 quarts is can fit a chicken breast.


  • It is multifunctional.
  • It has customizable cooking presets.
  • It has inbuilt safety features.
  • It has 1300 watts.
  • It has an even crisp mechanism.


  • Shallow air fryer basket.
  • It has no recipes.

Features and Unique Benefits

Are you out of time and want to spend less time in the kitchen? The Instant Vortex air fryer is here to keep you on your toes. It has a power of 1300 watts and a temperature of 400 degrees. It also creates gourmet foods free from oil, hence a healthy option.

Operating this appliance is like a walk in the park. It has one-touch preset programs allowing you to air fry, bake, roast, and reheat for yourself. And if it remains, you can keep it and reheat it to receive the same texture and flavor as yesterday.

The digital control panel makes it easy for you to maneuver around with ease, you can discover more amazing recipes online.

Actual Cooking Performance and Experience

You will love how this appliance does not take much time to preheat to temperature. Also,  cooking in it is simple and safe with just a one-touch preset. So whether you want to bake or reheat, you are good to go.

People complain about the plastic smell that can be overwhelming. But this appliance has nothing to do with that.

The food comes out yummy and delicious without any toxic smell. Following a step-by-step online guide, you will do your recipes correctly.

Most of its parts are also removable and dishwasher safe. If you got some food stuck under it just soak it for some time to get rid of it. It is the best buy you can ever have with precise information.

No more throwing leftovers; you can reheat and receive fresh food like yesterday.

Key Decision-Making Factor

This appliance is a good buy if you require a multiple-function air fryer.

4. GoWISE USA Electric 2QT Mini Air Fryer

GoWISE USA Electric Mini Air Fryer

Are you in college, have a small kitchen, and need a modern air fryer model with a digital touchscreen? The Gowise USA has a more modern design that is compatible with any space.


  • It has inbuilt presets
  • It takes little space.
  • It has a digital panel.
  • It is extra versatile.
  • It has a recipe book with 50 recipes.


  • Unfortunately, the display is illuminated.
  • The controls are somehow crappy.

Features and Unique Benefits

air fryer chicken cutlets

We live a modern life and want classy kitchen appliances on our countertops. The Gowise air fryer is one of the appliances we would like to take advantage of. This appliance has a digital panel and a modern design that is compatible with any space.

There is no more worrying about your kid’s safety while cooking. The appliance has an automatic shut-off timer for safe and easy cooking. Adjust the temperature and time to match your food and relax as you wait for the timer notification.

This product is extra versatile, with many cooking functions and presets. So you can toast it, keep it warm, or reheat depending on what you want. Besides, the cooking list and possibilities are never ending with the 50 recipes by your side.

Actual Cooking Performance and Experience

You will love how food comes out crispier in just a count of minutes. Also, it does not need oil to give you the best result; a sprinkle or brush of fat is more than enough. Food will come out dry without oil making it a healthy option.

This appliance has as many recipes as possible to try out. You will never miss out on the recipe that you want to try. The machine has a power of 1000 watts and a temperature of 400 degrees that takes less time to cook.

No more worrying about cleaning; your appliance will be sparkling clean in less time. I would point out the display of purple-blue light that needs to be clarified. I wish it could be replaced with more visible lighting, like green or white.

Key Decision-Making Factor

This product is a good buy if you are looking forward to gifting a college friend or a couple. It is the best air fryer for 2 people.

5. DASH Tasti-Crisp™ Electric Air Fryer Oven Cooker Non-Stick Fry Basket


The Dash Tasti air fryer is a simple yet classy appliance you can own. The machine is easy and safe to use when short on time.


  • It has an auto shut-off timer.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It has a perfect design.
  • It is more convenient.
  • It has a non-stick interior.


  • It is hard to find a replacement tray once the holes become rusty.
  • You cannot stop the timer manually.

Features and Unique Benefits

Less noisy, less time, and a job well done in less time. With 1000 watts and 400 degrees temperature, you will receive delicious and crispy meals.

I love how this appliance simplifies life in many ways. Nothing is complicated when using it since it has specific information to get your job done. Set the time and temperature and wait for the outcome, hence best for beginners.

No plastic smells on your delicious meals; all you get is your food’s smell. And if you are looking forward to cutting extra calories, this ia all you need. The appliance uses no oil to give you a desirable result that you will love.

Another thing bout this appliance is that it does not limit you to colors. Depending on what works best, you can find it in red, teal, and aqua color.

Its redesigned basket has a maximum surface that can fit food for a couple. Also, the cool touch handle makes it easy for even a kid to cook safely. Unfortunately, the handle comes off easily since it is weak.

Actual Cooking Performance and Experience

This appliance has a breathtaking color that will look well on your countertop. Color aside, the device has a step-by-step guide that makes it beginner friendly.

Although the appliance does not have a digital panel and presets, it does the job well in less time. Adjust the temperature and time and grab a novel as you wait for the notification bell.

Unlike other appliances, this product takes a bit more time when cooking. So I recommend that you don’t rely on the recipe guide but keep an eye to avoid messing it up.

Also, as much as cleaning most of its parts is a breeze; you will need to be keen when cleaning its tray. Thumbs up to this appliance! You can never tell whether it is working, and sometimes you may even doubt whether you switched it.

Key Decision-Making Factor

Buy this appliance if you are an air fryer beginner and don’t like clean, as it will keep you going with a step-by-step guide.

6. Ninja AF080 2 QT Mini Air Fryer

Ninja AF080 Mini Air Fryer

A home without a ninja mini air fryer on the countertop is doomed. This product allows you to try limitless recipes and advance your cooking skills.


  • It has a non-stick grill and air fryer basket.
  • It has a robust design.
  • It has a set timer
  • It is ideal for small snacks.


  • It has no presets for foods like fish.
  • It is somehow expensive compared to the above five reviews.

Features and Unique Benefits

Life is at its best with the ninja air fryer around. This air fryer has a simple design that fits RV or student college life. Besides, it promises to lower fat by 75%, which is suitable for people watching their weight.

I love how versatile this appliance is. Applaud how it makes yummy and crispier onion rings and French fries. Not only that, but the result is outstanding whether you want to bake or roast.

Set your time and temperature by turning the knob and waiting for your food. Also, it produces a pleasant sound while working on getting the job done.

It gets hot faster, saving time, especially when late for work. This is the best air fryer for a student in college or a busy mom that likes spending less time in the kitchen.

Although it is a bit expensive, it’s worth the value. You will operate it with a few times of use like a pro. And you do not have to do guesswork since the information is straightforward.

Actual Cooking Performance and Experience

French fries and onion rings are the best food to asses its ability. And I tell you, the result was exceptionally fantastic. With 1000 watts and 395 degrees temperature, the food will be ready in the blink of an eye.

No guesswork done. We used the online recipe guide to get the desired outcome. I love how the intuitive controls made the work more manageable than we expected.

I cannot wait for the next time to try cooking chicken wings to enjoy with my partner. Given room to choose, I would choose this ninja product repeatedly.

Key Decision-Making Factor

Buy this product if you love crispier foods in less time. The appliances get hot faster, saving time.

Low Wattage Vs. High Wattage: Is Low Watt air fryer good?

High-wattage air fryers heat your meal faster and use more electricity than low-wattage. Also, most high-wattage air fryers are of high capacity of 5 to 32 quarts serving more than four people.

On the other hand, low-wattage air fryers use less electricity and are of a small unit of up to 1.2 quarts. The low-wattage appliances are perfect for students, RV, and a single person.

Is wattage necessary in an air fryer? The wattage shows how fast the appliance will get to temperature. A machine with high wattage will heat up more quickly, saving time.

So low wattage air fryer is good, although it does not mean that food in the low-wattage machines will take much time or not get crispier. High-wattage machines are worth buying if you run out of time and have a large family.

Is the Air Fryer Using a Lot of Electricity?

Most people ask whether the air fryer uses a lot of electricity, and today we have to clarify it. Nope, an air fryer does not use a lot of electricity.

If you compare the electricity bill to other appliances, you will realize that that of air fryers is lower. But how much electricity the air fryer consumes depends on how many times you use it. The appliances only take more current under a short period than other appliances.

How many watts does an air Fryer consume?

Most air fryers have 1,000 watts to 1,800 watts, the average watt is 1375 watts. The lowest wattage is 400 watts and the highest wattage is up to 2400 watts.

Also, it will depend on the brand or model of your appliance to tell how much electricity it uses. Most air fryer models range from one to two kilowatt-hours per operation.

air fryer cook chicken wings

Pro Tips When Using Low-Wattage Air Fryer

Here are some pro tips that you should know when using an air fryer:

  • Low-wattage air fryers use less energy.
  • Low-wattage air fryers take much more time to cook your food to crispy.
  • The size of an air fryer goes hand in hand with the power wattage. For instance, large-sized appliances cannot have a power wattage of 1000 watts.
  • Most air fryers with low wattage have a small capacity that can only cook for two people.
  • Low-wattage air fryers do not get super hot when cooking or heating your kitchen.
  • Low-wattage air fryers are relatively affordable for even a student to buy. And you can easily maintain them.

Wrapping Up

Low-wattage air fryers are affordable and worth the value. This appliance uses less electricity, but it will always depend on how many times use it a day.

But have you ever thought of what life could be like without an air fryer? Thus, “ if it ain’t fried, I don’t want it.” And indeed, I don’t want it, the reason why I will never miss an air fryer on my countertop.

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