top 9 air fryer accessories you must need to have? How to use them correctly

An air fryer is one of the best kitchen appliances you must have. Air fryers amaze me most with their small size, versatility, and time-saving ability. For crunch and crispy results, you will need some air fryer accessories.

The Air fryer uses less oil or no oil, thus a healthier kitchen appliance than the oven and deep fryers. Besides, air fryers are safe to use in trying all your favorite recipes. Do you love trying new recipes? You are not alone. Many people search for the best air fryer accessories to try out their favorite recipes.

Our article will take you through the best air fryer accessories to make it a worthy investment.

What kind of accessories is essential to have? Do you really need them? Keep scrolling!

Do I Need Air Fryer Accessories?

do you need air fryer accessories

You must be wondering whether you need an air fryer accessory. An air fryer is versatile and a time-saving kitchen appliance you must have. First, everything that comes from an air fryer is extremely hot; hence will require tongs to prevent yourself from unnecessary injuries.

Secondly, you will need baking pans, racks, a cookbook for your favorite recipes, an accessory kit, silicone molds, and an air fryer tray to make your cooking time a breeze. So nothing should stop you from having one to help you cook your favorite meals.

Top 9 Air Fryer Accessories You Must Have

1. Air fryer Accessory kit

No need to buy air fryer accessories separately. Save yourself some energy and time by getting a single accessory kit with everything you need to start air frying. 

The accessory kit comes with silicone molds, racks, a pizza pan, silicone tongs, trays, air fryer filters, and everything you will require to maximize the use of an air fryer. Importantly, ensure that it is perfectly compatible with your air fryer model before you purchase.

2. Air Fryer Cookbook

The air fryer cookbook is one of the air fryer accessories you must have with more than a hundred recipes for everyday meals. With the air fryer cookbook, you can take your cooking skills to the next level by trying all the recipes. It also helps you learn new cooking tricks and tips, from making snacks and pizza to daily foods to making desserts in the air fryer.

3. Grill Pan

air fryer accessory grill pan

The grill pan, part of the air fryer accessory, comprises a perforated surface, perfect for searing and grilling meat, cooking a whole chicken and turkey, vegetables, and fish in the air fryer. In the entire world, nobody loves cleaning, but you will love how the non-stick pan is easy to clean as it is dishwasher safe.

4. Mandoline Slicer

air fryer accessory mandoline slicer

Preparation is essential in all air frying recipes, that is when a mandolin slicer comes in. A mandoline slicer should be part of the air fryer accessories you must have to enjoy every cooking step.

This mandolin slicer offers 5 interchangeable blades for different slicing techniques for onion rings, fruits, potatoes, vegetables, etc. Ensure that you choose from the julienne style to the thicker slice depending on your recipe’s requirement. Also, ensure that you follow its safety tips.

5. Reusable Air Fryer Liners

air fryer accessory liners

Non-stick and reusable silicone liners are one of the best air fryer accessories you must have to prevent foods from sticking to the base of your air fryer and protecting it. The air fryer liners are structured to heat your food without interfering with the taste evenly. Moreover, the liners are easy to clean up, saving a lot of time and energy compared to the air fryer.

6. Air Fryer Filters

air fryer accessory filters

Do you hate foods with unpleasant smells? You are not alone. We all want to enjoy the food’s smell only to satisfy our desires. The air fryer filters aid in getting rid of unfavorable vapor and smells.

Fortunately, many air fryer models come with air fryer filters. If your air fryer brand does not feature a filter, then you will consider purchasing one to enjoy your most-loved food without unwanted smells except the food smells.

7. Air Fryer Tray

air fryer accessory tray

Air fryer trays are a great addition to your air fryer. The trays help in maximizing the cooking surface hence a crispy outside. Besides, you can use the multi-purpose rack to roast potatoes, french fries, baking cakes, roast chicken and turkey, and even grill meat, and they are dishwasher safe.

8. Cleaning Tools

how to clean air fryer

A healthy and delicious meal relies on a clean air fryer, or who does not love yummy meals to satisfy his need? Therefore to maintain the air fryer clean, you will need to clean it after each use for the best results.

Do you hate cleaning after meals? You are not alone, but cleaning an air fryer is as easy as a snack. You need a cleaning brush, a sponge, and warm soapy water, and you are good to go.

9. Oil Sprayer Bottle

air fryer accessory oil sprayer

One of An air fryer’s benefits is cooking with less oil or no oil. Most air fryer brands tout that an Evo oil sprayer bottle gives you a chance to make healthier fried foods with less oil or no oil. The oil sprayer bottle is a perfect accessory that you should not miss when spraying your potatoes and vegetables for a light coating before placing them into your air fryer for a healthier meal.

Top 9 You Can Choose to Buy

1. Air Fryer Cover

air fryer accessory cover

Air fryer covers are the most convenient solution for storing them, preventing them from scratches and dust. Moreover, the air fryers are structured with the consumer’s mind, a simple and elegant structure to add to your kitchen countertop. Put the air fryer covers over the air fryer and wait for the best results.

2. Racks and Skewers

air fryer accessory racks and skewers

Do you love making kebabs and skewers? You are not alone. If you are not in the mood to make kabobs and skewers, you can use a carbon steel rack to make fish burgers, chicken, cakes, etc. The skewers and rack will make your cooking a snack as you try new recipes daily to gain more cooking skills.

3. Cook Time Magnet

air fryer accessory cooking time magnet

Are you an air fryer beginner? The cook time magnet is one of the accessories that you must have. Cook time magnet helps you schedule your favorite recipes’ cooking times and temperatures, from chicken wings and fried meat to cauliflower. You will always need to set time and cooking temperatures to avoid messing up with your recipes in everything you plan to prepare.

4. Heat Proof Tongs

air fryer accessory Heat Proof Tongs

An air fryer gets hot as the hot circulates your food for even and crispy outside, and a heatproof tong is what you need to move your food in and out of the air fryer basket. These heat-proof tongs are strong and dishwasher safe making it easy to hold food as it protects your arm and fingers from unnecessary injuries.

5. Baking Pans

air fryer accessory baking pans

I know you love baking, and baking pans are one of the air fryer accessories you must have to make all baked foods. For the best result, you always need an accurate accessory. You can use a round pan or a barrel pan for pizza, pieces of bread, cakes, donut, etc.

6. Thermapen

air fryer accessory thermapen

Are you afraid of eating raw meat? It must be very scary When you bite the meat, your mouth is full of blood. So the meat thermometer is a great indicator to check if the meat cooked? Yes, the correct cooking time is the critical factor in air frying. The instant thermometer ensures that the food is thoroughly cooked in thicker spots. Also, checking your food twice is not a bad idea.

7. Ramekins 

Delicacy is Coming! Get the Cleaning Powder

The ramekins porcelain weight will amaze you with how it withstands your air frying process. These heavy ramekins are perfect for recipes like cupcakes and egg cups. What’s more, you can make some batches of similar foods or special personalized dishes.

8. basting brush

air fryer accessory basting rush

Oil can make the food taste more delicious, but you can also use the brush to add spices. The material of this plastic is BPA Free, It has high-temperature resistance which up to 230 ℃. 1 brush has 85 bristles which can hold a good amount of liquids, and it will make the pasting brushes baste and spread liquids evenly.

9. Silicone Loaf Pans

Silicone loaf pans come in when meatloaf is not part of your menu. Silicone loaf pans are perfectly sized for nestling in the air fryer, although you can also use the silicone loaf pans in the oven and microwave.

Are Air Fryers Worth it?

Air fryers are healthier and environment-friendly kitchen appliances to save you money and hassle. Yes, air fryers are worth it since they save on cooking time. Besides, you will love the air fryer’s small size and versatility over the oven.

Cleaning an air fryer is another thing you will love; simply use a sponge and warm soapy water for the next cooking. Additionally, it’s the safest kitchen appliance that will leave you with a crunchy and crispy outside to satisfy your cravings.

Can You Use Instant Pot Accessories In Air Fryer?

Yes, it does away with the need to have many kitchen appliances. You must wonder about the differences between an instant pot and an air fryer. With the instant pot, you can pressure cook, and make rice, stews, vegetables, and roast meats with a single press button. Although you may require an air fryer basket for crispy fries results, you can also use an air fryer lid with stainless steel instant pot to bake and brown.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Accessories are Good for Air Fryers?

With the many air fryer accessories available, you may be wondering what accessories are good for air frying. You can use the underneath air fryer rolling tray, basting brush, cupcake liners, cake pan, parchment paper, and silicone tongs. Also, a cake pan, long oven mitts, accessory kit, silicone liners, instant-read thermometer, silicone basket, and Evo oil mister are among the best accessories

Can I Use a Silicone Rack in An Air Fryer? 

Yes, a silicone mat is ideal to use in an air fryer. The silicone mat prevents food from sticking to the air fryer basket and the wire racks. Since the silicone mats are food grade and safe, they can prepare food to 430 degrees F.

Can I Put a Metal Bowl in the Air Fryer?

You can put a metal bowl in the air fryer, although you must ensure it is oven-safe before you start air frying. By checking the indication, you will be aware of managing the air fryer’s heat generation.

Can I Use a Microwave Container in An Air Fryer?

Although microwave containers are mostly used, they are considered unsuitable since they are designed with plastics with reduced melting points. When you place the containers directly on the heat, they will melt and cause fire, ruining your meal and causing harmful fumes.

Can You Use Foil Trays in the Air Fryer?

You can use foil trays in an air fryer but ensure that the foil goes to the air fryer basket. Some acidic foods such as tomatoes, citrus, and paper react with the foil. Although you can use the foil tray in the air fryer, it is good to use parchment paper to avoid distracting your cooking procedure.

Final Thoughts

Do you own an air fryer? I know you have been looking forward to trying all the possible meals, but you wonder what accessories you need. The above article will help you take your air frying skills to the next level by getting the best air fryer accessories.

Air fryer accessories will help make the best out of your air fryer, and for your air fryer to be considered complete, you need an air frying accessory. With the must-have accessories above, nothing should stop you from trying healthier air-frying recipes.

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