Pampered Chef Air Fryer Reviews according to 8 Benefits You won’t miss

The Pampered Chef brand focuses on making mealtimes more enjoyable for families.  They do this with their delicious recipes and specially designed tools. Now they are also making some top-notch air fryers.

While their air fryers are not the most famous, they are some of the best-performing air fryers in the market. They typically come in a premium, high-end look. Also, they have advanced features and cooking functions. All this is meant to make air frying hassle-free.

The Pampered Chef air fryer is not as common as what other top brands are offering. So you might not know enough about it. This can make it harder to decide whether it will work for you or not. But don’t worry; we have you covered, as we will tell you everything you need to know.

We will explain the 8 key features that make the Pampered Chef air fryer amazing. We tested the Pampered Chef Deluxe air fryer over several months. Also, we collected reviews from our Facebook forum. The forum has thousands of air fryer enthusiasts. And so you can trust that we will only give you a firsthand and genuine review.

By the end of this article, you will know the detailed guide about how to set up and use the Pampered Chef air fryer and the best substitute to Pampered Chef air fryers. So make sure you read to the end!

8 Key Features of the Pampered Chef Air Fryers

pampered chef air fryer reviews

The Pampered Chef air fryer is feature-rich and high-performing. But there are a few features that give it an edge over other models from popular brands. Here is an overview of the 8 main ones:

1. No Preheating Required

You will never have to waste time preheating your Pampered Chef air fryer. It has a powerful heating element and efficient heating technology. The two combine to ensure it gets hot almost instantly. We will look at the heating element in more detail later on.

The lack of preheating will reduce the total amount of time you spend cooking. For instance, most other air fryers will require at least 3 to 5 minutes of preheating. It means that if your french fries take 15 minutes, you have to add the extra preheating time. So, in the end, you have to wait up to 20 minutes.

With the Pampered Chef Deluxe air fryer, you can cook your fries in just 15 minutes. The time-saving will be even more significant when you have to cook several batches of food.

2. Multiple Cooking Functions

The Pampered Chef air fryer is built for versatility. The manufacturer equips it with multiple cooking functions to ensure this. The cooking functions will allow it to replace several kitchen appliances.

It has at least 6 cooking functions:

  • Air Fry 
  • Reheat 
  • Bake 
  • Roast 
  • Dehydrate
  • Rotisserie 

Besides the 6 functions, it has two others: Custom and Rotate. The custom function makes the air fryer even more versatile. This function allows you to customize your cooking time and temperature. It means you can cook almost anything on this appliance.

The Rotate feature allows you to make use of the rotate function. You can use it even when not cooking with the air fryer basket.

All the cooking functions are programmed in the appliance. So using either of them will be straightforward. You only need to turn the wheel/knob and select the cooking function you want. You should then adjust the time and temperature and start the cooking.

Besides just air frying your favorite snacks, you can dehydrate apples to make chips. Or rotisserie a whole chicken. This will be a highly useful appliance in any kitchen. But we will explain more about what you can cook later on in this article.

3. Large Capacity

air fryer whole chicken

The Pampered Chef air fryer is built for cooking for the entire family. It has an 11.6-quart capacity. It can cook large amounts of food in every batch.

There is enough space to fit a 4-pound chicken. Also, the air fryer comes with a rotisserie kit and other accessories to make it easy to cook lots of food. 

The air fryer basket has a 3.7-quart capacity. This is enough space to cook at least 1 pound of french fries. It can hold a little more than this, but keeping the basket at least half full is always recommended. Doing this ensures the french fries cook more evenly, and you do not have to keep tossing the food.

You can also cook several pounds of veggies. Better still, you can throw in some veggies on the basket and keep it below the chicken as you rotisserie.

4. High Power

The powerful 1700-watt allows this air fryer to cook fast and more consistently. It ensures the appliance heats up almost instantly. This eliminates the need to preheat no matter what you are cooking.

Also, the heating element keeps the heat consistent. The food will cook more evenly. You never have to worry about getting hot and cold spots.

For an 11.6-quart air fryer, 1700 watts is almost as powerful as it gets. Most competing models will be rated between 1300 and 1500 watts. Indeed, there are still a few 1800-watt and 2,000-watt models. But, these more powerful air fryers will draw more energy. This 1700-watt model will provide enough power without using a lot of electricity.

5. Multiple Accessories

This Pampered Chef air fryer will come complete with all the accessories you need. This ensures you can utilize all its cooking functions.

Here is a list of the provided accessories and the purpose of each component:

  • Rotating Basket: For cooking smaller foods like nuggets and fries. It holds and rotates them to ensure they cook evenly and fast. The basket eliminates the need to keep tossing the food.
  • Rotisserie Set: The set includes a rotisserie spit and forks. It is used for cooking a whole chicken and when you want to roast other meat cuts like pork loin.
  • Cooking Trays: You will also get 2 cooking trays. The air fry trays are perfect for cooking delicate foods like fish and chicken tenders. Their mesh design ensures the food is cooked from all sides.
  • Retrieval Tool: The retrieval tool makes it easy to remove your rotisserie kit. It also allows you to safely take out the hot basket without burning your hands.
  • Removable Shield: You never have to worry about food spluttering. There is a removable shield provided to protect the heating element. And you can easily remove the shield for cleaning.
  • Drip Tray: There is also a drip tray that contains all the juices and drippings from foods. It helps prevent a mess and ensures you have less cleaning after cooking.

6. Dishwasher-Safe Parts and Accessories

how to clean an air fryer

Cleaning up the Pampered Chef air fryer should be quick and hassle-free. Most of the provided accessories are dishwasher-safe. 

You can clean the following accessories in your dishwasher:

  • Rotisserie Set
  • Cooking Trays 
  • Removable Shield 
  • Basket
  • Retrieval Fork

It is crucial to ensure you keep the accessories away from the heating element in the dishwasher. 

The drip tray is not dishwasher-safe. You should always wash it in the sink. Use a mild soap and ensure you do not scrub it with anything too abrasive, as this can damage it.

The interior is also relatively easy to clean. You only need to wipe it with a damp cloth. Also, you can use a nonabrasive sponge to remove any stubborn stains.

7. Material

air fryer cook chicken wings

The Pampered Chef air fryer is built to last a long time. The manufacturer uses primarily metal construction with very little plastic.

The air fryer is mainly made from steel and stainless steel. There is also some glass on the door that allows you to see the food as it cooks.

By using less plastic, the manufacturer also makes it a safer appliance. It will not leak any phthalates or BPA into your food. Better yet, metal materials can withstand high heat without melting.  

8. Safety Mechanisms

Pampered Chef also equips the air fryer with several safety mechanisms. It will hence be a safer appliance to have in your kitchen.

The safety mechanisms include overheating protection. This mechanism ensures that the appliance will shut down when the internal heat is too high.

A specially designed cord also ensures the appliance is always away from the wall. And the fan will keep running for at least 30 seconds after the cooking completes. This helps cool down the air fryer to make it safe to handle. 

The heating element will always turn off automatically when you open the door. You never have to worry about hot air being blown out. There are also slip-resistant feet. The feet will keep the appliance in place to prevent accidents.

How to use Pampered Chef Air Fryer

Setting up The Pampered Chef Air Fryer 

Step 1: Upack and Unwrap Accessories

You should start by removing the appliance from the box and removing all the packaging material. Also, check that you have all the accessories and unwrap them. Inspect whether there are any shipping or factory defects on the appliance. A defective air fryer is unsafe to use.

Step 2: Clean Accessories and Air Fryer

The accessories are new and hence look super clean, but they are not. They will have a lot of dirt and other harmful substances they picked up from the factory. It is essential to clean them in the sink thoroughly and dry them before use. Also, remember to wipe your Pampered Chef air fryer on the interior and exterior surfaces.

Step 3: Preheat to Burn Off Packaging Oil

The other important step is to preheat the air fryer. Despite this being a primarily metal appliance, the initial preheat is still vital. Preheating it for 10 to 20 minutes before the first use burns off the packaging oil. It will not have the strong plastic smell you get with most new air fryers. But you will not need to preheat again after this.

How to Cook with the Pampered Chef Air Fryer

The actual cooking process will depend on the specific food. But here are the general steps to follow:

Step 1: Prep the Food

The first step is always to prepare the food. When making veggies, you only need to toss them in olive oil before seasoning. For other foods like chicken and fish, you should part them dry before adding the olive oil and seasoning.

Step 2: Add the Food to the Tray

Next, you should add the food to the cooking tray or basket. If you are using the cooking trays, divide the food evenly between the two trays. Also, ensure you arrange it in a single layer for even cooking.

Step 3: Choose your Prefered Cooking Mode

You can now add the food to the air fryer and choose your preferred cooking mode. Selecting the cooking function only requires you to turn the wheel until you get to the desired mode. Once you have your preferred cooking mode, adjust the time and temperature. Make sure they suit your recipe. Lastly, press the wheel to start the cooking.

Step 4: Switch Trays or Flip the Food at the Halfway Mark

You need to switch the trays when you hear the food toss reminder beep. You can also just toss or flip the food if using one tray. Now allow the food to cook for the remaining time. Once you hear another beep, the food should be ready.

How to Clean Pampered Chef Air Fryer 

Here are a few simple steps to follow when cleaning the Pampered Chef air fryer:

Step 1: Allow the Air Fryer to Cool completely

Always allow your air fryer and all accessories to cool down before cleaning. Remember that an air fryer can get quite hot. Trying to clean it while hot can be dangerous.

Step 2: Start by Cleaning the Accessories

Most of the accessories are dishwasher-safe. You can clean them in the top rack of your dishwasher. But always clean the drip tray by hand. Also, ensure you do not use anything abrasive and always use a mild cleaning detergent.

Step 3: Wipe the Surfaces

The last step is wiping the interior and exterior surfaces and the door. Use a damp cloth and mild detergent for this. You can also use a non-abrasive sponge to scrub off any food particles or stain on the glass door.

Pampered Chef Air Fryer Manual

The Pampered Chef air fryer will come with a detailed manual. The manual includes directions for setting up and using the appliance. There are also complete care instructions to guide you when cleaning the machine.

Make sure you go through the manual before using the appliance. You can also get ideas of what to cook as the manufacturer includes a few recipes. If you prefer a soft copy manual, you can check it out HERE.

Pampered Chef Air Fryer Recipes

air fryer chicken cutlets

You can cook almost anything on the Pampered Chef air fryer. It supports multiple cooking functions. The manufacturer also provides detailed recipes to help get you started. The recipes will give you ideas on what to cook.

But this air fryer makes rotisserie chicken tastier than models from other brands. The chicken cooks perfectly in under 30 minutes. The skin gets super crispy and with a perfect golden brown color. Better still, it does not dry out the inside. You still get a tender and moist chicken that will be more delightful.

The rotisserie-style kebabs and sausages are also fantastic. They get a nice char, and it is hard to tell they are not made in a charcoal grill. But you might need to get skewers to make even more amazing kebabs. The appliance does not come with any skewers.

The dehydration function is also incredible. The air fryer will dehydrate apples and kale to make the crunchiest and tastiest chips. You can also make some amazing beef jerky. The best part is that it dehydrates at least a couple of hours faster than many other air fryers.

Substitute: Pampered Chef vs Cosori Pro Air Fryer Oven Combo


The Pampered Chef air fryer is a fantastic appliance. But it will still not work for everyone. The good news is that there are still many good alternatives. The Cosori Pro Air Fryer Oven Combo is one of the best ones, it has the highest sales volume in the market.

The Cosori Pro is smaller than the Pampered Chef air fryer. But it comes with a square 5.8-quart basket. The basket can hold a larger 5-pound chicken. Also, it holds over 2 pounds of French fries.

The Cosori Pro air fryer also has 13 cooking functions. This is almost double what you get on the Pampered Chef model. The extra cooking functions include Keep Warm and preheating. And you can also customize the functions and presets to suit your specific recipes.

Other features that give the Cosori Pro an edge include the NTC sensor and Shake Reminder. The NTC sensor helps ensure consistency and even cooking by minimizing temperature fluctuations. Shake reminder ensures you always remember to toss or flip the food.

Are Pampered Chef Air Fryers Worth It?

Pampered Chef air fryer might not be the most popular or common, but it is worth it. The build quality, features, and cooking functions make it a good choice.

But like any other brand, Pampered Chef will work better for some users than others. For instance, the Pampered Chef Deluxe air fryer is perfect for you if you hate waiting for your air fryer to heat up. They get hot instantly and never require any preheating.

Pampered Chef is also a good choice if you are looking for a multifunctional air fryer. And it can make family-sized meals fast.

All in all, the Pampered Chef air fryer is a fantastic appliance. You should buy one and give it a try. It will likely be your favorite kitchen appliance.

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