Best 10 Power Xl Air Fryer Reviews: 4 types with 8 benefits

Air fryers are a game changer in the kitchen. They make it possible to cook healthier fried meals without compromising taste. Things get even better if you choose a model from a top brand like PowerXL.

PowerXL has been making kitchen appliances for many years. They now also have a wide collection of air fryers. Their catalog includes everything from the regular basket-style air fryer to grills. With such a huge variety, choosing one is not always easy.

But we are here to help you out. This post will explain what makes PowerXL air fryers stand out. We cover everything from their advanced cooking technology to ease of use and cleaning. Also, we review 10 of their best air fryers to give you recommendations.

And you can trust that we know what makes a good air fryer. We are a team of experienced home cooks and kitchen appliance experts. So, let’s jump straight in!

it is important to know the power xL brand Firstly

Best Power Xl Air Fryer cook delicious recipes (2)

Air fryers are all over nowadays. They also seem like a pretty straightforward appliance. And so it is easy to assume just any generic model will work well enough. But, this could not be further from the truth. The only way to ensure you get the best experience is by choosing a top brand like PowerXL.

These top brands make some highly reliable products, as seen in their infomercials on TV. They have a reputation that has taken many years to establish. And so they will not want to damage it by making poor quality products.

Also, air fryers from leading brands are highly energy efficient and safe to use. Most PowerXL air fryers have auto shut-off and overload protection to protect users. Also, they are ETL certified to give you an assurance they are safe.

PowerXL will also back its products with a warranty.  They have a 1 year VIP protection plan. The plan guarantees a replacement for your air fryer if something goes wrong within 1 year.

PowerXL Air Fryer Types

PowerXL has dozens of air fryer models on the market. But, most of them fall into the following 4 types:

1. Basket-style air fryer

Basket-style air fryers are the most common type. These are basic air fryers with a basket and fry tray as the only accessories. 

They also have a classic dual knob or digital touch control panel. Many basket-style air fryers also have presets. They ensure cooking basic food types like chicken and french fries is hassle-free.

2. Air Fryer Oven Combo

PowerXL air fryer ovens are multifunctional. Besides air frying, they can also bake, toast, etc. They are the most versatile air fryer type in their catalog. Instead of a basket, they have shelves that can hold 2 or more trays. 

Also, they have more features and come with accessories like skewers and a rotisserie set. A PowerXL air fryer oven can replace several appliances in your kitchen.

Best Power Xl Air Fryer cook delicious recipes (9)

3. Microwave air fryer Combo

The PowerXL microwave air fryers are all-in-one kitchen appliances. Although they look like a regular microwave, they have air frying capability. 

They use an advanced heating element and use rapid air technology. The technology delivers perfectly cooked food every time. Like other PowerXL air fryers, microwave air fryers have multiple presets. And they come with tray and rack accessories.

4. Air fryer grill Combo

PowerXL makes air fryer grills to allow you to grill indoors. These air fryers are also multifunctional as they can air fry, slow cook, bake, etc.

Other features include the grill plate that can heat up to 500°F and rapid air technology. And you also get multiple accessories with the grill, including a rotisserie set.

Best 10 PowerXL Air Fryer – Reviews

Air fryer Grill Combo

1. PowerXL 8 in 1 Air Fryer Grill Combo



  • Large cooking capacity
  • Cooks faster than most competing models
  • Easy to clean with dishwasher-safe parts
  • Comes with several accessories


  • Drip tray stains easily
  • The bottom of the grill can get quite hot

Main Features and Unique Benefits

The PowerXL Air Fryer Grill 8 in 1 is a powerful indoor air fryer grill. It will make it easy to grill indoors without filling your kitchen with smoke. And unlike many other air fryer grills, it still airs fries, bakes, and roasts to perfection.

The efficiency of this air fryer mostly stems from the superheated cyclonic air. The cooking technology ensures the superheated air circulates the food from all directions. This way, the food cooks fast and evenly. Better still, the food gets a fantastic crisp and an amazing golden color.

You also get a complete set of accessories, including a nonstick grill grate and griddle pan. Most other air fryer grills will only have one of the two. 

There are a couple of drawbacks we found with this air fryer. The first one is that the drip tray stains easily. But, like many other air fryers we have tried, soaking the tray should take care of the stains. Also, the bottom can get quite hot. But there is nothing to worry about, provided you do not place the air fryer over a delicate material.

Best Power Xl Air Fryer cook delicious recipes (12)

Cooking Performance

We love how well this air fryer cooks frozen foods. You will never have to waste time defrosting food again. 

Simply arrange your frozen french fries or chicken nuggets in one of the crisper trays and drizzle a little oil. And provided you choose the right preset, they will cook to crispy perfection. 

Moreover, we also noticed that the air fryer fits a 10-pound chicken as advertised. And there is still enough room left for some veggies.

Who should buy this air fryer – If you are looking for a powerful indoor grill that can also air fry, this model is perfect. We would also recommend it if you want a large, multifunctional air fryer.

2. PowerXL Grill Air Fryer Combo 6 QT 12-in-1 

PowerXL Grill Air Fryer Combo 6 QT 12-in-1 Indoor Grill Air Fryer


  • Highly versatile
  • Wide temperature range
  • Attractive stainless steel finish
  • Super easy to clean


  • Shaking food can be hard
  • Loud beeps

Main Features and Unique Benefits

The 6-quart PowerXL Grill Air Fryer Combo 6 QT 12-in-1 should work if you do not plan to grill large meat cuts. But, despite the smaller capacity, it can still fit half a chicken or up to 4 standard-size burgers.

One of the main highlights of this air fryer is its multi-functionality. It is a 12-in-1 model that supports many cooking functions. It can replace several kitchen appliances. Also, it has a sleek stainless steel finish. And so it will not just be another boring appliance. Instead, it adds some elegance to the kitchen.

Compared to other options in this review and out there, it is super easy to clean. The surfaces are easy to clean, and the accessories are dishwasher safe. Therefore, you can spend more time cooking and not cleaning up.

We did also notice a few shortcomings with this air fryer. For starters, the design makes shaking food quite hectic. Also, it makes some loud beeps that can be super annoying. But, speaking from experience, there is always a solution to these problems. For example, wearing a mitten makes it easy to hold and shake the basket. 

Best Power Xl Air Fryer cook delicious recipes (14)

Cooking Performance

Although this air fryer cooks everything perfectly, we found it best suited for slow cooking and broiling. The temperature goes as low as 180°F, which is perfect for slow-cooking beef brisket. 

On the other end of the scale, it gets up to 500°F. This allows you to sear some steaks quickly. And the steaks end up with some nice grill marks.

Who should buy this air fryer – You should buy this air fryer if you are looking for something more versatile and reliable. Also, it is a good purchase if you want a sleek-looking air fryer to add extra elegance to your kitchen.

PowerXL Air Fryer Oven Combo

3. PowerXL Air Fryer Oven 12 QT with 8-in-1 

PowerXL Air Fryer Oven 12 QT with 8-in-1 Cooking Presets


  • Large capacity
  • Highly efficient dehydration function
  • Requires little to no shaking 
  • Comes with recipe books


  • Strong chemical smell

Main Features and Unique Benefits

The PowerXL Air Fryer Oven 12 QT with 8-in-1 has the largest capacity in our PoweXL air fryer reviews. The 12-quart capacity makes it the perfect size for a large family. There is enough space to cook a whole chicken and several portions of veggies in one batch.

Besides the large capacity, the air fryer oven uses a highly efficient cooking technology. The technology combines Rapid Crisp Air Technology with 360° for even cooking. It also delivers extra food crispiness.

Unlike when using most other air fryers, you do not have to keep shaking the food. The rotating basket ensures the food cooks and crisps evenly without shaking. You will get a more hands-off cooking experience.

If you are a first-time air fryer oven user with no idea what to cook, this air fryer is still perfect. It comes with 3 different recipe books to give you enough cooking ideas. 

Our only gripe with this air fryer is its strong chemical smell. While this is typical of most air fryers, the smell on this one seems more intense. But, it should dissipate after a thorough clean-up.

Best Power Xl Air Fryer cook delicious recipes (5)

Cooking performance

This is a great all-around air fryer that cooks everything perfectly. But we loved its dehydration function most. There is a preset for this, and the temperature is just right. 

You can dehydrate any food you want and still get consistently perfect results. Also, the air fryer makes some of the crispiest fried chicken and mozzarella sticks. 

Who should buy this air fryerGet this air fryer if you love making beef jerky and vegetable/fruit chips. The large capacity also makes it a good buy if you cook for a large family.

PowerXL Basket Air Fryer

4. PowerXL Vortex 7 in 1 10 QT Dual Basket Air Fryer  

PowerXL Vortex 10-qt Dual Basket Air Fryer


  • Perfect size for a large family
  • Easy to use with simple controls
  • Easy cleanup with truly washable drawers


  • Temperature adjustment could be more precise
  • Burning plastic smell

Main Features and Unique Benefits

While the PowerXL Dual Basket Air Fryer might not have a 12-quart capacity like our previous model, it still holds enough food for a large family. The 10-quart dual basket can easily cook up to 6 pounds of french fries in one batch. Better still, the dual design means you can cook two different foods simultaneously.

One of the technologies on this air fryer we liked most was SmartSync. This technology is what makes it possible to cook two different meals. It ensures they finish simultaneously, so everything is nice and hot during serving time.

Additionally, this is an easy-to-use air fryer. It includes some simple touch controls and has a preset for all the common dishes. Better yet, cleaning up after use should be hassle-free. The baskets are easy to clean in the sink or dishwasher. 

The 5-degree temperature adjustment might not be precise enough for some home cooks. But, from our experience, a 5-degree variance is not significant enough to affect how most foods cook. 

Best Power Xl Air Fryer cook delicious recipes (15)

Cooking Performance

We love that the basket divider is removable. You can easily go from a dual basket to one large cooking compartment. Hence, you should still be able to roast a whole kitchen in the air fryer. 

Other things like tater tots and chicken wings also cook fast and evenly. And the air fryer can easily hold large quantities of these foods. For instance, you can cook 10 pounds of chicken wings in one batch.

Who should buy this air fryer This air fryer is perfect for large families. Also, you should buy this air fryer if you want something that allows you to cook two different meals simultaneously.

PowerXL Microwave Air Fryer Combo

5. PowerXL Microwave Air Fryer

PowerXL Microwave Air Fryer


  • Compact, space-saving design
  • Multiple presets for all common foods
  • Versatile and efficient appliance
  • Faster and easier cleanup


  • The many options can be a little confusing

Main Features and Unique Benefits

The microwave oven is already one of the most versatile kitchen appliances. But the PowerXL Microwave Air Fryer takes things a notch higher by making it even more versatile. This microwave/air fryer combo can microwave, air fryer, bake, etc. 

Besides versatility, it also makes cooking easy with up to 37 presets. All you need to do is choose the right preset, and the appliance will do everything else. And you can easily choose your settings on the simple digital control panel.

Other things that make this an amazing air fryer include its compact design and easy cleaning. The sleek air fryer takes little counter space despite its increased versatility. Also, the interior has a nonstick surface, and the parts are dishwasher-safe. Therefore, cleaning will be hassle-free.

That said, the many options can be confusing. But, if you follow the manual and take it one cooking function at a time, you should be okay.

Best Power Xl Air Fryer cook delicious recipes (8)

Cooking Performance

This air fryer is perfect if you want to make perfectly crispy onion rings with fewer calories. Whether making the onion rings fresh or using frozen ones, this air fryer cooks them perfectly.

But, we also love its food reheat/warm function. Unlike a regular microwave, it does not just heat the food. Instead, it can give the leftover chicken a nice crisp, making it taste even better than before.

Who should buy this air fryer If you are looking for an efficient microwave combo air fryer with amazing features that makes life easy for you, buy this version.

PowerXL Air Fryer Vortex

6. PowerXL 5 QT Air Fryer Vortex   

PowerXL 5 QT Air Fryer Vortex   


  • Consistent and extra crispy cooking
  • Space-saving design
  • Easy one-touch operation
  • Shake reminder


  • Cleaning instructions are not very clear

Main Features and Unique Benefits

The PowerXL 5 QT Air Fryer Vortex will be a perfect choice if your kitchen has scarce space. It comes in a unique space-saving design. The design ensures it takes up less room than most other 5-quart models.

The air fryer also cooks fast thanks to the turbo cyclonic air circulation. This technology also ensures you get extra crispiness.

And it requires little effort to use, even for first-time air fryer owners. The simple one-touch controls, presets, and a shake reminder make cooking effortless.

The only thing you might have an issue with is the cleaning instructions. They are a little confusing. Luckily, cleanup should still be a breeze. Furthermore, there are plenty of good air fryer cleaning videos online that can help.

Best Power Xl Air Fryer cook delicious recipes (4)

Cooking Performance

We love that this air fryer cooks everything to perfection. But, it outperforms most models in making crispy foods like fried chicken and fries.

What we like most about it is that the food always ends up with an even crisp and delicious. And so you do not have to worry about one side of your fries being crispier than the other.

Again we also found that its smaller size helps with heat retention. Thus, your small batches of fries or veggies will cook much faster.

Who should buy this air fryerIf you do not have a lot of space to spare on your counter, this air fryer will be a perfect choice. Also, it is a good buy if you love your fries and onion rings with an extra crisp.

PowerXL Normal Air Fryers

7. PowerXL 10 QT Turbo Air Fryer  

PowerXL 10 QT Turbo Air Fryer


  • Family size cooking capacity
  • It will replace multiple kitchen appliances
  • Easy to monitor food as it cooks
  • Faster and easier cleanup


  •  A little bulky and top heavy

Main Features and Unique Benefits

The extra large glass cooking bowl on the PowerXL 10 QT Turbo Air Fryer gives it a highly impressive look. But, it is not just for show. It also ensures the 10-quart air fryer oven can cook lots of food in a single batch. 

This large-capacity model still has more to offer than this. For instance, it is a multifunction appliance that can bake and roast. Also, it takes almost no effort to clean as the accessories are dishwasher safe.

The heating element is powerful enough to cook frozen foods. Also, it heats up to optimal cooking temperature super fast. You will not need to waste much time preheating. Around 3 to 5 minutes of preheating should be enough. 3-5 minutes is half the time it would take to preheat most other air fryer ovens.

This unit seems quite bulky and top-heavy. But, both should not be deal breakers as they do not affect how well it cooks or its ease of use.

Best Power Xl Air Fryer cook delicious recipes (11)

Cooking Performance

If you cook large batches of food for a family, this air fryer will not disappoint. Its efficient hot air circulation system means you can cook anything to perfection.

That said, what impressed us most was its rotisserie cooking function. It can rotisserie a 6-pound chicken or 14-pound turkey to perfection. And you also get to monitor it cook through the glass. Also, if you love making kebabs, this air fryer does a good job. 

Who should buy this air fryerPurchase this air fryer version if you want something that can cook large batches of food.

8. PowerXL 7 in 1 6 QT Air Fryer Pro  

PowerXL Air Fryer Pro Crisp Cook Rotisserie  Dehydrate 7-in-1 Cooking


  • Heats up almost instantly
  • Easy grip and stay cool handle
  • Multiple cooking functions
  • Sleek finish with several color choices
  • Easy-to-use controls


  • Burnt plastic smell

Main Features and Unique Benefits

The PowerXL 7 in 1 6 QT Air Fryer Pro might look like your ordinary air fryer oven, but it is far from that. For starters, it heats up almost instantly, unlike other basket-style air fryers. 

Cooking with this appliance is also almost effortless. There is a preset for all the typical air-fried dishes. And it supports several cooking functions, including rotisserie. 

Better still, the appliance features an easy-to-use digital touch control panel. The digital controls are more intuitive than the analog ones in many other air fryers. We also like how easy it is to handle even when hot. The basket handle has a nice grip and stays cool, ensuring safe and easy handling.

Again the burnt plastic smell seems to be the only significant concern with this air fryer. But, it should be clear by now that the smell dissipates after a few uses. Also, you can reduce it by cleaning and preheating the air fryer oven before the first use.

Best Power Xl Air Fryer cook delicious recipes (13)

Cooking Performance

If you have been looking for an easy way to make some authentic kebabs, this is the air fryer for you. Besides the fact it comes with the skewers, the turbo cyclonic air gives the kebabs a nice crispy texture. And it still keeps the interior nice and juicy.

Also, we noticed that finger foods and other breaded dishes like fish filet cook well. They always come out crispier than when using other models. And it cooks them quite fast. You will hardly ever have to wait more than 20 minutes.

Who should buy this air fryerWe recommend this air fryer for a home cook looking for something that makes rotisserie effortless. It cooks fast and efficiently and will be ideal for a person with a busy schedule.

9. PowerXL Air Fryer 7 QT Maxx Classic 

PowerXL Air Fryer 7 QT Maxx Classic Extra Hot Air Fry


  • Delivers even food crisping
  • Quiet operation
  • Optimal air flow thanks to innovative basket design
  • No lengthy preheating
  • Comfortable and cool touch handle


  • Need better grease management system

Main Features and Unique Benefits

PowerXL Air Fryer 7 QT Maxx Classic delivers some of the crispiest food you can make in an air fryer. The classic basket-style air fryer uses Maxx crisp technology. It produces superheated air (up to 400°F) and rapidly circulates it around the food for an extra crisp. Also, its innovative basket design ensures optimal airflow for more even crisping.

And you will not even need to preheat the air fryer for several minutes. The efficient heating element ensures it gets to the right cooking temperature instantly.

This air fryer will hardly make any noise when cooking. The beeps and alerts are also not as loud as what other air fryers produce.

Home cooks also appreciate that it is easy to handle even when hot. The handle stays cool, unlike many models where it also gets super hot. Better yet, the handle has a comfortable grip. And so you can take out the food with less hassle.

The most common issue with the air fryer is the grease and dripping management system. It does not seem well thought out, and it is easy to make a mess.

Best Power Xl Air Fryer cook delicious recipes (7)

Cooking Performance

Foods that require an extra crisp, like fries and onion rings, also cook well in this appliance. Besides the crispiness, we love its cooking speed and the fact it is super easy to set up when cooking.

This air fryer also cooks bacon well. But, it can leave a huge greasy mess behind. It does not seem to have a good grease catchment system. Unless you do not mind wiping grease from your counter, you might want to use something else for your bacon.

Who should buy this air fryer – Buy this air fryer if you do a lot of high-heat cooking. It is also a good choice if you want something that can deliver extra crispiness every time.

10. Power Air Fryer XL 5.3 Quart  

Power Air Fryer XL 5.3 Quart


  • Cooks super fast
  • Shuts down automatically when food is ready
  • Requires little attention when cooking
  • Does not make a mess


  • The basket loses its nonstick property after a while

Main Features and Unique Benefits

The Power Air Fryer XL 5.3 Quart is a simple kitchen appliance that makes air frying hassle-free. It is an easy-to-use model with simple digital controls. And it uses a powerful heating element that ensures super-fast cooking. Most of your favorite foods and snacks will cook in 15 to 20 minutes.

Also, it will not require a lot of attention when cooking. You only need to remember to shake at the halfway mark, and that is it. The air fryer will also shut down automatically when the food is ready to prevent burning.

Unlike our previous model, you never have to worry about making a mess when cooking greasy foods. The drippings and grease management system on this air fryer seems more effective.

One shortcoming is that the basket will lose its nonstick property after a while. But this is typical of many models we have tried out in the past. Simply greasing the basket before use should make it nonsticky enough.

Best Power Xl Air Fryer cook delicious recipes (1)

Cooking Performance

While you can air fryer, roast, and do much more on this air fryer, we love how well it bakes. You can make some nice, crunchy chocolate chip cookies or bake small cakes on this air fryer.

Crispy is its most outstanding advantage, when you cook pork chops, it will only take 5 minutes to make it juicy inside and crispy outside, while “5 minutes” is faster than conventional ovens.

Who should buy this air fryerThe 5.3-quart capacity makes this air fryer a good choice for a family of 4 or fewer people.

Key Features of the PoweXL Air Fryers

The features you get on your PowerXL air fryer depend on the specific model you buy. But, here are the key ones in most of their models.

1. Many cooking functions

PowerXL designs its air fryers to support multiple cooking functions. Even their most basic basket-style air fryer oven still has the following:

  • Air fry
  • Bake
  • Roast
  • Toast
  • Reheat/warm

Some models have cooking functions like slow cook, broil, grill, and dehydrate. These cooking functions mean that their air fryer will replace several other appliances. 

With one of their air fryer models, you may never need to use a toaster oven, grill, or convectional oven.

2. Rapid air technology

Rapid air technology is one of the highlights of the PowerXL air fryers. The technology ensures you get the crispiest foods and an excellent texture.

With rapid air technology, the food is heated from all directions. It will also cook faster and more evenly. You do not need to keep tossing or flipping food as it cooks, giving you a hassle-free cooking experience.

Best Power Xl Air Fryer cook delicious recipes (10)

3. Turbo-cyclonic power

Some PowerXL air fryers will use turbo-cyclonic power. It is what delivers that golden crisp and excellent texture that makes the brand famous.

The technology is similar to rapid air technology. Its main goal is to surround the food with super-heated hot air in all directions. This way, everything cooks evenly to crispy perfection.

4. One-touch controls

You can always be sure of an easy time using PowerXL air fryers, thanks to the one-touch controls. The highly sensitive controls allow you to set up the air fryer quickly. And they make navigating through the different settings hassle-free.

What’s more, all the controls are clearly labeled for easy use. The manual also includes directions for using each button. There are still a few of their air fryers that come with a basic dual knob. But, it is still pretty straightforward to use.

5. Oil-free air frying

You will hardly ever need to use any oil on the PowerXL air fryers. The powerful heating elements ensure food cooks perfectly with little or no oil. Efficient cooking technologies like rapid air circulation are also extremely useful here.

But, while it is possible to cook with no oil, you should still follow what your recipe recommends. Many recipes will suggest drizzling some oil for extra crispiness. 

You will hardly need to use more than 1 or 2 tablespoons of oil with a PowerXL air fryer. And so you still make much healthier foods compared to deep-fried ones.

6. Convenient presets

Depending on your PowerXL air fryer version, you will get anything from 5 to dozens of presets. These presets are super convenient. They eliminate the need to master cooking time and temperature for common food types.

The air fryer automatically sets the right time and temperature when you select a preset. For example, if you want to air fry frozen french fries, you only need to pop in the basket and press the preset. The air fryer then sets the time and temperature. Then you only need to press start and wait for the fries to cook.

But, this PowerXL air fryer still allows you to customize time and temperature. And so you do not always have to use a preset.

Best Power Xl Air Fryer cook delicious recipes (7)

7. Multiple accessories

Like everything else, the accessories you get with your PowerXL air fryer depend on the model. But, the manufacturer includes everything you need to use all cooking functions. 

For example, suppose you opt for the large-capacity PowerXL Turbo Air Fryer. The manufacturer will provide a rotating fry basket, rotisserie set, and 3 crisper trays. The accessories support various cooking functions.

8. Easy to clean

Almost any PowerXL air fryer you choose will be easy to clean. The company makes most of its products with dishwasher-safe parts. You only need to throw the accessories into the top rack of your dishwasher to clean them.

Any parts that are not dishwasher-safe are also still quite easy to clean. Simply clean them in the sink with warm soapy water and a soft sponge. But, avoid using detergents with a strong scent. It is possible to transfer the smell to your food.

Who makes PowerXL air fryers?

PowerXL air fryers and their other kitchen appliances are manufactured by Tristar Products. Tristar also makes air fryers for other leading brands, such as Emeril Lagasse.

Tristar has its headquarters in Shanghai, China. It also has a high-volume production facility in China, where most PowerXL air fryers are manufactured.

The PowerXL air fryers are then marketed and distributed globally by Empower Brands, LCC. 

Are PoweXL air fryers easy to use?

PowerXL air fryers are designed to give all users an easy time, including the newbies. Everything from the actual setup to the features is straightforward.

For starters, there is nothing much you need to do during the initial setup. A simple clean-up of the accessories and preheating to burn packaging oils is enough.

Regarding the actual use, the easy-to-use controls and presets make things effortless. And to crown it all, each model comes with a detailed user manual.

Best Power Xl Air Fryer cook delicious recipes (6)

Do PowerXL air fryers need pre-heating?

PowerXL air fryers heat up quickly, so you can often still cook well without preheating. Also, many air fryer recipes do not need any preheating.

Preheating is a good idea when cooking from a cold start. It should only take a few minutes to preheat. But, you can still just pop the food in and add 3 minutes to your total cooking time. The extra minutes compensate for the preheating time.

PowerXL air fryer recipes

Each PowerXl air fryer will come with a free cookbook. The recipes in the cookbooks are not just generic. They are created by professional chefs and tailored for the specific air fryer. This ensures the best cooking outcomes.

The recipes are quite diverse. They include everything from simple french fries to tater tots and chicken wings. Also, we love how well they are illustrated and that the directions are simple and easy to understand.

Besides the cookbook, you can still get many other ideas of what you can cook in your PowerXL air fryer online. There are some fantastic PowerXL air fryer recipes on the brand’s website.

PowerXL air fryer manual

You will get a detailed manual with every PowerXL air fryer. The manual provides directions for setting up and utilizing all the cooking functions, you can also get a PDF version on their official website for a quick look.

Best substitute to Power xl air fryer: Cosori Pro Air Fryer Oven Combo 



  • Square basket design – The square basket design maximizes the cooking capacity. And it also gives the air fryer a sleek look. Despite being a 5.8-quart model, it can hold almost as much food as the 6-quart PowerXL Grill Air Fryer Combo 6 QT 12-in-1. 
  • 300+ recipes – Most PowerXL air fryers will come with a few dozen recipes. But, Cosori gives you a free booklet with more than 300 recipes. There is a recipe for almost anything you can think of, which is quite impressive.
  • Shake reminder – With the shaking alert, you never have to worry about forgetting to shake/toss your food.
  • Easy cleaning – The basket is detachable and dishwasher-safe to ensure easy cleaning. And so, like PowerXL air fryers, this one will give you an easy time when cleaning.


  • Loud beep – The beeps and alerts can be quite loud and annoying. The worst part is that there is no way to turn them off. Most PowerXL air fryers produce a more moderate sound.
  • Plastic smell – This is typical of most air fryers. PowerXL air fryers also have the same issue. But cleaning and preheating before first use takes care of this.
Best Power Xl Air Fryer cook delicious recipes (3)

There is no doubt that PowerXL is a fantastic air fryer brand. The company also has a variety of air fryer brands with different features to suit everyone. But, if the brand still does not have something for you, Cosori Pro Air Fryer Oven Combo is a perfect alternative.

Cosori is also a highly reputable brand. The company uses a combination of features to ensure this air fryer cooks well and is easy to use. The features include 11 cooking presets, shake reminders, and digital touch screen controls.


PowerXL is a highly reliable brand that has an air fryer for everyone. Whether you prefer a simple basket-style model or a grill air fryer, there is something for you in our reviews. You only need to choose what suits your specific needs and get it today.

So, would you like to try one of these amazing PowerXL air fryers? Or do you already have one? Let me know in the comments sections. And remember to share this article to help other food lovers!

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