You Can Put a Metal Pan or Skewers In An Air Fryer, There are 10 Substitutes You Can Choose from!

Can you put metal in an air fryer is a frequently asked question for someone who just bought an air fryer. The Answer is Yes. You can use metal equipment in your air fryer, you can also use any kinds of ovenproof tools in the air fryer, no matter if it’s made of metal, glass, ceramic or silicone.

With the right air fryer accessory, you can try all recipes from your kitchen and achieve the best result. According to our 18 hours of research, with the guide of materials science, this article will show you a clear mind on the material in the air fryer, so that you don’t need to search for these related questions again in the future!

Can You Put Metal Such as Pan or Skewers in An Air Fryer?

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An air fryer is worth having as a kitchen appliance as it is versatile and easy to use. But can you put metal in an air fryer? The answer is yes; you can put a metal bowl in an air fryer, provided it is oven safe.

What am I trying to imply? If the metal bowl can go into the oven, it will go into the air fryer; it can be oven-safe or oven-proof utensils. 

Even if a microwave has a similar appearance to an air fryer, it will never function as an air fryer, although they both create almost intense instant heat. Moreover, air fryers do not work with electromagnetic fields or radiation like microwaves; thus, the metal bowl won’t react with the air fryer.

Why you can use Oven-Safe Metal in the air fryer?

The reason why you put an oven-safe metal bowl in the air fryer is similar to an oven. An air fryer and oven are similar appliance types and thus have a similar effect on non-safe and oven-safe materials.

Also, most pans, bowls, and pots are designed to hold intense temperatures for a long time with no risks of melting, cracking, or destruction. The pans, bowls, and pots can be stainless steel, cast iron, and aluminum.

What Metal Can’t Be Put in An Air Fryer?

As far as you can put oven-safe metal such as pans, bowls, and pots in your air fryer, you should also be concerned if they are suitable for use in an air fryer. 

Please never cook using painted pans, bowls, pots, or other painted utensils. Why? Paints aren’t designed to withstand heat and can emit toxic plastic fumes that cause health issues.

What If You Don’t Put Oven-Safe Metal in An Air Fryer?

Air fryers work at high temperatures making your food crispy. If you do not cook using oven-safe metal, you will be risking your health since the metal compounds will begin to break and leech the air-fried food. 

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10 Substitutes of Metal You Can Use in the Air Fryer 

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1. Ceramic Containers

Ceramic means ceramic coating cookware and ceramic crockery like plates, cups, and bowls that do not have metal. The ceramic cookware and crockery are great for air frying since they keep their structure and shape at high temperatures.

But if the ceramic cup or bowl contains decorative additions, it might not be safe to use in the air fryer. So, it is good to check with your manufacturer; if you do not have enough information, don’t risk it.

2. Glass Containers Such as Pie and Roasting Dishes

The benefit of using glass containers is that they allow you to see through, especially if you want to watch your cooking or baking. Besides being transparent, it warms up quickly and does not hold on to past food flavors.

Cooking instruments and pans under a straight flame do not use glass materials. But the material is usually used in bakeware like pie dishes and roasting dishes.

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Also, you can use it in your air fryer as it resists oven temperatures. However, you will need to let it cool down slowly since plunging the glass’s temperature faster makes it shatter.

3. Stainless Steel Such as Steel Bowl, Pan, and Pot

Many households use a steel bowl, pan, and pot. The stainless steel bowl, pan, and pot are perfect for cooking dishes that need frying and making yummy sauces. It is good to use a steel bowl, pan, or pot with no melting attachment when cooking in an air fryer.

A stainless steel bowl, pan, and pot often feature plastic sections or handles, making them not perfect for use in the air fryer. And because of the air fryer’s space, it is good to use a steel bowl and pot with no loop handles. If unsure about your stainless steel bowl and pot, don’t risk it since several options exist.

4. Aluminum Pan or Foil

An aluminum foil and pan are the most common metals used in air fryers. When using the aluminum foil, ensure that it does not limit airflow and that your foods hold it down to avoid contacting the heating element. Aluminum containers, foil pans, and bowls are susceptible and heat resistant.

5. Tin Foil

Although tin foil is not the same as aluminum foil, they function similarly. You can use tin foil if you want to cook food in your air by placing foods on it for easier basket cleanup. Just like an aluminum foil, ensure that the tin foils go to the air fryer basket only for the best result.

6. Cast Iron Such as Cast Iron Skillets

Pans and skillets designed with cast iron are the most popular cookware you can use in the air fryer. One of the major benefits of cast iron is that it can maintain heat and keep past food flavors.

7. Parchment Paper

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Parchment paper is one of the air fryer accessories you should not miss in your kitchen if you want to save yourself from basket cleaning. It makes cleanup easy as it holds drips and prevents food from sticking to the air fryer basket. Besides, it can withstand high temperatures of 428 degrees F.

8. Silicone Containers Such as Muffin Containers and Silicone Loaf

I know you won’t believe it, but silicone goes into the air fryer. The silicone’s flexible, pliable yet soft material of muffin and silicone loaf is perfect for baking.

Yes, silicone is a plastic type, but the unique thing about it is that it does not melt unless placed on a fire. It means you can use it in the air fryers and ovens, although you will need to check whether the silicone molds are made for cooking or baking. 

The major benefit of silicone is that it is easy to remove food or baked cakes from your containers; thus, easy to clean the basket. 

9. Non Stick Teflon Containers

Some people are against Teflon, but its pros make it worthy because, with a non-stick Teflon container, your food will not scratch if you use the right item. Another thing is that with Teflon, you are sure that food will not stick to your container, meaning the muffins will always fall out effortlessly.

10. Oil Such as Avocado oil

The air fryer circulates hot air around your food, making it crispy and crunchy. And throughout the eating process, air fryers use little to no oil hence healthy meals.

But you can not just use any oil as it can produce a toxic smell destroying your delicious food. I recommend you use avocado oil and read your air fryer manual before using it.

What Can You Not Put in An Air Fryer?


The air fryers circulate hot air around your food, and plastic containers are prone to melting down as the temperatures of the air fryer can go to 400 degrees F. Also, if plastic is used in an air fryer, it can permanently destroy it.


Wood items are not best to put inside your air fryers since they are neither heat-resistant nor oven-safe, but they can be used for grill

Painted Metals

Paints aren’t designed to withstand heat as they will ruin instantly and can emit toxic fumes to your food, the toxic smell will make you headaches, eye-watering, dizziness, and breathing problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Put Plates in the Air Fryer?

The answer is yes, provided the plates are heatproof and oven safe rated. However, you cannot place plastic plates and cups in your air fryer. Please use appropriate glass, metal, or ceramic plates.

Can I Use a Ceramic Bowl in the Air Fryer?

Yes, you can use ceramic bowls in the air fryer, provided it is oven safe. Besides, ceramic bowls can withstand high heat, and there are many ceramic air fryers in the market now.

Can You Put a Pyrex Dish in An Air Fryer?

If the pyrex dish is oven-proof, you can put it in the air fryer. But remember, air fryers change temperature faster and can make it fracture.

Can I Put Cardboard in An Air Fryer?

Nop, the air fryer’s heat can burn down the cardboard as it uses a high temperature of up to 400 degrees F, but some cardboard made of special material withstand the temperature over 1000 degrees F, you’d better check the guide of the cardboard.

Can I Put Corelle in the Air Fryer

An air fryer uses a high temperature of 500 degrees F, and corolla dishes can withstand the temperature of 350 degrees F. However, the corolla dish has a stable three-layer structure, making it suitable for hot kitchen temperatures.

Final Thoughts

We often do not know which metal is safe to use in an air fryer. You can use a ceramic, glass, or metal bowl in your air fryer provided it is oven safe. There are many air fryer accessories you can try when you cook, they can not only make your food become more delicious but also can make you less work to do such as cleaning after enjoying the food, so just start to try them today!

Also, avoid plastics or any other unsuitable materials as they can damage your brilliant machine. Remember to leave a comment and feel free to share your experience with the air fryer.

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