Is it safe for you to put wax paper in an air fryer? No! But we have solutions and alternatives.

The answer is No, you can’t put wax paper in an air fryer. As this type of paper is not heat-resistant, it is supposed to be used only at room temperature or below, but we can choose another way to prevent food sticky.

I will show you 5 tips to solve this problem, which is according to my 4 years of experience about cook with an air fryer. It’s necessary for you to know this guide, you will enjoy the best taste of food and won’t mix the taste of different cooking times.

Cooking in an air fryer can sometimes cause the food to stick to the inside of the appliance. Therefore, a lot of people are wondering whether that can be prevented with wax paper or some other type of foil. In today’s article, we are going to cover some of the most common questions about air fryers and talk about why using wax paper is not the best idea and what are the most ideal alternatives to wax paper. 

What Is The Purpose Of Wax Paper?

wax paper

This wax paper is quite soft and covered in wax. People most commonly use wax paper to wrap up certain types of food, such as sandwiches and hamburgers. The main reason this paper is covered in wax is to prevent water and air from leaking out or soaking into it. This type of paper is a perfect choice if you want to keep your food fresh. 

Is It Safe To Put Wax Paper In An Air Fryer?

As the wax paper isn’t designed to be used in an air fryer, you should always avoid putting it in an air fryer. Don’t forget that there are much better alternatives to wax paper that are specifically designed to be used at very high temperatures. On the other hand, if the wax paper gets in touch with the heating element of the air fryer, it could cause the paper to burn. 

We have got the truth, so here comes a solution:

How to Prevent Food from Sticking to Your Air Fryer

Food sticking to your air fryer doesn’t only ruin your food, but it also results in unnecessary cleaning. Not to forget that cleaning an air fryer can sometimes get messy and difficult. Therefore, here are some of the best tips you can use to prevent your food from sticking: 

  1. Use a little bit of oil: Even though it may seem healthier and more appealing to cook without oil, using a small amount will never be an issue. So, before you put food in the fryer, rub it with some oil. This way it will end up being more crispy and is less likely to stick to the heating element. 
  2. Spray the basket with oil spray: Aside from putting small amounts of oil on the food, you can also use a vegetable oil spray as a great protective measure. We highly recommend you do this if you are planning on frying food that is prone to sticking. Some of those foods are fish sticks, chicken parmesan, fried chicken, etc. 
  3. Use some type of foil: Using aluminum foil or parchment paper might be one of the best solutions to this problem. Aside from the fact that they prevent sticking, it is also easier to take the food out of the fryer. 

Is there any alternative to wax paper? YES!

Parchment Paper Vs Wax Paper 

If you have ever heard of or seen parchment paper, you might be wondering what makes it better for air fryers than wax paper. First off, the wax paper has a thin layer of wax on each side that makes it moisture-resistant. It is also less expensive and can easily be found in almost any supermarket. 

On the other hand, parchment paper is covered in silicone and thus, it is nonstick. Not only that but it is also grease and heat-resistant. Believe it or not, almost all kinds of parchment paper can endure up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. 

How To Use Parchment Paper

When it comes to using parchment paper in an air fryer, the best tip you can stick to is to put the parchment paper at the same time you put the food. This way the paper won’t lift up or get in contact with the heating element. Furthermore, when cooking is done, the clean-up process is also extremely simple. 

Top 3 Parchment Paper

Reynolds Kitchens 

reyonlds parchment paper for air fryer

This brand offers various types of cooking papers in many different sizes. This particular model had one roll of parchment paper that is 36 feet long and 15 inches wide. Another great thing about it is that it is completely reliable and reusable. You can use one piece of this paper up to 3 times. Plus, this paper is nonstick and can be easily cut to fit your fryer.

If You Care

if you can parchment paper for air fryer

If You Care parchment paper offers one of the best price-to-quality ratios. While this brand provides 70 square feet of baking paper, others offer only up to 40 square feet for the same price. It can be used not only for baking, but for reheating, roasting, and wrapping as well. Moreover, this paper won’t affect the taste of your food in any way. 


Hiware parchment paper for air fryer

Hiware offers 200 pieces of parchment paper that are not only quite thick, but also unleashed, healthy, and natural. It is made out of natural wood pulp and thus, it is water and oil-proof, fluorescent-free, and BPA-free. Another great advantage of Hiware parchment paper is that it won’t curl when used at very high temperatures. 

Can You Put Aluminum Foil In An Air Fryer?

Aside from parchment paper, you can also use aluminum foil to prevent food from sticking to the heating element of your air fryer. Still, you should avoid covering any of the critical parts of the fryer as it could cause damage to the appliance. Not only that but it could also cause uneven cooking. Therefore, make sure to always use a small amount of foil to cover the bottom of the fryer basket. If that doesn’t work for you, you can also just wrap your food in it. 

Even if you choose the right paper, don’t miss any step on how to clean the air fryer!

How To Clean An Air Fryer

Air fryers are the most essential appliance in the kitchen for someone who is into fried food. As they require minimal amounts of oil to get the job done, they are also a healthier alternative to deep-frying. Still, in order to always have good-tasting food and an air fryer that’s working properly, you need to clean and maintain it properly.  Therefore, we are going to cover the process of cleaning briefly to help you clean an air fryer easily

how to clean air fryer
  1. Find The Necessary Supplies: Before you even begin the cleaning there are certain supplies you should have. Aside from paper towels, and approved cleaning sanitizers, you will also need a soft bristle scrub brush, a nonabrasive sponge, and microfiber cloths. 
  2. Let The Fryer Cool Down: You should start cleaning the fryer until it completely cools down. Therefore, unplug the fryer and let it cool for at least half an hour. Once you have done that, you can take out all the removable parts such as the pan, tray, and basket. 
  3. Clean The Parts: Once you have dipped the removable parts in hot soapy water, let them sit for about 15 – 20 minutes. After that, you can start scrubbing them with a nonabrasive sponge. Ideally, you can also use baking soda for even more effective cleaning. 
  4. Wipe Down The Interior: Using a nonabrasive sponge or a microfiber cloth, start wiping down the interior of the appliance. Once you are sure it is clean enough, wipe the soap off with a damp, clean piece of cloth. 
  5. Wipe Down The Exterior: As air fryers require very little oil, the exterior is less likely to get oily and dirty. However, once it does, you can use the same sanitizer you used for the interior to clean the exterior of the air fryer. 
  6. Reassemble The Fryer: Last but not least, take a look at every part and curve of the fryer to ensure it is completely clean. If it is, reassemble the parts back together. 
how to clean air fryer

Things To Avoid When Cleaning

We highly recommend you avoid using any type of disinfectant when cleaning an air fryer. Disinfectants are not the best option when it comes to cleaning food-contact surfaces. Instead, you should aim for iodine, chlorine, or quaternary ammonium, as they are approved sanitizers for this type of task. 

FryOilSaver offers great streaming quaternary tablets that are specifically designed to clean food-contact surfaces. They are not only simple to use but also premeasured, meaning you should use 1 tablet for 1 gallon of water. These tablets are known for being very effective at removing all kinds of infectious things that can accumulate in an air fryer. 

How Often Should You Clean 

If you want the best results and best-tasting food, you should clean the air fryer after each use. This way you will avoid any type of unnecessary and unwanted buildup of gunk. However, there are certain parts of an air fryer that don’t need to be cleaned that often. While the fryer’s pan, tray, and basket should be cleaned after each use, the exterior parts can be cleaned from time to time. 

Our Bottom Line

If you are a fan of fried food, buying an air fryer might be the best investment you can make. With this appliance, you can always get perfectly fried food with very little oil. This way the food never gets soggy and the kitchen will never get messy. As wax paper is not designed to be used at high temperatures, you can prevent food from sticking by using either parchment paper or aluminum foil. Also, don’t forget to clean the air fryer with  Professional tools.

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