Where to Store Air Fryer: Choose these 7 Places and 5 Tools

You purchase your first air fryer. What now? Where do you store it so that you can use it without fuss? And, so that it’s safe? It could be, you haven’t purchased your air fryer yet precisely because you are afraid of using it safely. Rest assured, there is no reason why you can’t go and purchase one right now! We’ll assist you in getting the right information and giving you peace of mind.

With all the information that we are going to give, you can be sure that you’ll choose the correct place, and be able to use it any time you want. So many people just shove their fryer in the cupboard and forget about it, let’s make sure that doesn’t happen to you!

What will happen if you don’t store the air fryer properly

This a question that many ask us all the time. Why is it so important to place your air fryer correctly in the kitchen, and what will happen if you don’t store it properly? There are a couple of things that you need to know about not storing and placing your air fryer correctly.

· If you place it too close to the wall, your air fryer will not get enough ventilation to work properly. The fryer may get hot and the motor could burn out.

· If you place the air fryer too close to an electrical outlet, air could blow on the electrical outlets and it might cause serious electrical problems.

· If you place the air fryer on a countertop that is delicate and not heat resistant, it may burn the countertop and damage it permanently.  

Where to place your air fryer

There are actually a couple of recommended places where you can store your air fryer and you will definitely be able to find one of them in your home.

1. Countertop

For many, placing their air fryer on a countertop makes sense. It’s easy to get to when you want to use it, and you don’t need to find that much space get it done. When you are choosing the countertop as your storage space, you need to make sure that there is enough space around the air fryer for ventilation and that it isn’t too close to the outlet.

2. Under the cabinets, when not in use

If you are someone who doesn’t use their air fryer frequently, then you might want to look for space under your cabinets. This is only if you have a basket-type air fryer. The oven-style ones won’t fit into any cabinet! A cabinet is a great option when you don’t have lots of counter space and you want to keep everything as clear as possible. Something important to remember is that you need to let your air fryer cool down completely before you can store it away.

3. On a kitchen island

If you are so lucky to have a kitchen island, this is the perfect place to put your air fryer on. Not only is the air fryer out of the way, but it is easily accessible. If you have an electrical outlet on your island, even better! You can plug your fryer in and use it. It is still important to make sure that the air fryer can’t get pulled off the island or be too close to the edge. You also need to make sure that the surface of your island is heat-resistant before using the fryer on it.

4. Top of the fridge

Even if this is a great storage place for an air fryer, it isn’t the best option if you have other storage options for your fryer. This place might work if your fridge isn’t too high and if there is space for the fryer. But, you will not be able to use it while it is on the fridge and you will need to make sure that the fryer cools down completely before you can store it there again. It’s also worth bearing in mind that this equipment can be heavy.

5. Near an electric outlet

Yes, it is always great to store an electrical appliance like a fryer near an electric outlet. This makes it way easier to use, of course! However, as we’ve already mentioned, it shouldn’t be too close to the outlet. This could cause both heat and moisture to get into the socket and cause electrical problems. When you are using the fryer, ensure enough ventilation for the heat to escape, and make sure that the fryer is cold before you place it near the outlet again.

6. Storage Room

If you are so lucky to have a storage room, you can always make space for your large air fryer there. However, the downside is that you won’t use the air fryer all the time, as it can be a hassle to get it out again. You might even forget about your fryer and end up using older methods, which would be a terrible waste! If you are using the storage room, make sure that you place the air fryer near the front to ensure that you see it every time you walk into the storage room. It will be out of the way, and you can just get it when you want to use it.

7. Pantry or Closet

This is basically the same as the storage room, with the exception that you are probably using the pantry a lot more than the storage room. This means that you will be able to use it frequently. But, you always need to make sure that it is secure and that it won’t fall off any shelves. Also, it is easily accessible to you. Not many kitchens have a pantry though, and this means that this may be a limited option for storage.

What is the best surface to place your air fryer on?

It is important to know that when you are placing your air fryer on your countertop or kitchen island if it is the wrong type, you may damage your surface. However, the good news is that there is some equipment that you can use under your air fryer to protect surfaces from heat damage. These are the top three materials or tools that you we’ve found to place underneath the fryer.

1. Heat-resistant rack, mat silicone

You can make use of the heat-resistant rack, or the mat silicone rack by placing them underneath your fryer. This will easily protect your surface from heat damage. There are plenty of different sizes and colors available, so you can purchase one that will fit in with your kitchen or air fryer perfectly.

2. Ceramic plate

You already might use the ceramic plate to place your hot pots on your countertops for protection. Now you can also use those same ceramic plates to protect your surface from the heat of an air fryer. These ceramic plates, also known as countertop shields, can withstand the heat of 350 degrees Fahrenheit. This means they can protect the surface from your very hot fryer.

3. Stable place

Any place stable enough for your air fryer will ultimately work. You could even use it on the stovetop, and store it away when it has cooled down. It is essential to always choose a stable place when using your fryer anyway because it can get very hot and accidents can happen quickly.

The places you should avoid storing the air fryer

There are a couple of places or surfaces that you should avoid when storing your air fryer. Here are some of the more common mistakes that people make, which make them regret purchasing an air fryer after. By understanding the places where you should avoid placing an air fryer, it should be easier to avoid these mistakes.

· On delicate surfaces like marble countertops. These countertops are expensive, almost impossible to repair, and can only take a certain amount of heat.

· On plastic surfaces that aren’t designed for heat. Plastic can melt easily and it is recommended that you never place something as hot as an air fryer on plastic. It will ruin the plastic surface and it will ruin your fryer.

· It is also important to make sure that you consider not placing the fryer near the edge of any surface. Especially in a home with small children. It will increase the chance that the child can pull the fryer off the counter and become burned.

5 Small kitchen appliance storage tools

We have talked about the places where you can store or place your air fryer in the kitchen. But, what about making use of other kitchen tools that could make storing and using the fryer even easier? Here are our top 5 recommendations!.

1. Rolling cart

A rolling cart like the Sywhitta 3-tier plastic rolling utility cart can be a great tool to use to place your air fryer. This is a cart that has wheels so that you can roll it out of the way when you don’t use it. They are well-known to be great for adding storage space in your kitchen.

This rolling cart has three shelves, but you can also choose one with four or even 5 shelves. It depends on how much space you actually need. It is made from plastic, is lightweight, and is large enough for placing most fryers on.

2. Shelving

When you are considering shelving for added storage space where you can put your air fryer, then you can consider something like the Amazon basic 3-shelf adjustable heavy-duty storage shelving unit. It is a lot sturdier than it looks, and will be able to hold most air fryers.

With this shelving rack, you can choose between wheels or no wheels. And, you can choose from three shelves to 5 shelves, with narrow shelves for smaller kitchens. It is affordable, and you can enjoy some added space and a great tool to use for storage of your air fryer and other small appliances.

3. Microwave Stand

You might have seen this before. A stand where you can place your microwave on. There are also added racks where you can store other kitchen essentials on, too. So how about making use of this added storage space for placing an air fryer? The Vasagle Alinru kitchen baker’s rack and microwave oven stand are great, versatile examples.

It comes in different colors, and in different sizes. There is a total of six shelves that you can use, and it is easy to install. These storage shelves are floor-mounted racks and not those racks that you can place on the counter.

4. Cube organizer

This is the latest way to get organized in your kitchen, making use of cube organizers. It’s easy to use them for your air fryer. There is a huge selection of different styles, shapes, and sizes to choose from. When we think about the cube organizer, we think about the Furinno Luder bookcase or storage unit – one of the more popular out there.

The only problem that you might have with the cube organizers, is that you will need to know the amount of space you have in order to install them in your kitchen in the first place, a bit of a chicken and egg situation!

5. Kitchen island cart

If you want to use your kitchen island for storing your air fryer, then you should consider getting something like the kitchen island cart. This is a cart that you place on top of your island for added space. One island cart that we often refer is the Amazon basic kitchen storage microwave rack cart. It even comes with wheels if you want to move the cart around. The cart is fully adjustable and is durable enough to place your air fryer on. It is also easy to assemble in our experience.

Can I put an air fryer on the countertop?

Here you need to be very careful. There are a couple of things you need to know in order to understand if you can put an air fryer on a particular countertop or not. Different countertops are made from different materials. If you have a countertop from marble, then this might not be a good idea to put the air fryer onto the countertop, as it isn’t heat resistant.

It is important to make sure that you understand and know whether your countertop is heat resistant. If you are unsure, you might want to make use of the heat-resistant material that we talked about earlier, and use it underneath the air fryer for protection.

Most people prefer to place the air fryer on top of a rack or shelve in order to provide protection to the countertops. Some homes have expensive countertops that they don’t want to ruin. It never hurts to place a heat-resistant material between your countertop and the air fryer.

Wrap Up

So – where to store your air fryer, and why is it so important to know where you can put your air fryer on? People honestly don’t realize the amount of heat that comes from an air fryer so, if you don’t use it in the right place, it could cause some serious damage.

You can basically place your air fryer anywhere when you aren’t using it. However, when you are using the fryer, you need to make sure it’s in the best position. You need to give it enough room for ventilation, and not too close to an electrical outlet.

Take a close look in your kitchen, and make sure that you find a place that is safe for your air fryer, and your children, by carefully checking the space around the fryer. Make sure that you can easily reach it when you want to use it. Then, you will know for sure that you have the best place to store your air fryer. 

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