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Kimi- writer/editor

My love for food was influenced by my brother, a chef at a 2-star Michelin restaurant, and we often exchange food knowledge together. It’s been 12 years since I first stepped into the kitchen, and with my vast experience and expertise, I will share many ideas on how to make dishes more delicious!
I love to taste food in restaurants all over the country and can’t stop myself, I’m also working on becoming a formal Michelin chef, so feel free to discuss the secrets of the kitchen with me!


Eating is a very healing thing, and cooking is a calming thing. Watching the ingredients slowly change, the food thrown into the pot that is zipping up the smoke is probably the meaning and pursuit of life for me, and the evidence of living in the world is beautiful.
For the sake of family and children’s health and nutrition, just cook what do you want to eat, and constantly try new practices, new ingredients

As a homemaker for 15 years, I will share with you many guides of ingredients and tools in the kitchen

Cade-Chef / Writer

Delicious food is always the eternal pursuit of mankind. I have been interested in various kinds of food and strange kitchen tools since I was a kid, and I started to research many equipment, tools, and recipes to have a better food experience, participating in various food competitions such as The Bocuse d’Or.

The real delicacy needs to be recognized by the public, and we look forward to your feedback on us!