Best 3 Black and Decker Air Fryer Reviews according to 6 points

Black & Decker is one of the most famous kitchen appliance manufacturers. The brand has been around for quite some time. It is more famous for its home improvement products and power tools. But they are now also making some of the best air fryers in the market.

The Black and Decker air fryers offer efficient performance and are more powerful. Also, they often support several cooking functions for versatility. They offer all this while still being some of the most affordable top-brand air fryers in the market.

Black & Decker does not have as many air fryer models as other top brands, but they still have various options. So you still need to know which model will work best for you.

We have collected views from Black & Decker air fryer users in our Facebook forum which have over 30,000 air fryer users. We use this information to give you a roundup of the best models from the company. And we also use our expertise to tell you what to look for when shopping for the best Black and Decker air fryer. Ensure you read to the end so you do not miss anything!

Best 3 Black & Decker Air Fryers – Reviews

1.  Black+Decker TO3265XSSD Extra Wide Crisp ‘N Bake Air Fry Toaster Oven

Black+Decker TO3265XSSD Extra Wide Crisp ‘N Bake Air Fry Toaster Oven

A versatile toaster oven like the Black+Decker TO3265XSSD is very useful in your kitchen. It can make super crispy foods like fries and wings and bake all your favorite pastries. And it does all that without taking up much kitchen counter space.


  • Highly versatile with many cooking functions
  • Large enough capacity
  • Several rack positions
  • Fast and even heating
  • Timer works great
  • Highly affordable


  • Temperature control could be more precise
  • The electric cord is quite short

Key Features and Unique Benefits

1. Extra large cooking capacity

The Black+Decker TO3265XSSD is a compact air fryer oven. But it still has a larger capacity than most other models that come in the same size. It can hold at least 17 liters, which translates to around 18 quarts, making it perfect for cooking for a family.

There is enough room in the air fryer to fit a 13-inch baking pan. It can hence cook at least 5 pounds of french fries. Also, you can toast up to 8 slices of bread or cook a 12-inch pizza.

And the manufacturer provides several pans to support your cooking. We will explain this later when looking at the provided accessories.

2. 5 cooking functions

Black & Decker makes this air fryer to take care of all your cooking. It supports at least 5 cooking functions. The air fry toaster oven eliminates kitchen counter clutter by replacing several appliances.

You can use it for the following:

  • Air fry
  • Bake
  • Broil
  • Toast
  • Keep warm

You can air fry some crispy fries and chicken nuggets. Or you can bake some tasty chocolate chip cookies. Also, the air fryer oven gets hot enough to broil your meat and toast bread or bagels. The toast function allows you to choose your preferred doneness.

3. 60-minute timer

There is a 60-minute timer on this air fryer. You do not have to keep monitoring it as it cooks. The timer allows you to set it and forget; once the food is ready, it will stop cooking.

You can also set the time more precisely, as it is clearly marked in 10 minutes increments. It is also easy to adjust using a simple knob.

4. Complete accessories set

This is an inexpensive air fryer toaster oven that comes with several accessories. Black & Decker provides an air fry basket, baking pan, and broil rack. All the accessories fit perfectly to make it easy to insert and take out food.

Also, you can buy several other accessories for this appliance separately. You should get a bakeware set with cake, muffin pans, and toaster oven liners. These extra accessories will ensure you get the best from the appliance.

5. External crumb tray

An external crumb tray is a highly convenient feature. Black & Decker provides one to make containing messes even easier.

The external tray makes it possible to remove crumbs before they burn. You will not have to worry about your food smelling like burnt crumbs. And you do not have to stop the cooking when emptying the crumb tray.

Most other toaster ovens will include an internal crumb tray. It is still effective at containing the mess. But the crumbs often end up getting burnt before you finish cooking. Hence, the external one on this model is unique and more useful.

6. Easy-view door

The Black+Decker TO3265XSSD includes a large glass door. It makes it easy to monitor the food as it cooks without ever having to open the door.

The larger door also helps make cleaning easier. It provides plenty of space to access the oven’s interior, so you never miss a spot. 

Besides being larger, the glass-view door is also more durable. It will withstand high heat and regular impacts from cookware without shattering. This helps make the air fryer toaster oven even more durable.

Actual Cooking Performance

This Black & Decker is easy to set up, with a straightforward cooking process. You can be sure of an easy cooking experience. All the controls are clearly marked and easy to grasp. You can use it even if you have never used an air fryer.

The most impressive element about cooking on this air fryer is it makes food super crispy. Also, most foods get a pleasant golden brown color. French fries and chicken wings always get a delightfully crisp and fantastic taste.

Also, it cooks faster compared to other air fryer toaster ovens. For instance, chicken wings and drumsticks take as little as 20 minutes. You can make perfect onion rings in 10 minutes, and nuggets take less than 15 minutes.

You will also love the bake function. There is enough room to bake a large cake or several muffins. But what truly makes this the perfect baking appliance is that it will not dry out your pastries.

Who Should Buy this Air Fryer?

You should buy this air fryer if you want a more versatile countertop appliance. It is a perfect replacement for your regular toaster oven. It is also a good buy if you want a more affordable air fryer oven.

2.  Black+Decker HF100WD Purifry Air Fryer 

BLACK+DECKER Purifry 2-Liter Air Fryer, White, HF100WD

The Black+Decker HF100WD is perfect if you prefer a smaller, space-saving air fryer. This air fryer also allows you to cook two different foods simultaneously. And so it will also speed up your cooking and save energy.


  • Can cook two foods at a go
  • Takes up little counter space
  • Easy and quick cleanup
  • Precise temperature adjustment
  • Shuts off automatically when cooking is complete
  • Super quiet operation


  • Can be quite loud
  • Frozen foods take longer to cook

Key Features and Unique Benefits

1. Compact and space-saving

Even for a 2-liter air fryer, the Black+Decker HF100WD is still relatively compact. The air fryer is just 11 inches wide and 13.3 inches high. Hence it will hardly take up any significant counter space. It can fit under most kitchen cabinets for easy storage when not in use.

But despite this being a compact air fryer, it can still hold a decent amount of food. There is enough space for 8 cups of your favorite snacks like tater tots and chicken nuggets. Also, the basket can fit at least 2 portions of your favorite protein.

2. Basket separator

Black & Decker provides a basket separator for this air fryer. The separator will help divide the basket into two cooking compartments. And so you can cook two different dishes at a go.

You can have chicken nuggets in one section and french fries in the other. This way, your entire meal cooks simultaneously. And so everything gets ready at the same time, which is quite convenient. Also, the separator speeds up your cooking and reduces the energy your air fryer uses.

3. Adjustable temperature control 

This air fryer allows you to adjust the temperature. You can choose a cooking temperature between 175 and 400°F. Hence, it can cook almost any food you want. 

You can keep the temperature low when cooking your frozen veggies. Also, you can raise it to quickly sear your steaks or crisp the veggies once they cook.

air fryer chicken wings

4. 60-minute timer

Like the previous model above and the other one that we will look at in the next section, this one has a timer. The 60-minute timer is a convenient feature that ensures more precise cooking.

You can set the exact time you want for any food. And so you never have to worry about the food overcooking or burning if you forget about it.

5. Cool-touch handle

The air fry basket includes a comfortable and cool-touch handle. The handle remains cool even when the air fryer is cooking at high temperatures. You can safely take out the food even when the air fryer is hot.

6. Nonstick and removable parts

Cleaning and maintaining the air fryer should be quick and hassle-free. It comes with a removable basket that is easy to take apart for cleaning. 

The basket, separator, and pan have nonstick surfaces. The nonstick surfaces ensure food does not stick when cooking. This further makes cleanup a breeze. 

Actual Cooking Performance

You will be amazed at how well this air fryer cooks chicken wings. It makes some of the crispiest and most delicious wings you can air fry. You can even make them without oil, and they will still come out perfectly.

This air fryer is also one of the best for reheating leftover food. It will warm your leftover pizza or chicken and make it fresh again. For pizza, it leaves it with a crunchier crust than before. And your leftover chicken will get crispier.

Since this is a simple basket-style air fryer, there is nothing much to do when cooking. Simply preheat it and pop in the food to start cooking.

Who Should Buy this Air Fryer?

Buy this air fryer if you want a space-saving model for your small kitchen. Also, this air fryer makes a good buy if you just want a simple model for making crispy snacks quickly.

3. Black+Decker HF110SBD Purify Air Fryer  

BLACK+DECKER Purify 2-Liter Air Fryer, Black Stainless Steel, HF110SBD

The Black+Decker HF110SBD Purify Air Fryer is a good model if you want something compact. Also, it is a super fast model that will allow you to cook all your favorite air-fried foods in just a few minutes.


  • Super fast cooking
  • Sleek stainless steel finish 
  • It takes up little counter space
  • Simple controls
  • Cleans up easily


  • Blows out super hot air from the back
  • Temperature markings are relatively tiny

Key Features and Unique Benefits

1. Dual convection fan

Black & Decker gives this model an efficient heating system and dual convection fans. The two combine to deliver optimal cooking performance.

The heating system ensures the air fryer gets hot enough. While the fans provide optimum hot air circulation. This way, the food always cooks much faster and gets crispier. For instance, chicken nuggets take just 8 minutes. Most other air fryers will cook them in at least 15 minutes.

air fryer steak

2. Indicator lights

You will never need to guess the status of your air fryer when using this model. Black & decker equips it with handy indicator lights to let you know when the unit is ready to cook.

An indicator light alerts you when you power on the air fryer. Also, there is another one for preheating. The preheat light will turn off when the air fryer is hot enough and ready to cook.

3. Variable temp control

You can adjust the temperature between 175 and 400°F. This allows you to cook almost anything you want. 

You can lower the temperature to slow-cook your vegetable lasagne or delicate veggies. Also, the temperature can get hot enough for cooking thick frozen steaks.

4. Basket separator

The basket separator is one of the most convenient accessories in an air fryer. It makes this air fryer more versatile. The separator allows you to cook two dishes simultaneously.

The nonstick basket separator makes it possible to cook your onion rings and fries in one batch. This way, you can cook your entire meal at once. You will hence save energy and spend less time in the kitchen.

5. Compact design

This Black & Decker air fryer is the most compact model on our list. The air fryer is only 11 inches wide and 11.5 inches high. It will hardly take any significant counter space. This makes it perfect for use in a small, modern kitchen.

The compact size also makes this air fryer perfect for use on the go. You can easily pack and carry it for use in an RV or camper.

Despite being a compact model, this 2-liter air fryer can still hold lots of food. It can comfortably fit 1-pound french fries, 8 chicken wings, or 10 nuggets.

Actual Cooking Performance

The Black+Decker HF110SBD Purify Air Fryer is your go-to if you cook a lot of air-fried snacks. Everything from chicken nuggets to fries cooks super fast. Most foods take under 15 minutes to air fry to crispy perfection.

This air fryer also makes some of the best-breaded onion rings. The best part about the onion rings is that the breading always ends up super crispy. Also, the onions are tasty, and they never dry out.

But, while everything cooks perfectly, there are a few things you need to do. First, it is essential to get the timing right. Keep in mind that this air fryer cooks super fast. Things like fries and nuggets cook at least 3 minutes faster than other air fryers. Another thing is that you should also remember to drizzle some olive oil. Adding a little oil ensures the food gets crispy and tastier.

Who Should Buy this Air Fryer?

Buy this air fryer if you cook for a family of 2 to 4 people. Also, it will be a good purchase if you want something that air fries super fast.

Black & Decker air fryer manual

All the 3 Black & Decker air fryers in this review will come with a manual. The manual provides clear directions for setting up and using the air fryer. It will also include a cooking guide with recommended cooking times and temperatures.

The Black & Decker air fryer manual includes recipes and care tips. And it is clearly written and illustrated to ensure anyone can figure things out. 

If you lose the manual you get with your air fryer, you can download a soft copy online. Each Black & Decker air fryer has a PDF manual. For instance, you can download the PDF manual for the Black+Decker HF110SBD Purify Air Fryer HERE.

How to Use Black and Decker Air Fryer

Black & Decker design their air fryers to be straightforward to use, even for newbies. The manual provides step-by-step directions for setting up and using the air fryers. Here is an overview of the main steps.

Before Using the Air Fryer for the First time

  • Take the appliance from the box and remove all the packaging materials and stickers.
  • Wash the baskets and any other removable parts like trays.
  • Place the device in a location with adequate space around it. Also, make sure you have it on a stable and level surface.
  • Plug in the appliance and preheat it for 10 to 20 minutes. This initial preheating burns off the packaging oil and eliminates the plastic smell.

Cooking with the Air Fryer

air fryer chicken cutlets

Step 1: Switch on and Preheat the Air Fryer 

When using the basket-style air fryer, you should start by switching it on. Once plugged in, you should turn the knob to the 20-minute mark. This will power it on; after that, you can select your desired cooking time. But remember to add at least 3 minutes for preheating to the total cook time.

Step 2: Add the Food to Start Cooking

The appliance is ready to cook when the preheat indicator lights turn off. You can then add your food to start cooking. Make sure the pan locks in place. You should hear a clicking sound when the pan locks. Remember that the air fryer will not work if the pan is not locked in properly.

Step 3: Shake/Toos the Food at the Halfway Point

Most foods require tossing at the halfway point to ensure even cooking and crisping. If you are cooking chicken wings with a total cook time of 15 minutes, you should toss them after 8 minutes. 

Be careful when handling the basket, as it will be pretty hot. Also, remember to shake and toss gently to avoid breaking delicate foods. You can then pop the basket back in after tossing.

Step 4: Remove the Food When you Hear the Timer Bell

Your food will be ready when you hear the timer bell. You can pop out the basket and just check it to be sure. If it is not crispy enough or well-cooked, you should give it another toss and add a few extra minutes. If the food is ready, you can empty it into a serving bowl. You can then repeat the steps above to cook another batch

Who Should Buy Black & Decker Air Fryers?

Black & Decker makes some of the best air fryers in the market. Their air fryers are more powerful and use advanced cooking technologies. This ensures they speed up cooking and deliver better outcomes. 

Also, the air fryers are often compact to ensure they take up less kitchen space. And they are more affordable compared to other top air fryer brands.

While these air fryers can work for almost anyone, they are best for specific situations. You should buy a Black & Decker air fryer if you want an affordable, high-quality appliance. Also, you should buy one if you make a lot of air-fried snacks, as it makes them tastier and crispier.

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