Does an Air Fryer Make Noise? 8 Solutions To Make It Quiet

Does your air fryer make a loud sound? Do you still know the reasons for the noise? Don’t worry anymore. I will discuss the reasons and solutions for the air fryer noise from my own 5 years of experience and research. 

Air fryers can make noise when in use such as a microwave beeping. This could be due to the debris within the base or the air fryer mechanism working. To prevent the noise easily, ensure everything is tight before use and the air fryer is properly cleaned and placed in an open area. 

But there will be various reasons why your air fryer is loud, I have made an in-depth explanation of the clattering sounds of Air fryers. So read on till the end, and feast on the facts you’ve yearned for.

How Much Noise Do Air Fryers Make?

A sound level meter or Decibel meter is used to find the noise level of an Air Fryer. Most users use Android apps for free to gauge the decibels from the air fryer.

The chat below – done by Family Guide Central, shows the listing of the decibels for the top 11 brand-name air fryers. However, the noise may vary depending on the appliance’s age and food volume.

Air Fryer Brand ModelApproximated Decibels (dB)
GoWise USA Air Fryer58.8
Cuisinart Afr Air Fryer59.8
Corsor Smart Air Fryer59.8
Emeril Lagasse Air Fryer61.4
Caynel Digital Air Fryer63.4
Iconites Air Fryer64.6
Farberware Multi-functional Air Fryer65.2
Black + Decker purify Air Fryer65.2
Kalorik Air Fryer65.4
Ninja Air fryer66.1
Calphalon Precision Air Fryer66.2

A normal basket air fryer noise level varies depending on the model and the manufacturer. Generally, the air fryers make a noise level of around 60-70 decibels when in use. However, some air fryer brands may produce slightly lower or higher in this range.

Mostly, air fryer ovens’ noise levels are more or less the traditional oven. When cooking food, expect to hear noise from the fan and heating elements as they circulate hot air. The noise ranges from a low hum to a gentle whirring sound– depending on heat intensity and the fan’s speed. In a nutshell, the noise level of a normal air fryer oven is not loud enough to cause destruction or annoyance.

While some air fryers may produce louder noise than others, most are designed to work at a relatively low noise level. Low-level noise provides a serene cooking experience. If noise is a point of interest, it’s a good idea to research air fryer brands and models and also check the reviews from other users to find one with a relatively low noise level.

Reasons and Solutions For How to Decrease the Noise of Your Air Fryer

1. Broken Fan

The fan’s basic function is to circulate hot air that cooks food inside the air fryer. A broken or damaged fan may produce unusual air fryer noise while running. 

The best way to reduce a broken fan’s noise is to replace it or have a professional repair it. In addition, lubricating or cleaning the fan may also help reduce the noise.

Some air fryer users opt to repair the fans on their own. It’s a good idea to be extra careful when trying any repairs on the fryers. This can be done by following the manufacturer’s instructions and safety guidelines.

If you need to learn about fixing the air fryers, it’s best to look for a qualified technician for your brand or contact the manufacturer for support.

2. Loose Components

Any loose part inside an air fryer can cause a rattling sound. Old air fryers can produce the sound because the components are worn out or have loosened, while there could be a defect in the new air fryers.

Whether the air fryer is brand new or old, notify the seller and follow instructions. In most cases, they send an expert to come and fix your air fryer.

3. The Type of Air Fryer

Some air fryers are louder than others. The differences might be due to the fan type used, the size of the fryer, and the amount of insulation around the cooking chamber. Below are the tips to decrease the noise levels of an air fryer:

  1. Choosing a larger fryer that tends to be quieter than smaller ones. Larger air fryers have bigger fans that can move more with less noise.
  2. Purchase air fryers with insulated walls. Insulations absorb sound produced by the fan and heating elements. Insulations, therefore, make an air fryer quieter than those without insulations.
  3. Look for air fryers with metal components that are quieter than those with plastic components. Plastic components vibrate when in use creating additional noise.
  4. Food particles and grease-build destroy the movement of than fan. The interference can cause more noise. We, therefore, recommend regular cleaning of the air fryers.

4. Unstable Surface

An unstable surface can also make the air fryer move slightly when operating. The movement causes the components inside the air fryer to rattle against each other, creating additional noise.

An unstable surface can make the air fryer lean on one side. Leaning abstracts the fan inside the air fryer. The obstruction creates noise as the fan struggles to move air through the obstructed area. 

To avoid these issues, place your air fryer on a stable and level surface while in use. A flat soft surface minimizes vibrations, movement, and fan obstruction, decreasing the noise.

5. Too Much Oil

Too much oil can accumulate at the bottom of the air fryer, causing the heating element to sizzle, leading to noise. Besides, when oil splatters and hits the heating element, it can cause popping noise. If the oil overheats, it causes the fan to work harder; as a result, the fryer produces additional noise.

To prevent this, ensure to use the recommended amount of the oil, avoid overfilling the fryer and properly measure and drain the oil before use. The oil with a low smoke point can cause the oil to overheat and smoke. It’s important to avoid oil with a low smoke point.

Lastly, regular cleaning of the air fryer prevents excess oil buildup and ensures that it functions properly.

6. Do not overcrowd the Air Fryer.

An overcrowded air fryer may cause food to cook unevenly. As a result, the food items may heat against each other or the sides of the fryer, producing a rattling sound. Too many food items may cause hot air not to circulate properly due to inadequate space. This forces the air fryer to work harder to maintain the temperature, which can also cause more noise.

To prevent the noise, avoid overcrowding the air fryer. You need to leave enough space between the food items. We recommend filling the air fryer basket half-full. Shaking and tossing the food occasionally ensures that the food cooks evenly.

Cleaning the air fryer regularly and ensuring that the heating element and fan are debris-free, reducing additional noise.

7. Loose Debris/Food Residue

Loose debris and food residue in an air fryer can unbalance the fan obstructing it from circulating hot air around the food. An unbalanced fan can make a loud noise. 

Additionally, loose debris and food residue stuck in the heating element can cause the element to become unbalanced and make a loud noise. Loose debris and food residue can cause the air fryer basket or tray to vibrate. The vibration can create a buzzing noise.

air fryer chicken wings

The best ways to prevent noise from loose debris and food residue include;

  1. Regularly cleaning the air fryer to prevent debris and food residue buildup. Ensure to let everything dry completely before using the air fryer again.
  2. Using a mash basket liner to prevent small pieces of food from falling through the basket and getting stuck in the fan or heating element.
  3. Avoid overcrowding the basket, which can cause the food to spill, creating debris and residue. Ensure to leave enough space for the air to circulate evenly.

8. Broken Ventilation System

A broken ventilation system makes the fan work harder to circulate the air, causing increased noise levels. Likewise, a damaged ventilation system causes the fan to produce unusual noise.

The best solution for a broken ventilation system in an air fryer is to troubleshoot the issue and repair or replace the damaged parts. A damaged ventilation system may require an entire replacement.

If unsure about fixing the ventilation system, consult the air fryer’s manual or a professional to ensure you follow the correct procedure. An attempt to repair and replace some parts without proper knowledge can cause more damage to the fryer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the quietest air fryer?

Air fryer quietness depends on the model and brand. Generally, air fryers with digital displays tend to be quieter than manual dials. In addition, air fryers with insulated materials and smaller capacities can be quieter.

The Philips Digital Airfryer, the Ninja Foodi Digital Air Fry Oven, and the Cosori Air Fryer Max XL are models designed to minimize noise and vibrations while in use. They’re praised as being most quiet air fryers.

However, note that the noise level of an air fryer can also depend on the volume of food being cooked and the cooking temperature you’re using.

Are ninja air fryers noisy?

Generally, Ninja air fryers can be noisy while in use and when the cooking temperatures are so high. This is due to the powerful fan circulating hot air inside the fryer to cook food. Even so, it’s worth noting that a Ninja air fryer’s noise level is manageable.

We recommend reading reviews from other users to get the best sense of what you need if the noise level of a specific Ninja air fryer is your main concern. Remember always to choose a model with a smaller capacity or lower wattage, as these tend to be quieter.


Air fryers make noise; however, the noise levels differ from one brand to another. Some brands are louder than others due to the material used and the placement of internal parts. It’s a good idea to ask for a demo before buying the air fryer.

Mostly, the reasons for the rattling noise are:

  • High-speed fan rotation.
  • Loosened or damaged components.
  • Overcrowded air fryers.
  • Too much oil.
  • Loose debris/ food residue. 

Some solutions to reduce air fryer noise are calling customer care of your brand for repair and support, keeping the air fryer clean, and removing food debris. Now, you understand why your air fryer is loud and things to do about it. 

Make the best choice, and we wish you the best in creating a conducive environment for yourself. Have a couthy air frying experience!

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