10 Reasons To Fix Air Fryer Keeps Turning Off Right Now

Air fryers are able to produce beautifully crispy things within as little as twenty minutes thanks to a mechanism that distributes hot air to prepare the food and create a crispy film on the outside. As is the case with the vast majority of electrical appliances, there may occasionally be mechanical problems. To give one example, what do you do if it keeps turning off on its own?

It can be pretty frustrating when you check to see how things are going with your air fryer and find that it has turned off on its own. Most sadly, when you are ready for your late-night Netflix, your air fryer goes off. But you don’t need to worry we got your back in every situation.

If your air fryer is giving you difficulties, instead of freaking out and assuming it’s broken, try to troubleshoot it and see if you can figure out what’s causing the issue. The most frequent causes of air fryer shutoffs are covered in this article, along with 10 easy solutions.

Now that the dinner has been delayed, the family is hungry and angry. Avoid having this occur to you at all costs. In the next few paragraphs, we’ll go over all the details about the possible reasons why your air fryer is turning off by itself and what you need to do to fix the problem.  

10 reasons that may keep air fryer turning off

Before digging into quick solutions, let’s go through some reasons behind them. We need to identify the cause behind those issues and only then can jump to conclusions. Once, you know the cause, the solution is easy peasy.

1. Connection to the Power Cord/Extension Cable

Sometimes the source of a complicated mechanical issue is something as simple as a cord that isn’t connected properly. When your air fryer is malfunctioning, the power cord should be the first thing you inspect.

Examine the cable to determine whether it has any frayed or damaged areas anywhere along its length. This could be a factor in the connection not working properly. The second step is to check that the plug in the wall is properly connected to the cord. It is very simple for a cord to become untied without anyone noticing because of how easily it can happen.

If the connection and power cord are both in good condition, you can also examine the circuit breaker for that specific plug. Either a circuit breaker needs to be repaired or it can have its settings reset. 

Connecting a few additional devices to the plug you’ve been using is an excellent way to make sure that it is in good working order before you begin troubleshooting the circuit breaker. This will allow you to confirm that the problem is with the plug and not your air fryer.

2. Low Wattage

At times the power wattage is very low which ultimately turns off the air fryer. The desired wattage of the majority of medium and large-sized air fryers is approximately 1600 watts. It is possible that this is not the highest wattage for electrical appliances.

On the other hand, if more than one electronic device with about the same amount of wattage is plugged into the same power outlet, the outlet may get too full. A situation in which the circuit attempts to draw more current than it is capable of handling, which ultimately results in a short circuit.

To fix this problem, first, unplug all of the appliances from their respective power outlets. The air fryer may have shut off because of the stress it was putting on the electrical system, which can be solved by turning off nearby appliances. If you are able to get your air fryer to start working again, you will know that an excessive strain was being placed on the electrical system, which caused it to turn off.

3. The Basket Lid is Broken

The lid and/or drawer of your air fryer is typically connected to some sort of fully automated stop or kill switch sensor. This will prevent it from operating while the draw is drawn or the lid is available. This is not only a waste of valuable energy, but it also poses some health risks due to the heat.

The issue is that these sensors might stop working properly after some amount of time has passed. You should look into the possibility of cleaning these sensors if you are able to track down their location.

If you have an air fryer, you may discover that something is causing friction on your draw. This may be the case if you have an air fryer. It’s possible that this is causing the position of your draw to shift, which is causing the sensor to be triggered incorrectly. This should be able to be fixed with a quick clean.

4. Short Circuit

Unquestionably, whether you use yours frequently or merely on special occasions, they are a necessary component of your kitchen. What do you do, then, if your air fryer suddenly begins to trip fuses and breakers left and right?

These appliances have complex inner workings that keep them at the right temperature, protect against spills and stains, and cook your food to perfection. They’re not as simple as they look.

The device should be unplugged and allowed to cool down carefully. If you can wait until the temperature drops, moving it to a new room and plugging it into a different outlet may help. If this fixed the problem, the mystery is over!

Lastly, I would tell you to never plug more than one kitchen appliance into the same power source. Even though outlets are made to handle a lot of electrical stress, they aren’t perfect. Also, a short circuit might alter the function of other electronic appliances in your home, thus, you have to be really careful and save the day. 

5. The air fryer basket wasn’t placed properly

We’ve all been there; it happens to the best of us. When we’re in a rush, it’s easy to overlook the fact that the air fryer won’t heat up until the basket is pushed all the way to the bottom. It’s easy to be careless sometimes and fail to fully engage it.

In this case, the air fryer will turn on and begin operating. While the food is cooked, the basket will spring out and the air fryer will immediately shut off. It might work for you several times but in a long term it will badly affect your appliance or may result in a complete shut-off. 

Before leaving the air fryer alone, make sure the basket is firmly pushed into place. I would never advise someone to walk away from an air fryer unattended. A quick trip across the hall is all it takes to check on your meal without interrupting its preparation.

6. Auto Shut-off System is broken

The auto shut-off system comes in almost all new air fryers but at times it is broken which will turn off the air fryers as well. Some models of air fryers are built with an automated shut-off mechanism that allows the appliance to be turned off when it has completed its cooking cycle. Because of this function, the air fryer will turn off when the food has reached the desired doneness.

Timer functionality is built into air fryers specifically for this reason. You are going to need to select the time for cooking before you really begin cooking. The timer will signal that it is time to retrieve the prepared dish after it has finished cooking.

The issue is that these circuits can occasionally have flaws and defects that do not clear themselves even when the power supply is continuously applied. The most effective solution for this problem would be to turn off the power to your air fryer and let it sit like that overnight. 

This will allow the circuits within the device sufficient time to power down completely and discharge completely. It’s possible that this will fix any mistakes or faults that were discovered within them.

7. Overheating

The most typical reason for an air fryer to shut off is when it gets too hot to touch. Reset buttons, temperature controls (allowing you to choose a specific setting), and automatic shutoff mechanisms may or may not be included in your air fryer, depending on the brand and model. It might usually result in summers because of the extreme heat during the day or direct sunlight. Thus, especially in summer do not put your air fryer in the premises of direct sunlight. 

In the event that your air fryer is becoming too hot and turning off unexpectedly, you should check to see if there is anything blocking the air vents and double-check that the thermostat or temperature controls are not set too high.

Also, make sure your air fryer is far away from anything that could cause a fire, such as a stovetop burner or other heat-generating item. If the issue persists after these measures have been taken, it may be time to call in an expert or consider replacing the unit.

8. Too Much Food Affects the Air Flow

It’s not ideal if the basket turns off unexpectedly because it was overfilled. The most typical reasons include overheating and accidentally setting off the sensor within the air fryer.

There’s usually a line inside the basket that lets you load it up to a certain height. Food cooked too close to the stovetop or oven element risks burning if that precaution is ignored. Be aware of the kind of food you place in the air fryer basket, and avoid overfilling it, or the contents could start smoking and even catch fire during the cooking process.

In light of personal experience, I once tried stuffing the basket with all the chicken wings I could get in the freezer. And the result was pretty bad, first, the appliance keeps turning off again and again and I couldn’t decipher my mistake unless I smelled something burning which obviously didn’t look good at all! 

9. The air outlet is Blocked

An air outlet is important in the working of an air fryer because it lets out the extra heat during the cooking. It happened to me once, when I forgot to clean my air fryer for six weeks straight. I only came to know when it turned off automatically. 

But don’t you fret, I won’t let you go through the same bad experience? The solution is extremely easy, all you have to do is clean the air outlet at least twice a month to keep off any accumulation of debris. 

Or if planning to go for a complete cleaning then you should turn off the air fryer by first unplugging it. This may appear obvious but bear with me since it is crucial. Allow your air fryer to cool down entirely. You don’t have to clean your machine right away after you use it. It’s dangerous, and it’s easy to get burned!

In order to clean the exterior of your oil-free fryer, simply use a moist cloth. The cloth needs to be damp enough to easily remove food or grease without drenching the surface.

10. Timer Setting

Air fryers are most loved for the timer setting feature which is really helpful if you are hungry and busy with scheduling. It will be turned on for the amount of time you set it in and with the desired temperature. 

When you initially place the basket into the air fryer, the machine will automatically be pre-programmed to cook at 370 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes. You can also change the time or temperature from this screen without selecting a cooking function.

As you know that this feature is controlled by software so there is a possibility that your Airfryer’s software will become corrupted. To fix this problem, disconnect the appliance, wait three minutes, and then plug it back in. Or, if it still shows the same problem then you can give it a quick reset and your appliance will be fresh as new. 

The Ninja air fryer keeps turning off

Ninja AF150AMZ Air Fryer XL 5.5 Qt Capacity

There is a reason why Ninja air fryers consistently rank well in consumer reviews. An in-depth product comparison chart, organized by the product’s most salient characteristics, is available for perusal. 

The most common reason why Ninja air fryers stop working is a discrepancy in the three most important electrical characteristics of power (voltage, current, and frequency). Loss of connection between wires is the second most likely cause of malfunction in the Ninja air fryer. 

The word “loose terminations” covers a lot of ground, and many different aspects of the situation need to be examined carefully. If the user sets the device’s temperature too low, the Ninja air fryer may not work properly or shut off unexpectedly. You can fix it by going through the manual and selecting a moderate temperature that would neither burn nor shut off the appliance. 

The Gourmia air fryer keeps turning off


When it comes to cooking, air fryers are really helpful because of the amount of time they save. Aside from frying, an air fryer can also bake, roast, and do a variety of other things. Popular amongst consumers, Gourmia air fryers can be found in stores across the country. 

If your Gourmia air fryer isn’t turning on, the first place to look is at the socket or power source. This is due to the fact that the fryer cannot be turned on if the electrical outlet is defective.

In addition to the wall outlet, a faulty or damaged cable is another common cause of Gourmia air fryer malfunctions. 

The wire used in the Gourmia air fryer is made from premium materials. The fuse for the wire is housed in the connector at its end. We all know that if the fuse blows, you can have problems like this even though the wires are in perfect condition. As such, check the fuse, and if it is blown, replace it as quickly as possible. 

The power xl air fryer keeps turning off


One of the most well-liked versions is the Power XL Air Fryer. You can check all of the major air fryer issues we mentioned in the article if your PowerXL air fryer abruptly shuts off or won’t turn on. Here is a brief summary:

Check to see if the power cord is plugged in and working. Verify that your socket is in good functioning order. Verify that the basket is securely fastened and that the airy fryer door is shut all the way. To see if the air fryer turns on, try resetting it.

If following these instructions doesn’t help, it’s conceivable that the air fryer requires a new fuse because one may have blown. Contact the manufacturer for assistance if you are unable to figure out why your PowerXL air fryer won’t turn on. 

For instance, if your fryer emits a foul stench, the timer may not have finished counting down, and the fryer’s temperature may be set too high. By pressing the reset button, you can prevent your food from overcooking until you resume it at a reduced heat or pressure.

Turn off and won’t turn on

air fryer grill chicken breast

If your air fryer keeps turning off and won’t turn on, there should be another 10 reasons. you can leave the settings on an air fryer alone for too long, it may power off itself. Once you have placed the food inside, be sure to configure it using your preferred settings. Some air fryers have the ability to switch themselves off automatically if they become too hot. Overloading the Air fryer with food is the main cause of overheating. Inside the basket, don’t go above the permitted maximum.

You risk having problems starting or shutting off your air fryer if the basket is not properly positioned. Most air fryers include this as an inbuilt safety feature. Verify that the basket is securely fastened. If the position of the basket is altered, the air fryer will automatically detect an issue and shut down. Prior to turning on your air fryer, always arrange the basket properly.


It might be hard to figure out why your Air fryer keeps turning off, especially if you’re in the middle of cooking or have a great meal planned. There isn’t necessarily a need to panic, though. Many things can be done at home to remedy an air fryer that isn’t operating properly. 

Check the power cable and switch for any signs of damage before calling customer service or figuring out if the socket works. Unplug your air fryer if it is attached to an extension cord; this could be the problem. If all else fails, your only option is to seek professional help.

We served you with the main issues that lie behind the inefficiency of air fryers and also gave you some real quick solutions. All you gotta do is go through this informative yet based on real-life experience and get your air fryer fixed.

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