It is Safe to Put a Ceramic, Glass, or Steel Bowl In An Air Fryer

Bowls are everywhere, from cereal-filled to decorative. They are used for everything imaginable from serving food at a potluck to mixing ingredients in the kitchen. However, when it comes to air fryers, you may wonder: can I put a bowl in an air fryer whether the material is ceramic, glass, or steel?

The short answer is yes, you can. There are several reasons why you should use a glass or ceramic bowl in your air fryer, different material has various benefits, and different food needs different material for the bowl. After reading the article, you will know the best material for your recipes, and according to our 18 hours of research on these materials, you will have a clear mind and won’t search for the answers related to these questions again!

In this article, you will know the pro guide of how to use them in the air fryer, then you need to be careful with some precautions which may hurt yourself. After you are familiar with them, we will recommend the best bowl and air fryer to you on the current market, don’t miss them out!

Can You Put a Ceramic Bowl In an Air Fryer? Is it Safe?

air fryer chicken wings in the bowl

You can put a ceramic or glass bowl in an air fryer. There are two reasons why you can put a ceramic or glass bowl in an air fryer:

The first is that ceramics are non-reactive. They don’t react with other materials, so they’re safe to use in an air fryer. 

The second reason is that ceramics are non-porous, so they don’t absorb water or oils from their environment like plastic. Ceramics won’t absorb grease from your food and get greasy themselves; instead, grease will just sit on the surface of the ceramic bowl until you wash it off later.

Advantages Of the Ceramic Bowl

Benefits of the ceramic bowl include:

Less mess: Food tends to stick less to ceramic than metal. This means that when you’re frying, less of your food will end up on the bottom of your pan or in the grease trap at the bottom of your air fryer.

Less odor: Because ceramic doesn’t absorb odors as metal does, it’s easier to keep your machine clean between uses — especially if you do a lot of frying!

Good insulator: As an added bonus, ceramic helps to have an excellent insulator on hand as well—because the machine uses such high temperatures to cook food quickly and efficiently,

Precautions When Using a Ceramic Bowl in the air fryer

There are a few precautions you need to take when using one in your air fryer:

  • First, make sure that the ceramic bowl is oven safe. If it’s not, it may crack or break if you place it in the hot air fryer.
  • Second, make sure that the ceramic bowl fits in your air fryer. Some ceramic bowls are too large or too small for some models of air fryers, so check the specifications before making a purchase.
  • Finally, don’t overfill the ceramic bowl with food during cooking because this can cause spillage during cooking and the burning of the heating element.

Best Ceramic Bowl You Should Have a Look

Sweese 101.001 Porcelain Bowls, Set of 6

best ceramic bowl for air fryer

In today’s world, various bowls are available in the market. You can find a lot of options to choose from. But if you are looking for the best ceramic bowl, then you should look at Sweese Porcelain Bowls.

Sweese Porcelain Bowls, are available in four different sizes. This bowl has a modern shape with clean straight lines, making it an attractive addition to any table setting. 

It is easy to clean and stack, making storing food items in the refrigerator or kitchen cabinets more convenient.

These bowls are made of durable porcelain, which is more vital than stoneware. It has chip-resistant properties that make it more sturdy than stoneware.

Dishwasher-safe, microwave safe, and oven-proof up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit for 2 hours. Sturdy yet elegant enough for everyday use, these sophisticated bowls will be treasured.

Best Ceramic Air Fryer You Should Have a Look

Aria Teflon-Free 7 Qt. Premium Ceramic Air Fryer

best ceramic air fryer

The Aria Teflon-Free 7 Qt. Premium Ceramic Air Fryer is here to revolutionize your culinary world! 

Along with its combination of a convection oven, microwave, and deep fryer functionality, it offers a crispier and healthier alternative to traditional fried foods by using powerful, forced air technology to cook at temperatures up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. 

This product uses no oils or butter and has no required preheating time – it can reach cooking temperature in seconds. 

This All-in-1 appliance also has a nonstick basket that is dishwasher safe and a two-tier stainless steel rack making this fryer even more convenient.

Can You Put a Glass Bowl in an Air Fryer? Is It Safe? 

Yes, you can use a glass bowl in an air fryer — but you should always use heat-resistant glassware (Pyrex or CorningWare).

The reason is that the air fryer uses hot air to cook food, which means some heat transfer from the hot air to the bowl. If you have a dish with liquid, it will evaporate and leave a film on the glass. This can actually cause scratches on glass containers over time.

Another problem with putting a glass bowl in an air fryer is that it might crack or break if you put it on too high of heat. This will obviously ruin your food and make a mess for you to clean up later!

Advantages of the Glass Bowl

There are a lot of advantages to using a glass bowl in an air fryer, especially if you like to prepare large batches of food at once.

  • The most important advantage of using the glass bowl is that it allows you to see what you’re cooking. You can check on your food without opening and closing the lid.
  • Another advantage is that the glass bowl allows for better heat distribution around your food. This means that your food gets cooked evenly all around instead of just on one side or another.
  • Finally, the glass bowl is easy to clean up after cooking with it.

Precautions When Using a Glass Bowl in the air fryer

  • If you are about to use a glass bowl, the first thing that you need to do is make sure that your glass bowl is oven-safe. This means that it should be able to withstand high temperatures without breaking or cracking. 
  • Make sure that there are no chips or cracks on the surface of your glass bowl before using it in your air fryer.
  • Finally, when using a glass bowl in an air fryer, it is essential always to use silicone mitts when handling hot food items and removing them from the appliance. Silicone gloves help protect your hands from burns and other accidents.

How to Prevent the Glass Bowl From Breaking Into the Air Fryer?

Here are some tips to prevent the glass bowl from breaking:

  • 1. You must pay attention to the temperature control when using an air fryer, especially when frying food in a glass bowl.
  • 2. Place your food in the glass bowl before placing it in the air fryer.
  • 3. Make sure there’s no grease or moisture on the bottom of the bowl before putting it in the air fryer.
  • 4. Use non-metal utensils when stirring food in the bowl during cooking time.
  • 5. Don’t bang on top of the lid when removing it from the air fryer; gently remove it from underneath instead so you don’t force any heat out of the lid into your hand or fingers.

Best Glass Bowl You Should Have a Look


best glass bowl for air fryer

Pyrex glass mixing bowl is suitable for both microwave and oven. It is non-porous; any stains will quickly rinse away. Also, it won’t crack or break, making it the ideal addition to your kitchen collection. 

Pyrex glass mixing bowl is made of borosilicate which is resistant to thermal shock. It is hardy, durable, and can withstand temperatures from -40 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Best Glass Air Fryer You Should Have a Look

Big Boss Glass Air Fryer 16 Quart


The Big Boss Air Fryer is a highly effective large air fryer with the most precise temperature control. Its precision thermostats allow for maximum control for cooking delicate and crispy dishes and roasting and baking. 

It also uses convection technology to circulate hot air around your food to cook it evenly from all sides.

With 1700 watts of power and an ultra-quiet fan, you can use this easy-to-use large air fryer to make delicious and healthy meals in minutes.

Can I Use a Steel Bowl in the Air Fryer? Is It Safe?

You can use a steel bowl in the air fryer. It is safe. The only thing is that the pan might get hot, and you have to be careful while handling it.

If you are using an air fryer with a nonstick coating, then it is best to use some kind of parchment paper or a silicone mat to put between the food and the bowl so that it does not stick.

Advantages of the Steel Bowl

The steel bowl is a must-have accessory for your air fryer. The steel bowl has many advantages over other types of bowls:

  • It heats up quickly. The steel bowl is made of stainless steel material and heats up quickly, so you don’t have to wait long to start cooking. This is especially important when preparing foods that need to be cooked promptly (like fries).
  • The steel bowl is dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze!
  • It’s lightweight, which makes it easier to lift out of the air fryer and put back in again.

Precautions When Using a Steel Bowl

You need to take a few precautions when using a steel bowl in an air fryer. These precautions will help you avoid any accidents and injuries.

  • First, make sure that the steel bowl is not rusty or dented. This will affect how long the heat lasts during cooking and how evenly your food cooks.
  • Additionally, ensure that there are no sharp edges in the steel bowl, as this can also cause scratches on the inside of your air fryer, which may affect your cooking experience.
  • Finally, ensure that there are no cracks in your steel bowl as this can lead to hot oil splashing all over while cooking, resulting in an unpleasant experience for you!

Best Steel Bowl You Should Have a Look

Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls (Set of 6)

Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls

These stainless steel mixing bowls are constructed of heavy gauge, durable stainless steel that is ovenproof, freezer, and dishwasher safe. 

They feature a wide-rolled rim for drip-free pouring and have a mirror finish that offers an attractive look. The set includes six bowls of different sizes, each marked with capacity measurements outside the bottom. 

These bowls are odor, stain, and taste resistant as well as non-reactive, which makes them ideal for food preparation.

Can You Put Plastic in an Air Fryer?

No, you shouldn’t put any plastic in your air fryer. Plastic is not a natural material and doesn’t react well to high heat. The air fryer will most likely melt the plastic, which could contaminate your food and even start a fire.

Substitutes: What Can You Also Put in the Air Fryer? What Are the Benefits of It? 

Parchment Paper

Parchment paper is a great alternative to cooking in the air fryer. It is basically a super-thin, nonstick paper that can be used for baking and cooking.


Put toothpicks into uncooked chicken wings and other meats before placing them in your air fryer. This will prevent them from falling apart when being cooked.

Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil is an excellent substitute for air fryers’ basket liners. It’s inexpensive and comes in many sizes to fit your air fryer.


You can put olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, and grapeseed oil in your air fryers. These oils are considered healthy fats, so they’ll add a nice flavor to your food without too much fat.


Silicone baking mats provide a nonstick surface to cook food in an air fryer, allowing you to slide foods off the mat without sticking or tearing easily.


Metal is a great material to use in the air fryer. It’s durable and can withstand the heat of the cooking process. Metal skewers can cook meat, seafood, and vegetables, while metal pans are suitable for steaming foods.


Porcelain is an excellent substitute for nonstick cookware, but it’s not as common. Porcelain is a ceramic type that is highly durable and non-reactive. 


Use an oven-safe ramekin as a substitute for the basket or plate, which you would typically use to put your food inside the air fryer.

Non-stick Teflon

Teflon is a synthetic polymer used as a coating for pans and other cookware and it can be used in air fryers easily.

Steel Bowl

You can use a steel bowl in air fryers. It’s essential to use an oven-safe bowl with a smooth surface so that your food doesn’t stick.

What Can You Not Put in an Air Fryer? Why?

There are some things that you can’t put in an air fryer. Here’s a list of things that you definitely shouldn’t put in your air fryer:


Water is not safe for your air fryer. It contains water molecules that will vaporize at high enough temperatures and cause damage to your appliance. 


Paper is another thing that is not safe for your air fryer because it will burn and create smoke inside the appliance, which could ruin the motor or other parts of the machine. 

Are These Normal tools Can Be Put In The Air Fryer?

air fryer 2 chicken wings in the bowl

Can you put a Pyrex bowl in an air fryer?

Yes, you can put a Pyrex bowl in an air fryer. However, it will only work if the Pyrex bowl is oven-safe.

Can You Put A Plate InThe Air Fryer?

Yes! You can put a plate in the air fryer. Just make sure it’s not too much for the air fryer to handle and that you’re using your air fryer appropriately for what you’re making.

Can I put a paper bowl in the air fryer?

No, you can’t put a paper bowl in the air fryer. The paper will catch on fire and melt, which could be dangerous.

Can I put cardboard in an air fryer?

Cardboard is not safe to use in an air fryer. The high temperatures required to cook with an air fryer can burn cardboard, releasing toxic chemicals into your food. 

Can I put stainless steel in the air fryer?

Yes! You can definitely put stainless steel in your air fryer. Stainless steel is one of the most popular materials for air fryers because it’s durable, easy to clean, and conducts heat well.

Can you use aluminum pans in an air fryer?

Yes, you can use aluminum pans in an air fryer. The reason is that aluminum is a great heat conductor, meaning it will transfer heat quickly and evenly. 

Can you put a cake pan in an air fryer?

Yes! You can put a cake pan in an air fryer. You can do this because most cake pans are made of metal or glass, and they won’t melt in the heat.

Can you put a ramekin in an air fryer?

Yes, you can put a ramekin in an air fryer. Ramekins are typically made of ceramic or stainless steel, both materials that are safe to use in an air fryer. However, if the ramekin has been coated with another material, it may be unsafe to cook.

Can you put a casserole dish in an air fryer?

Yes, you can use a casserole dish in an air fryer if it’s heat resistant and can withstand high temperatures. 

Can you put sauces in an air fryer?

You can put sauces in an air fryer, but it’s better to use the thick sauce as it will not move during air frying.. Air fryers work by circulating hot air around the food, so if there’s too much sauce, it can prevent the hot air from reaching all of the food.

can you put wood in an air fryer?

No. It’s not recommended to put wood in the air fryer. The high temperatures can cause the wood to catch fire or burn and produce toxic fumes that could harm your health.


So your question, can you put a bowl in an air fryer is answered. The purpose of this article was to give you an understanding of what you can and cannot put in your air fryer, as well as some alternatives to certain items that you may have had questions about. 

If you have an air fryer and some ceramic or glass bowls, don’t despair! You can put them in your cooker. Make sure the bowl you’re using is microwave-safe, as ceramic and glass will retain heat much better than metal bowls.

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