Clearly You Don’t Own An Air Fryer: What does the meme mean?

“Clearly you don’t own an air fryer” is a funny meme that comes from the people who are obsessed with an air fryer, they think it’s the most life-changing appliance and that everyone should own it. Today we will dive into this meme and find out why this meme appears among people. So what are the advantages of the air fryer? I think you will also want to have it after reading the article!

This article will show you the pros and cons of the air fryer, and I will recommend the best air fryer in 2022 at last.

Clearly You Don’t Own An Air Fryer

Clearly You Don’t Own An Air Fryer Squid Game

Squid Game is a sensation from Nexflix, it’s a popular teleplay from Korea which has been the No. 1 show at that time in dozens of countries, including the U.S. There is also a meme connecting Squid Game with the air fryer.

There are so many appliances in the kitchen such as a deep fryer, or even an oven. Why we didn’t see “clearly you didn’t own a deeper fryer“, or “clearly you didn’t own an oven“? Why are people foud of it and more and more people become to use them?

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Let’s dig in.

First things:

What Is An Air Fryer?

An air fryer is a small countertop kitchen convection oven structured to replicate deep-frying. A powerful fan conveys hot air around the food at a high speed without any oil, it has many benefits over traditional kitchen appliances.

How An Air Fryer Works

An air fryer features a fan and heating mechanism at its high section. Place your food into the air fryer basket and switch it on; the hot air dashes down and circulates the food rapidly, giving it a crispy texture.

Here is a procedure for using the air fryer;

  • Put your food in the air fryer basket
  • Set the temperature and timer
  • Let your food cook

Why the air fryer is so attractive to people, what are its advantages?


Crispy Food

Do you want crispy food without being bothered by the oil frying? Air fryers will deliver that. Its conventional heating style surrounds your food in a penetrated basket or rack, rising its attachment with extremely hot air from the sides.

An air fryer is ideal for fish sticks, French fries, onion rings, and fried foods. It crisps up your food giving it a crunchy and browned outside that you will love.

air fryer make food crispy

Simply spray some cooking oil on your food’s exterior for a crunchy and crispy outside. Also, it is an ideal way of making any breaded and frozen food crispy.

The penetrated basket allows the cooking oil to drip into the pan letting the food absorb little cooking oil, thus crispy and drier.

Fast Heating Up and Cooking

Are you in an early and want to cook and heat your food quickly? An air fryer will save you time since it cooks and preheats food in less time.

Many air fryer models can preheat your food to 400 degrees F in up to 5 minutes compared to gas ovens which take thirteen minutes to get to the same temperature.


use air fryer to reheat and cook

As well as the fast preheating, the air fryers cook fast. Heat in the air fryers is concentrated since they have a smaller chamber than big ovens.

As per the thumb rule, it’s possible to convert many oven recipes to the air fryer recipe, you just need to lower their temperature by twenty-five degrees F and the time for cooking by 20 percent.

You will have to lower the cooking time and temperature to get the best results for more recipes.

Healthier Meals

One of the essentials of owning an air fryer is healthy cooking. Air fryers allow you to cook delicious meals with no oils or fewer oils.

You can use less oil, it drips from your food as it cooks to the base of the air fryer basket, thus consuming fewer calories.

Moreover, you can cook tater tots and French fries without deep frying and still get a crispy outcome. Air fryers are ideal for transforming deep-fried, less healthy food using a healthy alternative.  

Easy to Use

Air fryers are plug-and-play appliances, some air fryers have a manual dial for controlling temperature, and some contain digital displays.

First, you must know the cooking times and temperatures of what you want to create. And many air fryers are equipped with recipe books and guides for you to begin cooking.

air fryer is easy to use

Referring to the manual instructions in each model will help you achieve the best outcome. Many air fryer models vary, so temperature and cooking times vary.

 Less Clean than Traditional Frying

Maybe to ask, who does not hate cleaning after cooking? We all want something easy to clean; fortunately, a nice meal relies on cleaning. The good news is those good air fryers are exceptionally simple to clean after cooking.

If you usually clean it after each use, you will need regular cleanings like the pan or pot. Simply use soapy water and an anti-scratching sponge to clean its exterior and interior.

air fryer is easy to clean

Also, it is important to deep clean the entire unit and the cooking coil at least once or even twice a month, depending on the times used. But if you make it a habit to clean it regularly, it will be less tedious and difficult than cleaning an oven.

Safer Than Traditional Frying 

Air fryers use fewer oils, and their cooking takes place in enclosed chambers, making them safer than traditional fryers. Using a traditional air fryer is risky since it has many oil cups in which hot oil may pop up and get to your skin or clothes.

But that is not an excuse for not being careful when using an air fryer since its inside content gets hot too.


Air fryers are much healthier than deep frying. With the air fryer appliance, you can prepare most food from your fried chicken to entire spaghetti squash to desserts and curries.

It’s perfect for preparing frozen foods, French fries, pizza rolls, and tater tots, and even a kid can easily do it.

air fryer has more than 10 functions

You can use your air fryer for cooking egg rolls, cookies, lava cakes, turkey bacon, homemade chips, chicken breast, etc. However, some foods such as wet batter and lightweight foods are not fit to use in an air fryer.

Reheats Crispy Foods

Reheating foods like battered fish, little pizza slices, fried chicken, and French fries in a microwave can get a little soggy. Air fryers help to reactivate the food’s oils to restore their crispiness, making heating an essential feature.

Also, glazed foods and steaks reheat perfectly in air fryers, leaving you with the broiler effect. Ensure that your food doesn’t overcook or burn or dry out.

It’s important to preheat your air fryer for some minutes and be on the lookout as you reheat. You will learn the time your favorite food requires to reheat in an air fryer in a while.

Low Odor

Some cooks are fond of recycling the oil repeatedly when applying traditional fryers, which eventually causes food odors.

When it comes to air fryers, you will only encounter food’s smell since they do not reuse the oils when maintained clean.


Limited Cooking Capacity

some air fryer has small capacity

Compared to the oven and stove, when you cook for large families, the air fryer has a limited cooking capacity that slows the cooking process.

If you are cooking many meals, you will consider preparing them in turns as you clean your air fryer, using a lot of time and energy.

It will depend on what kind of food you are preparing. For instance, if you are preparing chicken wings and teriyaki glaze, you will require to clean your air fryer basket and pan.

Also, foods like chicken nuggets and French fries can stack, whereas most vegetables and meat cannot stack, so the cooking capacity is smaller than expected.

Bulky Design

If your counter space is limited, most air fryers are not good kitchen appliances since they have a bulky design. Besides, they are big, making them not fit on the countertops or under cabinets.

Remember that air fryers require ample surrounding when using them. An enclosed area may lead to overheating, and flammable objects around it may start the fire.

It Can’t Cook Everything

Unlike the oven, where you can cook everything, air fryers have cooking limitations.

As much as you can cook some foods in an air fryer, you can not cook foods like raw grains and broccoli which will dry out

Also, you cannot cook wet battered foods since the air may blow off your batter and cheese due to the close heating element.

Noisy Fan

air fryer has noisy fan

We all need a quiet kitchen appliance for peaceful cooking, and some air fryers don’t offer that. Air fryer appliances can be super loud since they apply forced air to reach 60 decibels. 

when you go through the product’s reviews, check its specifications or even reach out to the customer care desks, you can learn more about the decibel ratings for a quiet appliance.

Air fryers have obvious advantages over other kitchen appliances, so you must want to buy an air fryer now, what’s the best air fryer in 2022?

Best Air fryer to buy

cosori air fryer

This Cosori air fryer has a 5.8 Qt capacity which can cook most food for your family. Although you are a newbie to using an air fryer, it provides 100 more recipes to help you cook. With accurate temperature control, you will enjoy delicious food with its NTC sensor. After eating, you also don’t need to worry about cleaning, it has a nonstick and dishwasher-safe square design basket, which is more convenient and faster to wash.

In a nutshell, it has powerful functions and makes up for the most disadvantage of other air fryer types. I can’t wait to let you try this one!!

If you want an air fryer brand that has oven and basket types, the black and decker air fryer will be your choice.


Now you have got a clear mind about the air fryer, you must be interested in it! Maybe you will talk to your friends someday” hey, clearly you don’t own an air fryer!” Hope you like this article, we are looking forward to your comments if you still have any questions about it.

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