Powerxl Microwave Air Fryer Plus Reviews according to 12 Points

Many consumers are interested in purchasing one of the Power XL air fryer models, such as their microwave air fryer combination units. But when I saw this appliance the first time at Walmart, this model typically gets low sales volumes, I think it’s probably not so readily available.

Maybe you already know can an air fryer replace a microwave, so it’s very important to choose a good air fryer microwave combo.

After checking over 10 air fryer microwave combos, the good news is that you have many other buying choices, such as the Toshiba 8-in-1 air fryer microwave combo. But the final buying decision between them will largely depend on your specific needs.

In this article, we compare both air fryers side by side and leave you to decide which one best suits you(the detailed 12 points). We also give you some pointers on when to choose a particular model over the other. Ensure you read to the end so you don’t miss anything!

First, let’s have a brief review of the 2 air fryers themselves.

PowerXL Microwave Air Fryer combo review

PowerXL Microwave Air Fryer combo


  • Easy-to-use touchscreen interface
  • Convenient multifunctional design
  • Lots of presets
  • Easy cleanup with non-stick coating


  • Capacity could be a little larger

The PowerXL combo model will give you the convenience of a microwave combined with the versatility of an air fryer. It is indispensable when you want to heat up your leftovers or make some crispy fries quickly.

This combo appliance is designed from the ground up to make cooking more hassle-free. There are over 28 cooking presets and a highly intuitive interface, coming together to make its operation almost effortless. You will get presets for virtually any food, from fries to steak and veggies.

Plus, you can also be sure of an easy time cleaning it, thanks to the nonstick coating which makes it easy to wipe both the interior and exterior surfaces. Better yet, the appliance also has a stainless steel finish, further simplifying cleaning and enhancing its overall appearance.

If you are interested in this brand, check out our best 10 Power XL air fryers.

Substitute: Toshiba 8-in-1 Air Fryer Microwave Combo 

TOSHIBA ML2-EC10SA(BS) 8-in-1 Countertop Microwave with Air Fryer Microwave Combo


  • Heats up food fast
  • Fantastic autodefrost function
  • Easy-to-follow and detailed manual
  • Includes several convenient features like one-touch popcorn
  • Returns the plate to the exact starting point


  • The keypad is not backlit
  • Broil function is not very good

The Toshiba ML2-EC10SA(BS) 8-in-1 Air Fryer Microwave Combo offers even more versatility. The 8-in-1 appliance can do so much more than simply microwave and air fry food. You can use it to broil, defrost, and much more, meaning it will easily handle most of your cooking.

You also get a large cooking capacity and can easily fit a 12-inch pizza or cook a large casserole dish in it. This makes the appliance perfect for families. Although it is the same capacity (1 cubic foot) as the Power model above, the inside certainly feels more spacious.

Toshiba equips the air fryer microwave combo with various convenient features, including one-touch popcorn settings and multistage cooking. Plus, it has position return turntable memory. This makes it an overall easier and more convenient appliance to use.

And to crown all this, the appliance has a beautifully sleek finish. The stylish black stainless steel finish ensures it looks fantastic in your kitchen. Plus, both the interior and exterior surfaces are stainless steel which makes cleanup a breeze.

PowerXL Microwave Air Fryer vs Toshiba 8-in-1 Air Fryer Microwave Combo: 12 Key Points to Consider 

These two air fryer microwave combos are quite versatile and both will give you a fantastic cooking experience. But, if you are trying to decide which of them will suit you, consider the 12 points below.

1. Price

The price largely depends on where you are buying the appliances and when. Most online retail stores run sales and discounts so you can get either appliance at a good bargain if you time your purchase right.

The Toshiba air fryer is relatively cheaper than the PowerXL air fryer. This is based on prices from leading online retailers when writing this article, with the Toshiba model generally being at least $20 cheaper. The price difference could be quite significant for many people.

Still, the actual price you end up paying for either air fryer largely depends on where you are buying. Make sure to factor in other costs, such as shipping, when deciding which one will be cheaper.

2. Material 

Both the Power and Toshiba brands are famous for their high-quality construction. The companies use premium and safe materials for all their air fryers. You can therefore be sure of a long service life and consistently healthy cooking with both brands.

There is not much difference in the choice of materials for their air fryer microwave combos. Both are mostly made of metal, with lots of plastic components both on the inside and outside. But both brands use food-safe plastic, free from BPA, phthalates, and other harmful compounds like PFOA.

Other materials include glass which is used for the view window and turntable. Interestingly, both air fryer microwave combos have a black stainless steel exterior finish.

3. Core Technology

The core technologies for the two air fryers are microwave and air frying. But there are still a few differences to be found. You should know them before making up your mind.

The PowerXL air fryer microwave uses 360° rapid air crisp technology. The technology works with a commercial heating element and an efficient fan system. Together they deliver better air-frying results, ensuring your fried snacks always come out crispier. They also speed up the air frying, with things like chicken wings and fries cooking in under 20 minutes.

Besides air fry and microwave technologies, the Toshiba 8-in-1 also has odor removal, which makes it perfect for cooking foods with strong smells like fish. You can cook your fish guilt-free, without filling up your kitchen with unpleasant smells.

The Toshiba model also has a low-temperature function. This technology allows for more precise nutrient retention so you can cook all your veggies, from broccoli to spinach, without losing many of the nutrients. Many nutrients are usually lost when cooking at high temperatures!

Plus, the Toshiba microwave has a position memory turntable. The turntable will hence always return to the original starting point meaning you can easily take out your hot bowls and mugs.

air fryer chicken legs

4. Cooking Functions

The PowerXL air fryer microwave supports at least 6 cooking functions. For starters, you can use it for its express microwave and air frying. You can reheat your leftovers, make popcorn, or air fry all your favorite snacks.

Plus, the PowerXL model also gets hot enough to allow you to broil. And you can also use it to roast your meat cuts. Or even for baking cookies and other pastries you love.

The Toshiba air fryer microwave combo is even more versatile. It supports 8 different functions. Besides air frying and microwaving, the other functions include broil, convection, and defrosting. 

The combi function allows you to cook with air fry and convection modes. This way, you can enjoy the benefits of both cooking modes. Its designed so your food will cook faster and get crispier without drying out.

5. Presets

Both air fryers have presets to allow you to cook everyday foods at the press of a button. But, the Toshiba microwave air fryer has an edge here, as it has more presets. 

The Power appliance has at least 28 presets. Power gives you presets for most of the food you cook daily, from pizza to fries and even popcorn. But the best part about the presets is that they are quite accurate. Both the time and temperature are spot on, and you rarely need to make any adjustments.

Toshiba also gives you some advanced auto-cook presets – at least 32 in total. They include 10 air fry presets and 11 microwave presets. There is a preset for fish, baked goods, fries, and many more. There is also an express preset for popcorn making.

Both air fryers provide you with an easy experience when cooking. But the Toshiba brand model has the edge here, with more presets that make cooking a little more hassle-free.

6. Accessories

Microwave air fryer combos do not always come with many accessories. With most models, you often need to buy the accessories separately and the same is true for these two.

But the good news is that both Toshiba and Power provide all you need to use all the built-in cooking functions.

Toshiba provides a microwave turntable, a grill rack, and 2 grill trays. The grill trays and rack definitely come inhandy when using the air fry and roasting functions. Plus, you can use them to hold your baking pans and trays when making cakes or cookies!

Power provides a microwave turntable, air fry rack, and a baking tray. The baking tray is their most versatile accessory as you can use it with both chicken wings or french fries.

7. Size and Dimensions

The two microwave air fryers are almost identical in size and capacity. They both have a 1 Cu.ft  capacity, which is enough to hold a small whole chicken. Also, there is enough space to cook a 12-inch pizza and at least 2 pounds of french fries.

Regarding the dimensions, the PowerXL air fryer microwave is more compact. The model is 20.47 long, 20 inches wide and around 12.8 inches high. 

The Toshiba model has the same width and height but it is just a little longer at 20.5 inches. All in all, the difference in size between the two is insignificant. They will require the same amount of kitchen counter space.

8. Wattage

Like most modern microwave ovens, these two are built to be energy efficient. They both have a 1,000-watt rating, which makes them perfect for use even in RVs or dorms with limited wattage.

The cooking speed and efficiency difference is largely determined by their cooking technologies. 

In conclusion, the Toshiba air fryer microwave combo is the more efficient of the two. Its advanced heating element and features like combi cooking allow it to cook faster overall.

9. Nonstick Coating

These microwave air fryer combos do not have baskets like regular air fryers so you should not expect to get a nonstick cooking surface. You can always buy separate racks and pans if you want something nonstick.

The Toshiba model does have a stainless steel cavity though, which is resistant to scratches and rust. Plus, it also makes cleanup easy as it is hard for food to stick on the surface.

The PowerXL air fryer microwave has a nonstick inner coating. This coating prevents messes by ensuring food does not cling to the surfaces, making cleanup very easy. Hence, the PowerXL model is the winner here!

power xl air fryer microwave cook chicken wings

10. Dishwasher-Safety

All the removable parts that come with the PowerXL model are dishwasher-safe. They make it super easy to clean and maintain. 

You only need to throw the parts into the top rack of the dishwasher to clean them. With a non-stick interior, you can also wipe it clean easily.

The accessories that Toshiba provides are also dishwasher safe, although the manufacturer recommends washing them by hand in the sink. Also, the turntable and the rest of the surfaces should be wiped clean with hot soapy water.

11. Ease of Use

Overall, the two appliances are straightforward to use. For starters, both come with highly detailed user manuals with clear instructions on setting up and using them. It should only take a few minutes to figure them out, even if you are an absolute novice.

The Toshiba air fryer has an easy-to-read display and includes more presets. Adding this to its many other convenient features makes it even easier to use in our opinion.

Still, Power also provides several presets. There are also other convenient features like a 30-second express microwave meaning it will provide you with an easy time. It is up to you to decide which one offers the most value in this regard.

12. Ease of Cleaning

It should be clear now that both appliances take very little effort to clean. You only need to remove and clean the accessories and wipe the cavity and exterior surfaces.

But, PowerXL comes with a non-stick cavity, and all the parts are dishwasher safe. It would be accurate to say then, that it will be easier to clean for most users.

You have to do most of the cleanup by hand when using the Toshiba combo model, taking up extra time and effort – which may affect your decision

When You Should Choose PowerXL Air Fryer Microwave Combo

The PowerXL is a fantastic appliance that can make a great addition to your kitchen. You should pick it over the Toshiba combo model in the following situations:

  • If you are looking for something with a more powerful and efficient air fry function.
  • You want a non-stick model that is super easy to clean up.
  • Buy this air fryer if you want to make your food extra crispy.

When You Should Choose Toshiba Air Fryer Microwave Combo

The Toshiba air fryer microwave combo is more popular than the Power brand model. Here are some situations when the Toshiba appliance will be better to buy.

  • Get this air fryer if you want more microwave and air fry presets.
  • If you want something more affordable, that will save you a few bucks.
  • You want an odor-free cooking experience.
  • You want an appliance that will help you retain maximum food nutrients.
power xl air fryer microwave cook chicken wing

How to Choose the Best Air Fryer Microwave Combo

There are many air fryer microwave combos out there. This can make choosing one a little confusing. But, the choice should be easier if you consider the factors below when shopping:

1. Cooking Functions

An air fryer microwave combo is already quite versatile. You can use it for both microwave and air fry functions. Still, you need to consider the number of cooking functions you get when shopping for one.

The specific functions you need depend on your particular needs. But it is always better to go for something with the functions below. Such a model will be more useful in your kitchen:

  • Air fryer
  • Microwave
  • Roast
  • Broil
  • Toast
  • Bake

2. Capacity

The appliance’s capacity determines the amount of food you can cook in one batch. And so, the right capacity for you depends on your specific needs.

Still, you should go for something with at least 1 Cu.ft if you cook for a family. A 1 Cu.ft model can hold several pounds of french fries or even a small whole chicken. The size will be perfect for a family of up to 4 or 5.

3. Number of Presets – Ease of Use

Presets make your air fryer microwave combo easier and more convenient to use. The more presets you get, the better the appliance. The good news is that most models come with dozens of presets.

Whatever model you choose should at least have a preset for basic foods like fries, cookies, and pizza. If the presets are customizable or programmable – even better – they will be more useful! Programmable presets allow you to set the cooking functions to suit the foods you cook most often.

4. Build Quality

Also, look at the overall build quality of the air fryer microwave combo. The build quality will affect the performance, ease of cleaning, and durability.

Something made with a mostly metal construction is always preferable. A stainless steel or nonstick interior is almost always going to be better than a plastic one. Such an interior will be resistant to stains and rust and typically easier to clean.

air fryer pork chops


So which air fryer microwave combo do you prefer?

The fact is that both the PowerXL and Toshiba models are fantastic appliances. They are both versatile, powerful enough, and easy to use. You can be sure they will be highly useful in your kitchen.

The PowerXL model is better if you want something mostly for air frying. The Toshiba model is perfect if you want an easier-to-use appliance with more presets.

Regardless, the final decision depends on your specific needs. Let us know which you prefer in the comments section.

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