Best 5 Air Fryers Made in the USA | 7 Chinese Brands To Avoid

One of the first things that every potential air fryer buyer wants to know is where the appliance is made. From experiences with other kitchen appliances, the place of the manufacturer affects everything from quality to performance.

Many home cooks want to know the location of the manufacturer to avoid air fryers made in China. There is a common notion that air fryers made in China tend to be low quality. We will show you the 7 brands that are made in china later, there must be some brands you thought were American that are actually made in China

Most people prefer those made in the USA as they are made under stricter quality standards using high-quality materials.

Although most air fryers are made in China nowadays, several models still make their products in the USA and Europe under strict quality standards. And so you do not have to stick with cheap Chinese models if you do not want to.

In this article, we will review 5 models made in the USA and show you why they are better than cheap imports, and the ultimate guide about how to choose US-made air fryers. So make sure you read to the end, so you do not miss any important information.

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bad air fryer chicken wing

Best 5 Air Fryers Made in the USA (small to large) Reviews

1. Uten 5.8 Quart Electric Hot Air Fryers

Uten Large Air Fryer 5.8Quart, Electric Hot Air Fryers XL Oven

The Uten Large Digital Air Fryer is a good choice for anyone looking for a powerful air fryer made in the USA. The 1700-watt model is also a good buy for home cooks who want a model that heats up and cooks food super fast.

About the Brand

Uten is not as famous as the other brands we feature in this review. But if you are looking for a truly made in USA air fryer, they are one of the best options. The Uten brand is particularly a good option for home cooks looking for an air fryer made in the USA without spending much money.

The company has been around for years, and they stock most air fryer types. They have everything from basic and small-capacity basket-style air fryers to multifunctional smart air fryer ovens. Also, they stock many other products made in the USA, such as electronics.

Key Features 

Uten Large Digital Air Fryer is the best air fryer for any home cook looking to cut down the time spent cooking. The powerful 1700-watt air fryer heats up almost instantly to eliminate the need to waste a lot of time preheating your air fryer.

The 5.8-quart capacity is the smallest in this review. But, there is still enough space in there to cook a 6-pound chicken or air fry several pounds of french fries. 

Additionally, the air fryer is built to ensure easy operation. The mechanical controls are easy to master, allowing you to adjust time and temperature precisely to suit whatever you are cooking.

One more feature that home cooks will love is that the basket is detachable, non-stick, and dishwasher-safe. You never have to worry about your food sticking to the basket, and washing it will be hassle-free.

Cooking Performance

air fryer chicken legs

If you are cooking any food that requires some extra crispiness to be more enjoyable, you will love this Uten air fryer. It uses 360° high-speed circulation and a powerful 1700-watt element to ensure your french fries and chicken wings always end up extra crispy.

Besides crisping, this air fryer also bakes better than most conventional ovens. You can quickly whip up some cookies or make a soft vanilla sponge cake without doing much. All it takes is getting the time and temperature right, and you end up with the tastiest baked foods.

Moreover, most meals will take under 30 minutes to cook, depending on the food type and amount. For instance, chicken wings and french fries will take between 15 and 20 minutes.

2. Paula Deen Stainless Steel 10 QT Digital Air Fryer

Paula Deen Stainless Steel 10 QT Digital Air Fryer

If you are in the market for an air fryer that is guaranteed to last for years, this stainless steel model by Paula Deen is unbeatable. The material choice also makes it a safe model, as it will never leach toxins into your food.

About the Brand

Paula Deen is one of the most famous American chefs. Paula has been endorsing kitchen products and appliances for many decades now. One thing that her brand has become famous for is that she never compromises on quality.

The Paula Deen air fryers are not just another mediocre celebrity-endorsed product. They are well-built air fryers designed to perform as intended and give home cooks many years of great service. 

The brand also provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee with a 30-day easy return policy. Paula Deen is mostly known for basket-style air fryers but has other types, like air fryer ovens.

Key Features 

The highlight of the Paula Deen Stainless Steel 10 QT Digital Air Fryer is the stainless steel construction. The material makes it highly durable, gives it a sleeker look, and also makes it safer for cooking as it does not have any toxins.

But there is still much more to this air fryer than this. For instance, it also includes 10 convenient presets. The presets make cooking common foods like chicken, steak, and french fries easy. Choose the preset for what you are cooking, and the appliance will set the time and temperature. This makes air frying super easy, even for inexperienced users.

Overall, this air fryer is also one of the easiest to operate. It features a digital control panel with touchscreen controls and an LED display to make operation a breeze. 

Cooking Performance

This Paula Deen air fryer looks good, and its performance also matches its appearance. Its multifunctional design and presets allow you to cook almost anything.

That said, it seems to excel when cooking foods like beef. You can cook your beef in as little as 12 minutes and get it to the doneness you desire. Also, cooking french fries is equally fast as it takes under 18 minutes.

You can also make some fantastic roast chicken thighs on the air fryer. But you must tweak the temperature and time and ensure you season them well for the best outcomes.

3. Emeril Lagasse Power Air Fryer 360


Emeril Lagasse Power Air Fryer 360 is a good choice for any home cook looking for an air fryer made in the USA but prefers a toaster oven-style model. It is also a more multifunctional model that allows you to cook several dishes at a go.

About the Brand

The Emeril Lagasse brand is another air fryer line endorsed by a famous American chef. And like the Paula Deen air fryer, they are developed with the input of a professional chef that understands what makes a good cooking appliance.

The air fryer line is manufactured by Tristar Products, Inc, a highly respected name in the culinary world. Tristar also makes air fryers for several other leading brands like PowerXL, and their products are meant to simplify life for regular home cooks.

Emeril Lagasse air fryers are available in basket-style and air fryer ovens. But they have several models of both types available in the market to cater to all kinds of home cooks.  

Key Features 

Emeril Lagasse’s Power Airfryer 360 is built to make cooking convenient and more efficient. It uses 5 powerful heating elements and 360° all-around cooking technology to ensure your meals cook fast and to perfection. 

The cooking technology allows your fried foods to get super crispy while remaining tender on the inside. And you can be sure of easy cooking as there are 12 pre-programmed presets. There is a preset for air frying french fries, slow cooking your beef roasts, and even one for making pizza.

You will also have an easy time toasting your bread on this air fryer. Besides having a dedicated toasting function, it also fits up to 6 slices of bread. Additionally, you can control the doneness by choosing how dark or light you want the bread to get.

Cooking Performance

air fryer chicken wings

Any home cook that uses an Emeril Lagasse air fryer will agree that they cook almost anything to perfection. This particular model excels when it comes to roasting chicken.

For starters, the air fryer will easily fit an 8-pound or larger chicken. Additionally, it also cooks super fast, as the chicken will be perfectly done in under an hour. Also, unlike regular ovens, the chicken gets super crispy without drying out inside.

You will also love this air fryer if you are cooking multiple dishes. It has different rack levels to allow you to make your protein, veggies, and potatoes in just one batch.

4. Innsky 10.6 Quart Air Fryer Oven


Innsky 10.6 Quart Air Fryer Oven is the best air fryer made in the USA for anyone that does a lot of rotisseries and dehydrating food. It has dedicated functions for both and comes with complete accessories to make the cooking functions easy to use.

About the Brand

Innsky is a premium kitchen appliance manufacturer. It meets all the safety standards in the US and Europe and has certifications to prove this. And so by choosing the brand, you can be sure of ending up with some of the best quality and safest models in the market.

The brand is also famous for making some of the most versatile air fryers made in the USA. Even their most basic basket-style air fryer can still do much more besides air frying and reheating food.

The Innsky brand also designs their air fryers with the modern kitchen in mind, so they will also be compact to ensure they take up less counter space. You also get a  good warranty and excellent customer support when you buy from the brand.

Key Features 

The Innsky 10.6 Quart Air Fryer Oven is built for cooking for the whole family. The 10.6-quart capacity air fryer can fit a large chicken or accommodate several trays to allow you to cook different dishes at a go.

Like all other Innsky air fryers, it is built for versatility. The air fryer will dehydrate your fruits and veggies to make chips, rotisserie chicken, and broiled steaks. And all this is on top of supporting basic cooking functions like roasting and toasting.

Speed is also guaranteed because, like most other modern air fryers, it uses 360° rapid air technology. The technology cooks the food from all sides and will ensure even browning and crisping.

This air fryer model will also come complete with all the accessories you need to utilize all the cooking functions. There is a rotisserie basket for cooking veggies, chicken, and air frying other small foods. Also, there are skewers for kebabs and crisper trays for foods like french fries.

Cooking Performance

innsky air fryer french fries

This air fryer makes some of the best-dehydrated foods. And it does it almost effortlessly, as there is a dedicated preset for that. If you want to dehydrate kale or apples to make chips, you only need to add them to the crisper tray and press the dehydrate presets, and the appliance will do the rest.

But if you plan to dehydrate food, ensure you get the temperature right. Also, the timing is crucial. If you take the fruits and veggies out too early, they will not be as crunchy as you want.

Proteins like fish and steak also cook well, and there is a preset for both. They take under 20 minutes, but you must remember to flip them at the halfway mark. If you also remember to lightly drizzle some oil and use the right spice mix, they will be super tasty.

5. Geek Chef 24.5QT Air Fryer  

Geek Chef Air Fryer, 6 Slice 24.5QT Air Fryer Toaster Oven Combo

Geek Chef 24.5QT Air Fryer is made for cooking for large families and will also be one of the best air fryers for cooking for parties and guests. Besides the large capacity, it is also an ideal appliance for cooking multiple food types in one batch.  

About the Brand

Geek Chef is a US-based and headquartered brand. The company has its headquarters in New Jersey. And so besides its air fryers being made in the USA, it also has a more easily accessible customer service team. 

You do not have to struggle to get support like when using many air fryers manufactured in China, where you often get support from third parties. 

The brand has also established itself as an industry leader when it comes to the use of advanced technology. This combined with the use of highly durable materials and practical functions makes their air fryers some of the best-performing kitchen appliances made in the USA.

Key Features 

The Geek Chef 24.5QT Air Fryer provides plenty of cooking space. You can use it for cooking food for 10 or more people within a short time. There is enough space to cook a 10-pound or larger chicken or turkey. Also, you can cook over 4 pounds of french fries in just one batch.

The air fryer uses a more powerful 1700-watt heating element that allows it to reach optimal cooking temperature quickly. This powerful heating element ensures more efficient cooking and will reduce your overall cooking time by at least 5 minutes. For instance, you can make your french fries in as little as 15 minutes.

Also, it is built to get hotter as it can attain temperatures of up to 450℉. The higher temperature makes it perfect for broiling foods and allows it to quickly sear your steaks and other meat cuts.

You can also cook up to 3 layers of food on this air fryer. This allows you to prepare your food even faster. You can throw in your carbs like potatoes, chicken, or beef and veggie mix and cook them in one batch in under 30 minutes.

Cooking Performance 

air fryer shrimps

Anything that requires some toasting or roasting seems to cook much better on this air fryer. For instance, it roasts corn tortillas or your taco soups to perfection, and you can easily choose the doneness you prefer.

The easy temperature adjustment and efficient heat circulation also allow chicken wings to cook beautifully. The wings cook to a perfect golden brown color and with just enough crispiness. Also, you never have to worry about burnt tips.

Additionally, this air fryer makes some of the best ribs. But, you must watch the temperature closely to ensure you do not mess up things.

7 Air fryer Brands That Are Actually Made in China(with picture evidence)

I was curious about where the most popular air fryer brands are made. And so, I had to research them one by one by checking the description of some of their most popular models.

Unfortunately, I found out that most famous air fryer brands do not have any air fryers made in the USA. Here is a quick breakdown of my findings:

1. NuWave Air Fryer is Not Made in the USA

NuWave Air Fryer is Not Made in the USA

NuWave makes it clear in the product description that its air fryers and most other kitchen appliances are made in China. We looked at several models, from their smallest to largest options and basket-style to air fryer ovens, but we did not find any option made in the USA.

2. Ninja Air Fryer isn’t Made in the USA

Ninja Air Fryer isn’t Made in the USA

We have looked at several Ninja air fryer models, including some that are best sellers on Amazon, like the Ninja AF101 Air Fryer. Unfortunately, all are made in China. They are products of SharkNinja, a leading kitchen appliance manufacturer based in the USA that produces almost all its products in China.

3. Chefman Air Fryer isn’t Made in the USA

Chefman Air Fryer isn’t Made in the USA

Chefman is an American brand owned by RJ Brands and has its headquarters in New Jersey. But, we could not find any of their air fryers that are made in the USA. Most of their products are made in China despite the company being famous for maintaining high-quality standards.

4. Power XL air fryer isn’t made in the USA

Power XL air fryer isn’t made in the USA

I was very optimistic about finding a Power XL air fryer made in the USA, given their air fryers are made by Tristar Products, the same company that makes Emeril Lagasse air fryers. I was, however, a little disappointed to find that almost all their air fryers are manufactured in China.

5. Cosori Air Fryer isn’t Made in the USA

Cosori Air Fryer isn’t Made in the USA

If you are looking for a made in USA air fryer or want to avoid those manufactured in China, Cosori may not be the right brand. From my research, I did not find any Cosori air fryer that is made in the USA. Most of the models I can across are manufactured in China, and this is despite the Cosori having some of the most popular air fryer models in the market.

6. GoWISE USA Air Fryer Isn’t Made in the USA

GoWISE USA Air Fryer Isn’t Made in the USA

GoWISE USA air fryers are a product of the Ming’s Mark brand, which is headquartered in Arizona. Despite the company’s location and the GoWISE USA brand name, they make all their air fryers in China. They design them in the USA with features and functions targeting US consumers, but they are all made in China.

7. Philips Air Fryer Isn’t Made in the USA

Philips Air Fryer Isn’t Made in the USA

Philips Kitchen Appliances owns the Phillips kitchen appliance brand. Like most other top brands, they have shifted the manufacture of most of their air fryers and other appliances to China. It is important to note that they are also now manufacturing some of their latest air fryer models in other countries like Turkey. But even if not all Phillips air fryers are made in China, none are made in the USA.

Why Most Air Fryers Are Made in China

Companies in all sectors of the economy have been shifting their production to China in the last decade or so. The main reason for this is the low cost of production there, driven mostly by low labor costs. It is hence also cheaper to make air fryers in China than in the USA. And so an air fryer made in China can retail for a lower price than one made in the USA. 

The manufacturing industry in China is one of the most developed in the world. China has invested heavily in modernizing its manufacturing processes. Air fryer brands prefer to manufacture their products in China to benefit from these advanced technologies.

China is also home to the world’s largest industrial complexes and manufacturing zones. They have a huge manufacturing capacity. Air fryer brands can quickly mass produce their air fryer and get a shorter turnaround than in the USA and other countries. When you want to get products in the market within a short time, it is easier to do it in China.

Also, quality and other standards are less strict in China. Having to adhere to less stringent regulations makes the manufacturing process less hectic for air fryer brands.

Why is an Air Fryer Made in USA Good?

air fryer chicken legs

Most products made in the USA are high-quality. The same is also true for air fryers, and this is why:

1. Strict quality standards

The USA has some of the strictest manufacturing quality standards. Anything made in the country has to go through multiple testing and quality assurance processes. Complying with the made in USA standard means you have to make the best product. Home cooks can hence be sure that any air fryer with a made-in-USA label will be the best quality possible.

2. Good warranty

Brands that make their air fryers in the USA are often confident in their quality. Most will hence provide good warranties. Additionally, strict regulations require the manufacturers to stand by the warranty.

3. Easy returns

Buying an air fryer made in the USA also makes it easier for you to return to the manufacturer in case of defects. There is no lengthy process of having to ship it to a factory somewhere abroad.

4. Safety

US manufacturers also have to adhere to strict safety standards. The materials used to make the air fryers and the processes are highly regulated to ensure the appliances are safe for consumers.

5. Accessible customer support

If your air fryer manufacturer is based in the USA, it will be easier to access customer support when having issues with the product. 

How Can You Tell an Air Fryer Is Made in the USA?

It is not easy to tell where your air fryer is made just by looking at it. All air fryers made in China are made for specific markets. 

And so do not expect to have things like the controls or the manual written in mandarin. Everything is mainly in English and other European languages. 

But, you can do the following to ascertain whether the air fryer is made in the USA and not China:

1. Check the labeling

The labeling on the air fryer will clearly describe things like where the air fryer is made.

2. Check the manufacturer’s website

The manufacturer’s website should also contain important information, like where they manufacture their products.

3. Read customer reviews

Reviews by customers already using the air fryer are also helpful in determining where your air fryer is made.

Air Fryer Made in Germany

Syntrox Germany Hot Air Hot Air Fryer Cooker Fritteuse Turbo Air Fryer with LED Display

If you want to avoid air fryers made in China but can’t find a good model made in the USA, you can try the Syntrox Germany Fritteuse Turbo Air Fryer, which is made in Germany. Products made in Germany are also top-notch quality as the country has some of the strictest quality standards in Europe.

Besides being manufactured in Germany, the air fryer is also made to deliver an exceptional cooking experience. It has 20 automatic programs to make cooking your favorite food a breeze, as you do not have to struggle to figure out the time and temperature. 

Also, it uses a powerful 1400-watt heating element to deliver more heat for faster heat-up and reduce the total cooking time. Moreover, it also comes with a complete set of accessories, including a rotisserie basket to make it easy to cook your veggies, french fries, and tater tots. And to crown all this up, it has a sleek look to ensure it looks fantastic in any kitchen.

Bottom Line

It should be clear now that although the majority of air fryers today are made in China. But there are still several models made in the USA. 

If you want something manufactured in the USA, you only need to shop around a little. But with our review of the 5 top products above, you have a good place to start. And given they are all high-quality and top-performing models, you will only now need to decide which of them works best for you and buy it today.

So what do you prefer, made in the USA or imported air fryers from China and other countries? Why? Please share your views in the comments section.

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